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Chapter 949 Overwhelming Power Part 1

Xenagrosh\'s charade provided a perfect cover for the two grown men wetting themselves like kids.

The truth, however, was that the killing intent came from Bytra, who was still seconds away from a fit of blood madness.

She didn\'t like the stranger intruding in what she considered a private moment one bit.

The waiters promptly came washing the floor and provided the two women with seconds, serving them simultaneously in the hope to quell their anger.

A few hours later, once Bytra had managed to regain her cool, the two Abominations went to one of the Red Gorgon cartel\'s safe houses to meet their new partner, Wern Nian.

Officially, the Red Gorgon was a merchant guild so the place didn\'t differ much from a law-abiding enterprise.

It was a two-story building made of wood, with a receptionist sitting at a desk in front of the ground floor\'s entrance while the rest of the space was taken by offices furnished only with desks, armchairs, and file cabinets.

The first floor was similarly furnished, but everything was much more expensive and each room had been made soundproof with magic.

The entire building was actually protected by several invisible arrays the value of which was worth more than the entire city block.

I\'m glad to see that your boss is taking us seriously. Wern said while looking at the two women with approval.

He was no mage, but he had a keen sense for recognizing talent in other people.

\'I know that the most talented mages are women, but those two are off the charts.

Heck, I feel threatened even though they sit there doing nothing.

Their bearing is that of an apex predator.\' He thought.

I\'m certain that your magical abilities are great, but are you sure that two of you are enough We\'re dealing with undead who are strong enough to kill an adult bear with one hand.

How do you plan to survive if they get close Wren didn\'t reach his position without planning everything five steps ahead.

Before making an enemy out of an Undead Court, he wanted to be reassured about their odds of success.

Wren Nian was a man in his mid-thirties, about 1.68 (5\'6) meters tall, with blonde hair and a beard.

He had a gentle face, but between his mean eyes and his burly body, he was the kind of person you didn\'t want to meet alone in a dark alley.

He had brought the two Abominations in his office, where four bodyguards, each taller and more muscular than Lith, and two of his associates were waiting for them.

On paper, Wren was just the manager of the branch they were in, yet his office was beyond luxurious.

All the armchairs were silk-lined and crafted with the best materials.

Both the carpets and the tapestries hung to the walls were gold-embroidered, showing the masterful hand of the artist.

Before discussing such insignificant details, I\'d like to make the terms of our agreement clear. Xenagrosh sniffed the air and a disgusted grimace twisted her face as if they were sitting in a **house instead of a living room worthy of a Marquis.

After we dispose of your boss, Tolmen, we\'ll provide the Red Gorgon with the personnel and the means to make your business thrive.

In exchange, we\'ll take 60% of the net profits.

What One of the other men in the room said.

60% is more than what we give to those bloodsuckers.

Wren, what point does it have going from a bad to a worse deal

Excellent question, Gelas. Wren raised his hand to make his fellow deputy head and conspirator shut up.

Let\'s hear our guests\' answer before stopping the negotiations.

Why should I accept your terms

He interlocked his fingers and leaned back, showing no fear nor weakness.

Because if you are the smart man I think you are, you\'ll understand that numbers are more important than percentages. Xenagrosh said and Wren nodded for her to continue.

He had understood what she meant, but he needed the others to hear and understand it on their own, especially his bodyguards.

Rebellions aimed high but started low.

If the grunts didn\'t like where the conspiration was going, they would turn traitor in a jiffy.

An army only made of generals couldn\'t win a war.

Wren needed loyal soldiers ready to give up their lives on the spur of the moment so that he could become filthy rich and die of old age.

The Red Gorgon works well, but the undead can only support you during the night, whereas my Organization will allow you to extend work hours to daytime as well. Xenagrosh said.

Double the time, double the profits. Noticing that only one of the deputy heads was smiling, Wren dumbed down the concept.

The room turned from gloomy into a ray of sunshine in the blink of an eye.

That\'s just for starters. Xenagrosh continued.

Right now, the Empire is breathing down your neck because of Veeza and her undead.

By getting rid of your current partners, the constables will shift their focus on your competition.

Not only will you become able to make business more freely, but you could also exploit the enemy\'s weakness to expand your turf.

Two birds with one stone.

All those present were eating out of her hand, nodding like parrots.

Wren felt threatened by the sudden shift in the power balance in the room.

He was now the only one on his side, feeling like a guest inside his own home.

\'I\'ve heard about charisma, but this is too much.

If this continues, it will take a minute for this Xenagrosh to become my boss instead of my partner.\' Wren thought.

Last, but not least, we\'ll take care of the infiltrators in your ranks. Xenagrosh stood up, moving as quick and silent as a ghost in front of the other deputy head who had spoken earlier and his bodyguard.

Tracking is my specialty.

I\'m even better than a magical beast at following a trail.

The problem with you thralls is that no matter how many times you brush your teeth, you can\'t get rid of the smell of blood.

The man turned pale for a split second and then jumped up with so much strength that his chair turned into splinters mixed with stuffing.

He had been barely 1.65 meters (5\'5) tall, but now he was standing over 1.82 meters (6\') with his body now covered with bristles ripping through his clothes.

The thrall hit Xenagrosh multiple times before anyone could even blink, each hit produced the noise of a hammer strike and the sound of broken bones.

Are you done She asked a few seconds later, when the repeated impacts had broken his fingers, wrists, and forearms to the point that the creature\'s arms resembled an accordion.

My turn, then. Xenagrosh waved her right hand as if she was shooing a fly.

The Sky Piercer cut the thrall at the neck, heart, waist, and knee level while also cauterizing the wounds.

It turned him into five pieces without shedding a single drop of blood.

The bodyguard, who was actually the thrall\'s master, snarled and started to shapeshift as well.

Korvaks were undead capable of moving during the day at the price of a part of their might.

Withstanding the sunlight limited their magical abilities, but their physical prowess was unaffected.

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