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Chapter 991 Questions and Answers Part 1

Even though Lith Verhen had no master, he achieved more than most of our apprentices.

How many twenty years old Awakened you know capable of killing an old fox like Gaaron He belongs to the Council.

He just needs guidance.

Jiza Gernoff\'s words surprised Lith and made him understand that she was actually his second defense counsel.

Intriguing! Inxialot\'s eyes lit up as his greed overshadowed even the red light of undeath.

To accept such a claim as proof, we have to first examine said equipment.

Give his belongings to me.

The King of Liches extended his skeletal hand toward Faluel, who didn\'t budge.

A mage\'s secrets are sacred.

Lith made the armor and the rings himself, while the sword is my gift for his apprenticeship. She said giving him a plausible excuse for War.

Stealing both his and my workings isn\'t within the purview of this court.

All in favor to extend our investigation for the greater good Inxialot raised his hand, glad for the first time since he had been chosen as a representative to be part of the Council.

Yet only Lotho the Treant raised his hand along with him, making the Lich swear in many languages, both modern and ancient.

Raagu didn\'t oppose Lith joining the beasts just to share the secrets of his magic with everyone else.

She wanted to keep them for the humans\' side of the Council and mostly for herself.

Feela was on Faluel\'s side, and even though she knew little about Lith, beasts looked after their own.

As for Leegaain, he was against the trial from the beginning.

It was exactly because he didn\'t like to mess with other people\'s free will that he stayed out of the Empire\'s business.

In his opinion, Lith was free to join any faction of his choosing.

On top of that, he wanted to keep Solus\'s existence a secret.

Leegaain not only wanted Menadion\'s Desperation to have all the happiness she could get, but also to observe how her bond with the anomaly affected his growth.

So far, Lith was the only hybrid whose different natures harmonized instead of clashing against each other.

The Guardian hoped that by studying Lith, he could find a cure for his daughter, Zoreth.

Motion denied.

All in favor to move on the next item on our agenda Raagu said, and the Council approved unanimously.

Once again, the undead who spectated the trial cursed themselves for the lack of judgment of their representative.

Very well.

Awakened Verhen, welcome to the Council. Feela beat Raagu to the punch and applauded him first, forcing the others to follow.

Now the only matter at hand is determining who is more suited to nurture your talent and guide your first steps in our society.

The Behemoth then turned to Raagu.

By what right do humans interfere with our fellow Awakened\'s life Your own defense counsel has admitted that you provided Lith with nothing but threats. Feela pushed a button on her Council amulet, making it replay the speech Jiza had earlier given Lith about loyalty.

It\'s us beasts who offered him our friendship first, and then our guidance whenever Verhen needed it.

The sword he carries is proof of our bond.

He\'s an adult, responsible mage who has already made his choice.

You should respect it.

Raagu clenched her temples while staring at Jiza with such fury that if glares could kill, it wouldn\'t remain enough of her corpse to fit into a plate.

Well played. Jiza ignored Raagu and gave Faluel a small bow.

Always record everything when on official duty. Faluel returned the bow.

I would respect his choice, if not for the damage your so-called friendship caused to this Council.

Despite the fact that Faluel had practically made him into her apprentice, he gave away the secret of Orichalcum we guarded for centuries.

On top of that, all of you can read from his own report that Awakened Verhen met and let go a Rezar, a member of the fabled Werepeople.

A human master would have never given him such a long leash, nor neglected to explain the importance of the Fringes to him.

Your kin made us all lose ground with the fake mages and also the opportunity to learn why only beasts can become Awakened or how in Mogar\'s name so few achieved a white core. Raagu said.

Both matters hurt deeply the entirety of the Council except for Leegaain, who already had all the answers.

Baba Yaga was one of his fiercest rivals in the fields of magical research and chess.

Lith was surprised seeing the allegedly secret report he had given the army appear on Raagu\'s amulet who was sharing it with the others.

\'I have no idea what they are talking about, but I guess Fringes are way more important than I suspected.

No one seems to be aware that Nalrond lives with Protector.

Faluel told me the truth, she really does respect other people\'s secrets.\' Lith thought.

I strongly disagree. The Hydra stepped forward.

You consider those actions mistakes because you look at them in hindsight, whereas I call them precious life experience.

If we take our apprentices by hand and make all difficult decisions for them, then how can they ever become responsible

The armor is a negligible loss.

Given how quickly fake mages uncovered its secret, it was only a matter of time before they discovered it on their own or by capturing one of our criminals.

From the failed trade, Lith learned the importance of bonds and how untrustworthy human politics are.

That\'s why he has come to me.

As for the Rezar, I ask you to remember the history of Werepeople.

It\'s because of monstrosities like those the Odi or the Forbidden Magic users committed that beasts and plants have learned how to take their own lives rather than allow themselves to be captured.

Had Lith taken the Rezar by force, how could we get anything out of him except through violence Even if we did, the only possible outcome would be either the Rezar committing suicide or Mogar punishing us for our transgression.

Forcing our way into Mogar\'s consciousness is dangerous at best and suicidal at worst.

This way, instead, there\'s a chance that he\'ll return and open up to us willingly.

Faluel stepped back, leaving the members of the Council and the judges to discuss her argument.

Murmurs filled the room as everyone wanted to speak their mind, even guests and spectators.

Among them, Xenagrosh pondered those ideas, thinking about how to guide young Abominations as the Awakened did.

She had been invited to discuss the Council\'s terms for allowing the hybrid Eldritchs to join.

Xenagrosh had chosen that date specifically because she was curious to witness how Council\'s justice worked and meet Lith in person.

She had heard about him from the Master many times and when she had learned from her liaison with the Council that he was an Awakened, she decided to take two birds with one visit.

You make some valid points, Faluel, but what-ifs have no place in history books, only facts matter. Lotho the Treant said.

Verhen\'s actions maybe helped his growth, but hindered us all nonetheless.

Moreover, I read this report and many others while preparing for this trial.

Rezar or not, human host instead of undead or not, I would like to understand how Verhen survived his meeting with Dawn.

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