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Is there anything I can do for you before leaving The officer asked.

Yes, thank you.

How do I reach a place called Velorian

Your lady friend has good taste.

It\'s one of the best restaurants on Elm Street, right beside its Gate. The man replied with a smirk.

How do you know I have a lady friend and about her taste

It\'s a place popular among young couples.

Also, the closer a building is to a Gate the more expensive it is. The officer pointed at the dimensional door standing in front of Lith\'s living quarters.

The word expensive made Lith\'s wallet bleed.

I also need clothes.

Do you have any recommendations There were two things Lith deeply regretted about having left the White Griffon academy.

It\'s all you can eat free restaurant and not needing any clothes aside his Associate Professor\'s uniform to hit on women.

Wearing one was enough to be treated as a VIP in any establishment of the Distar Marquisate.

I don\'t know your taste or budget, but if you go to Silk Road, you\'ll find what you need.

Lith thanked the officer before checking if the door of the mansion opened with his own badge too.

He just peeked inside out of curiosity, there was so much to do and so little time to do it.

The ground floor of the house resembled a penthouse from a five star hotel.

The furniture was made of high-quality materials, but its design wasn\'t ostentatious.

On Lith\'s right, there was a large living room with several couches and armchairs arranged around a tea table.

On his left, there was a study room with a solid wood desk.

The walls were covered by bookshelves filled with books about every topic but magic.

Behind the only closed door there was a bathroom equipped with all comforts.

Lith left the house, heading to Elm Street.

On his way there, he noticed how people would look at him in a funny way.

Most would step to the side to let him pass, a few would cross the road to avoid him.

\'Solus, am I showing my old serial killer frown again\' He asked after a mother dragged her children on the other side of the street.


You look tired and in a bad mood, but no more than usual.\'

Lith shrugged and walked through the Gate.

One of the things he had learned back on Earth, was to never bring a woman to an unknown place.

His focus would be split between his surroundings and his date, making him look distant.

On Mogar it was even worse.

Not knowing the menu or the prices could lead to embarrassing moments.

Lith had a short temper if the food was bad, overpriced, or both.

The Velorian was on the ground floor, its door open.

The receptionist was a middle aged man in livery with black receding hair.

Is there something wrong, Ranger The man started sweating bullets at Lith\'s appearance.

No, I just heard about this place and I would like to take a look if it\'s not a bother.

All the members of the King\'s army are welcome here. The man sighed in relief while dabbing the sweat with his handkerchief.

According to the tag on the breast pocket, his name was Xilo.

After scouting the place, Lith asked for a menu.

As he feared, he knew very few dishes and the ingredients weren\'t listed along with their names.

Xilo helped him decipher the menu and even suggested some specialties that a man from the south was bound to enjoy.

Is there a dress code for the restaurant Lith was happy to have come alone first.

Despite Phloria\'s best efforts, he was still a cheapskate.

Based on the receptionist\'s embarrassment, the prices had made Lith\'s poker face crumble more than once.

None, but our customers would surely appreciate the lack of uniforms in the room.

Meaning Feeling disrespected, Lith\'s expression turned stone cold.

I\'m sorry, it came out wrong.

You are a foreigner, sir, so you are unaware of our customs.

Belius is surrounded by enemies which makes us quite nervous.

Seeing a soldier usually means troubles.

Spies, terrorists, a lost city out of control.

Only the gods know how many emergencies happen each year.

Hence your uniform would ruin everyone\'s mood.

Lith understood why earlier the people looked so scared and flexed his shoulders.

His clothes shapeshifted into his gala suit.

The only other clothes stored in the Skinwalker armor were those he wore back in Lutia.

It was better to be overdressed than looking like a country bumpkin.

Xilo yelped in surprise.

He couldn\'t believe that someone who could afford a Skinwalker armor and that kind of suit was also capable of being shocked by their honest fares.

Lith went to the Silk Road, ordering a few tailor-made suits, jackets, and shirts.

He then rented a few clothes to put together a smart casual suit for the evening.

Thanks to the armor, they would look like they were tailor-made anyway.


Gorgon Empire, Leegaain quarters.

Are you sure about it Leegaain asked.

After hearing Tyris\'s story about the events unfolded in Kaduria, he now regretted missing the show.

As sure as the sun will rise again tomorrow. She replied.

The anomaly used dragon fire twice.

If he keeps passing his world tribulations, you\'ll have to change your title to \'father of most dragons\'.

Like I care. He scoffed at the idea.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.

It\'s you who should be worried.

A single country is too small for two Guardians.

I\'m not going to kill him just because of what he could become. Tyris shook her head.

Even if that could mean the end of the Griffon Kingdom When two Guardians fight…

Maps get redrawn. She completed the ancient proverb for him.

He may be a piece of work, but I believe Mogar chose him for a reason.

I will not stand in the way of change.

Besides, we have a date tomorrow.

Who knows, maybe we\'ll reach a compromise.


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