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Chapter 806 Empress“ Gambit Part 2

There was no telling how to cure a sentient disease, nor a way to separate host and symbiote safely.

Unlike Othre\'s situation, there was no vortex messing with the healers\' mana, but the entity didn\'t reside in a specific part of their victim\'s body.

It was so widely spread that removing it surgically like Manohar did with Thrud\'s meat puppets was impossible.

Isn\'t it obvious The source of the disease is a plant, and undead or not, Fae don\'t leave a body behind.

Hence, if we found the one whose tissues were used and kill them, all of our problems will be solved. Milea said.

Another possible option is to identify the undead who spawned the parasite.

It will not only help us to narrow our search, but it could also help us in finding a way to neutralize the affliction.

Aside from Liches, all the undead have several weak points.

This isn\'t a disease so much as a living being, which means that it must share the flaws of its creator. Marth said.

Such was the mix of embarrassment and enthusiasm in the room that no one stopped to wonder how odd the timing of Kalla\'s discovery was.

Milea had her suspicions, but she would not betray a fellow Awakened.

She focused on making sure that even if the issue was lingering in someone\'s head, it would go unnoticed.

She harshly reprimanded the Empire\'s research team and changed their leader as a punishment.

The woman\'s skills were top-notch and Milea couldn\'t blame her for missing the two different energy signatures since even Milea\'s own Invigoration had failed her.

Yet the Empress demoted the team leader anyway because her short slightness could make the Empire lose precious allies in the future.

Dear Kalla, the Empire would be honored to become the home of a talented individual like yourself.

Humans, beasts, undead, or anything in-between, I give you my word that I don\'t discriminate. She said while stealing a glance at Lith to see if he had any reaction.

Unfortunately for her, his poker face was carved out of stone.

Kalla gave her a polite bow.

I\'ll think about it.

Does your invitation extend to my children as well

As long as they abide by our laws, yes.

Their exchange made Marth shudder.

Emperor Beasts like Faluel had been powerful assets of the Kingdom for centuries.

Even though she was young, Kalla had already proved to be resourceful.

As Headmaster of the White Griffon, losing her to the enemy would be considered Marth\'s fault.

The same applies to you, Lady Ernas. Milea grabbed Phloria\'s hand before she could react, emphasizing the loss of her military title.

I\'ve heard of your troubles and I\'d be glad to offer you a position in the Empire\'s military.

Our soldiers don\'t risk to be victims of political plays because there are none.

Thanks, but no. Phloria replied without a second of hesitation.

My family has lived and served the Griffon Kingdom for generations.

I\'m not going to betray my household and my country as an act of petty revenge.

As you wish. Milea didn\'t insist.

The bait had been cast, now it was only a matter of waiting and seeing how appealing the Kingdom\'s foolishness would make it.

Ranger Verhen.

I\'ve heard of your troubles with Runesmithing. Lith\'s poker face crumbled and so did Marth\'s patience.

The Empress knowing about a conversation he had only had with Orion was beyond disturbing.

Are you here to help Laruel with the disease or to scout talents Marth stood between the Empress and his alumni.

I\'m here to protect the interests of the Gorgon Empire. She replied with a sly smile.

Now I\'m really sorry, but I have to go.

That damn Lich has been spotted and I can\'t afford to miss this opportunity.

I wish you the best of luck.

Milea walked away, reproaching her research team one last time before disappearing through a Warp Gate she conjured out of nowhere.

Since when a dimensional mage can create a Gate Friya asked.

It was her favorite specialization, yet she wasn\'t able to open a dimensional tunnel under normal circumstances, let alone bypassing all Laruel\'s array.

A dimensional mage can\'t, but the Empress can. Marth gritted his teeth in frustration, yet he didn\'t belittle the enemy\'s feat.

Milea posed a great threat to the Kingdom, but at the same time, they had much to learn from her.

In the Empire, there were already several cities where humans and beats coexisted peacefully.

Even though Emperor Beasts weren\'t part of their regular army, they still willingly patrolled the Empire\'s borders and their wilds, sometimes even creating settlements.

It was something that the Kingdom could only dream about since most of its citizens had a hard time considering even Hydras as more than huge animals.

You have much to do and I don\'t intend to slow you down. Kalla moved toward the lab\'s exit, gesturing Lith to follow her.

What do you mean Marth asked, finally understanding how Linjos must have felt every time the Queen threatened to behead him.

The responsibilities that the role of Headmaster implied, especially after Balkor\'s attack had destroyed the hold that the ancient households had on the Academies, were overwhelming.

After being rebuilt, both the Crystal and Earth Griffon had already changed several Headmasters due to their incompetence in dealing with their students or the Lords of the forest.

The Queen didn\'t hesitate to replace anyone she found wanting and Marth felt like he was about to become one of them.

Kalla\'s voice was oozing with spite.

Rather than waste my time learning how to use all of these instruments, now that I have a solid lead, I mean to follow it.

My spell will allow me to recognize the energy signature we are looking for, or at least to spot an undead that fits the bill.

I\'m not foolish enough to go alone.

I need protection and Lith is the only one I trust among you. Kalla wasn\'t really angry.

She needed an excuse to bring him along since without Solus, she would be just taking a stroll.

If it\'s protection you need, I\'d be glad to assist you. Phloria said.

I\'m afraid that my talents as a healer are not enough to be of help here.

Me too. Friya said.

She had come to make sure that Quylla was safe, but after seeing how sturdy the building was and recognizing some of the most famous mages from all the three great Countries, she was feeling utterly useless.

Also, she couldn\'t miss the opportunity to tour a foreign city filled with plant folk marvels.

Just because her vacation was ruined it didn\'t mean that she couldn\'t enjoy the beauty of Laruel.

Until that day, the only plant folk she had ever met was Lyta.

Kalla looked at Lith for a second, waiting for his nod before replying.

Fine by me.

Lyta, we need a guide. Kalla said.

This is really a bad idea. The Dryad said.

You must understand that there are only two kinds of plant folk.

Those like us Dryads, who love humans because we consider evolution as a path that leads all races toward the same destination, and those who hate humans and beasts alike because they still hold a grudge.

They still remember how it feels to be stepped over, to see your kin being ripped off the ground just to play a tune, or being treated as a disposable gift.

It pains me to say that our cities are a dangerous place.

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