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In their attempt to artificially create Davross and Adamant, the Odi siphoned life force from their subjects and forced it into common metals, in the hope that a mana flow would form as well.

What actually happened, was the creation of cursed items that instead of giving power to their user, they would actually take it away.

The weapons crafted this way turned out to have the flaws of both metals ad living beings.

Like metals, they have no mana flow.

Plus, like humans, they need to feed and sooner or later they die.

You gave me a big scare. Jirni said.

Based on Phloria\'s early reports and your assessment, the Odi look like just a bunch of incompetent tinkerers.

Nothing they did actually worked.

Then why do you look so worried

Because you seem to forget that they managed to enslave a magical beast and it survived centuries.

Also because the data comes from the hallways, where every craftsman would only exhibit prototypes and incomplete works.

Those are things that prove the value of their crafter\'s skill but are disposable.

The real artifacts, if there is any, are bound to be inside the buildings and they have yet to explore them.

It\'s quite a terrifying perspective if you think about it.

Also, I\'m afraid because the Odi weren\'t just tinkerers, they had mastered light magic to the point that they were able to try and expand its boundaries.

If even one of their experiments succeeded and the expedition team faces it, we can only hope it\'s a non sentient artifact.

Anything that is still alive after so many centuries would have all the power and the skill needed to do a lot of damage.

Orion\'s outline of the risks that Kulah posed made the rest of the lunch pass in worried silence.

Even if Phloria contacted them, there wasn\'t much besides a be careful they could tell her.

Orion had just speculations about the severity of their situation, but he couldn\'t provide the expedition with anything useful at the moment.

After the meal, Orion went back to study the data from Kulah, while Jirni and Kamila resumed their lessons.

Besides investigation techniques and the Constable\'s protocols, Jirni was also teaching Kamila self-defense.

Their sparring sessions were long, tiresome, and most of all, humiliating.

Kamila couldn\'t understand how a woman smaller, lighter, and older than herself could effortlessly throw her around as if she weighed no more than a dirty rag.

The only silver lining was that they didn\'t spar often.

Usually, at the end of a work\'s day, Kamila was too tired to do anything but sleep.

After the Ernas\' family healer fixed all of the scrapes and bruises Kamila had sustained during training, she couldn\'t wait to go home.

Are you sure you don\'t want to stay for dinner It takes a minute to add another serving and the guest room is always ready. Jirni asked.

Thanks Lady Ernas, but the Camellia needs to be recharged and I\'ve yet to check the papers for Zinya\'s divorce.

She hasn\'t learned how to read, let alone understand how the Kingdom\'s law works.

Without my input, her lawyer can\'t proceed.

You could bring the Camellia here and maybe our lawyer could help you. Jirni offered.

\'Yeah, right.

The only time I accepted, I spent the entire evening studying under your supervision.

Then you woke me up before dawn for a sparring session that went on until breakfast and then we went straight to work.\' Kamila thought.

\'The Camellia is the perfect excuse to get some personal space and some time to relax.

I have enough of your boot camp.\'

I prefer to keep the Camellia at my home, so in case Lith comes back he\'ll know I\'m okay and that I always think about him. She actually said.

Also, I\'m grateful for your offer, but this is a family business.

I turned down Lith\'s offer for help, so you\'ll understand if I do the same to yours.

Kamila wasn\'t stupid.

She was aware that if either Lith or Jirni got involved too much, Fallmug would probably die in an \'accident\'.

Despite the fact that she hated him deeply for what he had done to her sister, Fallmug Sarta was still the father of Zinya\'s children.

Her sister wanted the matter to be solved in a court of law, to give Fallmug the opportunity to redeem himself in the future and maybe be part of their children\'s life.

Kamila respected her wishes and as long as Fallmug played fairly, she would do the same.

Returning to her apartment took her just a few minutes.

The Ernas Household had its private Gate that led Kamila back to Belius, and from there a City Warp brought her to her neighborhood.

Even if winter was almost over and the days were getting longer, after sunset the temperature would still plummet in the north.

The streets were almost empty, and the few people still around were rushing to their homes.

Kamila could see her breath steaming while walking toward the building entrance, the key already in her hand.

\'Now I understand why Lith hates Belius so much.

Dimensional items are so convenient that once you get used to them it\'s like an addiction.

Just a few months ago, carrying bags of documents didn\'t bother me, yet now…\'

Her train of thoughts was derailed when she neared a corner and a strong hand grabbed her shoulder, pulling her inside a blind alley.

It yanked her so hard that she was about to fall face first against the concrete, but her training kicked in.

Kamila let go of her suitcase, that went crashing against the trash bins and used both of her hands to grab the arm over her shoulder.

It allowed her to regain her footing and to use the strength of the pull to perform a shoulder throw.

The unknown attacker was bigger and heavier than Jirni, but compared to her, he opposed no resistance.

Their back slammed hard against the ground as Kamila never let go of the arm, making it impossible for them to break the fall.

She twisted and pulled the limb, breaking it in three different points.

Their shoulder, elbow, and wrist shattered, making the assailant curl up in pain.

Kamila stepped back, to look at her enemy from a safe distance.

Her hand went to her pocket, searching for her communication amulet, when a second assailant struck at her back with a metal pipe, sending the amulet flying.

The impact was strong enough that would have broken at least two of her ribs, if the Orichalcum Skinwalker armor she wore didn\'t take the brunt of the impact, dispersing most of its energy.

She turned around just in time to intercept a second hit aimed at her head.

Kamila infused the armor with some of her mana, making it turn back into its metal form.

When the pipe struck her arm, the resulting impact was akin to hitting a mountain.

The weapon slipped away from the injured hand of its wielder as Kamila\'s now metalized foot kicked the man\'s groin, emitting a squishy sound.

His eyes rolled, showing only the white, and his mouth foamed in pain.

Kamila was tempted to look for her amulet, but she was afraid a third assailant might have been stalking her.

Cursing Belius\' array which prevented her to access to the civilian amulet that she had forgotten inside her dimensional ring, Kamila put her back against the wall while checking her surroundings.

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