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The monster-Eldritch hybrid executed Tezka\'s tier five Chaos magic spell, Hungry Void.

Normally it would\'ve been impossible to weave such a powerful spell so fast, but the wargs mind link allowed the Abominations to use the fleeing monsters as catalysts.

Each one of them cast a small part of Hungry Void, leaving to Tezka only assembling and harnessing its energy.

A black sphere materialized in front of the hybrid, clashing against Lith\'s spells with such strength to make the ground tremble.

Lith didn\'t like this turn of the events, but everything was still within his expectations.

He believed that just like the warrior he had previously defeated, the warg in front of him was simply being empowered by its pack.

He had his spells envelop the black sphere as he unleashed more spells to finish off the wargs still in sight and cripple the enemy.

\'You lied! You said we could save them!\' The alpha cursed Tezka when more of its kin fell due to deadly wounds.

Not even the maelstrom created by the conflicting spells made Lith miss his marks.

\'Focus, you idiot! The enemy did it on purpose!\' Tezka tried to warn the alpha, but its fury made Hungry Void unstable.

Lith didn\'t miss his chance and had his spells detonate, tainting the enemy\'s spell with his own energy.

The resulting explosion engulfed the hybrid and ravaged its flesh.

The Chaos magic was now unable to recognize its master, adding its remaining strength to what was left of the other two tier five spells.

Thanks to Life Vision, Lith could see through the smoke and debris that the hybrid\'s body on the verge of breaking down.

Only tendrils of black energy kept it together by wrapping around it like bandages.

The Tezka-alpha hybrid had its tendrils collect the Abomination\'s fragments from the bodies of the dying wargs as he took away their remaining life force and forced them to take his wounds.


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