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Chapter 935 Friends and Enemies Part 1

What do you mean Lith trusted Faluel, but the Wyvern appeared too confident to dismiss his words as lies.

First, any decent Dimensional Mage can perceive the spatial distortion surrounding your body.

It\'s the proof you have an omni pocket.

A rare and powerful device the capacity of which increases with its user strength.

Also, unlike common dimensional items, once someone has imprinted an omni pocket, they can access their storage space even though they don\'t carry it on them.

It makes its owner unpredictable and very dangerous. Xedros said.

Let\'s say I do have one, in what way is it any different from other dimensional items I\'m not an Emperor Beast so I don\'t go around butt naked.

Anyone who wears clothes can also have several storage devices. Lith shrugged.

Normal items can be searched for and removed, whereas an omni pocket can be accessed even when you are \'butt naked\', as you put it.

Also, consider this.

A dimensional item is the focus for the storage space but what about an omni pocket

Have you ever wondered why you can still summon your possessions even when you are thousands of kilometers away from your relic Xedros asked.

Yeah, several times. Lith lied through his teeth.

He always had Solus with him and neither of them had ever questioned how their pocket dimension worked.

I\'m willing to give you a hint as a sign of goodwill, but for the real answer, you\'ll have to help me.

Let me guess, in moments of distress you conjure your items out of emerald flames, correct Xedros wore a sly smile.

How do you…

Help first, answer second. The Wyvern cut Lith short.

Also, is it true that you met a Rezar, a member of the fabled werepeople


We fought Dawn together.

Why Lith asked.

Gods, how can you be so ignorant I take back my earlier comment about you being lucky.

If that scum who sired you didn\'t abandon you with humans like trash, you might have already achieved true greatness.

Worry not, I\'m willing to fill the spot that both your parent and master left open. Xedros smile turned compassioned, but it only met Lith\'s hostility.

He loved Raaz, and unlike Faluel, the Wyvern had yet to prove himself to be more than venom and arrogance.

Did he mention that his tribe lived in a special place Xedros was actually pleased by Lith\'s reaction.

Hunting easy prey was boring and after being holed up for almost two years he could use some fun.

Correct again.

What\'s your point

My point is that what he probably failed to mention is how special it was.

Have you ever heard about the Fringes They are hidden zones of this planet where the will of Mogar manifests itself. The Almost Wyrm didn\'t wait for an answer and proceeded with the explanation.

\'I can feel a greed in Lith that almost rivals my own.

The greed typical of Dragons.

I only need to trigger it and he will dance in the palm of my hand.\' He thought.

They are similar to mana geyser but much bigger and more powerful.

Fringes are out of phase with the rest of the world and are almost inaccessible.

It\'s where fabled races like elves and werepeople live, spending their entire lives without any contact with those like us.

The word elves made Lith flinch.

He had only met their Fallen cousins, the orcs, and they had given him plenty of trouble.

The real deal was bound to be even worse.

And I\'m supposed to care about Fringes because… Lith said.

Because Fringes are places where the boundaries between the physical and the spiritual world are paper-thin.

You can scry Mogar\'s mind to study the past, observe the present, and even catch a glimpse of future events.

That\'s not all.

Inside a Fringe, if you are lucky and competent enough, you can call upon Mogar and ask her questions to which she answers! Xedros was getting more and more excited, to the point that he sounded like a zealot.

Like what Lith asked.

Do you really have no doubt nor goal in your life All living and undead beings want to Awaken while those who Awakened want to live forever.

As for me, I want to learn how to evolve into a real Dragon! Do you understand me now Xedros brimmed with joy just at the thought of achieving his life-long dream.

Lith nodded while considering his options.

\'I could ask Mogar about the reason I\'m here, about a way to never reincarnate again, about Solus\'s past, or even about what becoming her personal Lord of Destruction implies.\' He thought.

\'Yet what Xedros is offering me are just fairy tales, whereas Faluel saved my nephew and Nalrond already offered to teach me Light Mastery.

Actions speak way louder than promises and I still don\'t trust this lizzie.\'

Just a few questions.

If Fringes are such magical places, how come werepeople haven\'t already solved the problem of their dual nature nor did they find a way to destroy Dawn If elves are real, then why didn\'t they conquer the world Lith didn\'t believe in free meals.

Xedros\'s story was too good to be true.

To make matters worse, hearing Lith\'s questions made every trace of enthusiasm disappear from the face of the Wyvern only for it to be replaced by the guilty look of a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

There\'s a catch. Xedros nervously licked his lips with a tongue long enough to make even a chameleon gulp in disbelief.

Being close to Mogar\'s will means that you can communicate with her, but also that she can notice you.

You might have noticed that this planet has an agenda of its own.

If Mogar sees something she doesn\'t like, she destroys it.

Not many seek an audience with her because most of those who succeed don\'t live to tell the tale.

Then what makes you think it will be any different for you and me Lith asked.

Because unlike those who came before me, I don\'t plan on hoarding that knowledge for myself.

I want to give all Wyverns, no to all lesser Dragons, the chance to ascend to their rightful position.

If I\'m wrong, then Mogar is free to smite me.

There\'s no point in living hundreds of years in mediocrity.

If my dream is just a dream, I\'d rather wake up. Xedros said.

Lith found his reasoning incredibly arrogant.

Xedros had achieved a purple mana core, mastery over light magic, and was likely to live for a millennium if not more.

\'If that\'s mediocrity, what about the rest of us What a self-righteous buffoon.

I\'m ready to bet that even if he ever manages to become a Dragon, it will not be enough to sate his ego.\' Lith thought.

I\'m sorry, but after the fight, I lost contact with the guy.

Moreover, I have yet to finish my military service.

I can\'t help you right now. He actually said.

Lith wasn\'t going to accept any term without talking with Nalrond and Faluel first.

It\'s fine. Xedros replied, making Lith raise an eyebrow in surprise.

I have a long life ahead of me whereas with your crippled life force, I\'m sure you\'ll come to reason in a while.

Also, my offer for help still stands.

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