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Chapter 971 The Barons Hospitality Part 1

Jambel\'s walls were five meters (16\') high and wide enough that two-armed people could easily walk side by side.

They were made of grey stone and smoothed so that during the day they would partially reflect the sunlight and blind the aggressors.

With its nigh-zero crime rate thanks to the Baron\'s welfare system, its great scenery, and its rough but friendly inhabitants, Jambel was the perfect place for Lith to show his family the best the north had to offer and pocket a few silver mines.

If the precious metal\'s veins were accessible and Zolgrish had given up on them, of course.

Archmage Verhen! It was already hard to believe a runt like you could be a Great Mage, but now you\'re an Archmage and you\'ve even accepted my invitation.

Well, I\'ve seen it all now. Baron Eiros Wyalon laughed while hugging and patting Lith\'s back as if they were long-lost cousins.

He was a man in his late thirties, about 1.78 meters (5\'10) tall, with red hair and a finely trimmed beard.

Eiros also had blue eyes as clear as the twin lakes in front of the city and was wearing ceremonial armor which emphasized his lean but muscular build.

The Baron looked and acted more like a soldier receiving a friend rather than a noble welcoming an Archmage.

His wife, Mirias, watched at the scene with her green eyes wide open in a mix of horror and embarrassment.

She was used to her husband being more respectful of his enemies on the battlefield than of etiquette during social events, but such a behavior was beyond her wildest nightmares.

Even without lands, an Archmage\'s authority was on par with a Duke.

Lith could have requested a Grand Duchy from the Royals and be allowed to keep it after a trial period, if he demonstrated enough administrative abilities to make it thrive.

Seeing Eiros treating the potential Ruler of the entire Kellar region like another of his army buddies made her face become even paler than usual and wish Lith had enough mercy in his heart to grant them a painless death.

Off the record, when the Queen spoke as if she was about to behead you, if it wasn\'t for that spooky array, I would\'ve jumped at that hag\'s neck.

You don\'t kill a good man for some petty secrets.

I\'d rather commit treason than bear witness to such crap! The Baron said.

\'Which is exactly what you\'re doing now! Public slander of the Queen, threatening her life, declaring indifference for the law…\' The Baroness couldn\'t bear it anymore and fainted.

Don\'t worry about my missus, Mirias does that all the time.

She suffers from low blood pressure and has a weak heart, so she doesn\'t handle well public speeches. Baron Wyalon reassured his guests while the city guards caught the Baroness before she hit the ground.

What he had just described was actually a fatal condition, so Tista rushed by her side and performed a full check-up.

Normal diagnostic spells came out negative while Invigoration revealed a high level of nervous stress.

Lith had a hard time not laughing his ass off at the scene.

He knew the real reason behind the Baroness\' sickness, but said nothing to not make things worse for his host.

The Baron was one of those who had actually tried to rebel when Queen Sylpha was allegedly seconds away from killing Lith.

It was one of the reasons why Lith had chosen Jambel as his destination.

When she regained her senses, the Baroness couldn\'t believe her own eyes.

Not only was her beloved city still intact, but the Archmage was amiably talking with her mindless husband and a real Mage was taking care of her.

I\'m really sorry for the inconvenience, Lady Verhen.

I just made a fool out of myself in front of your husband. Mirias had not attended the ceremony of ascension to avoid the humiliation that her husband\'s antics usually brought upon her.

Seeing the most beautiful woman of the group wearing the deep red robe of Mages, Mirias had assumed that Tista was Lith\'s love interest.

\'Good gods.

It\'s no wonder Verhen didn\'t give my daughter a second glance.

Iriel is pretty, but this woman is a goddess.\' She thought.

It\'s no inconvenience, dear Baroness.

Helping the sick is the job of a Healer.

As for Lith, he is actually my brother. Tista regretted those words the moment they came out of her mouth.

The perfect acoustic of the courtyard spread her voice like it was a clap of thunder, making many men feel free to ogle at her and a couple of guards falls from the city walls because their eyes stared at her figure instead of looking where they stepped.

Baron, Baroness, allow me to introduce to you my family and friends. Lith waited for Mirias to get back on her feet before beginning with formal introductions.

Together with the Verhen family, there were also Kamila and Nalrond.

Kamila had received a leave so that she could attend the only official visit Lith had decided to perform and Nalrond had been brought along under the pretense of helping Rena with her triplets.

Lith actually needed the Razer\'s ability to swim through the earth to check how deep the silver veins were and if there was any trace of Zolgrish\'s return.

Nalrond had been promised a share of the profits and he desperately needed a source of income.

Now that Selia was about to move back to Lutia, he didn\'t want to be a freeloader and rely on her money for everything.

Nalrond was still scared of people, so he considered the trip to the north as the perfect opportunity to mingle with humans.

\'No matter how many social blunders I might make, I\'ll never see one of these people ever again.

What happens in Jambel will stay in Jambel.\' He thought.

-and this is Kamila Yehval, my girlfriend. Lith said after introducing the rest of the family.

Girlfriend Not betrothed The Baron raised an eyebrow and the Baroness rolled her eyes.

Just girlfriend. Kamila blushed in embarrassment from the rude question, thinking that the nobleman had judged her and found her wanting

A beautiful woman like you and a soldier at that Eiros needed but a glance to recognize someone who had received military training.

You must work harder, dear Kamila.

Love is a battlefield and she who strikes first strikes twice.

Especially in…

The Baroness fainted again, requiring immediate assistance.

…the kitchen.

The quickest way to a man\'s heart is through the stomach.

Thank you.

I\'ll remember your words. Kamila gave him a small bow.

She also remembered how much Lith liked her cooking almost as much as she liked his.

Last, but not least this is Nalrond Fastarrow.

He is…

My boyfriend. Tista cut Lith short and took the Razer\'s arm.

The small crowd of men and women bearing flowers and small pieces of jewelry that had surrounded the Verhens after Tista\'s blunder moaned in unison.

Since when Nalrond blurted out in surprise, making everyone laugh at the alleged joke.

You\'re so funny, dear. Tista giggled while nudging him with enough strength to hurt his ribs.

The Baron then introduced to the Verhens his wife Mirias and his children, Kotu and Iriel.

The Baroness was a woman in her mid-thirties, with blonde hair and green eyes.

She was a good head shorter than her husband and Lith would have considered her pretty, if not for the milky white skin typical of the north, that gave her a sickly look in his eyes.

The siblings were twins, both with the red hair of their father and the green eyes of their mother.

Seeing them reminded the Verhens about Orpal, Rena\'s disowned twin brother, and made their cheery mood turn sour. 

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