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Around two hundred ships.

They are crossing our borders right now, near Dead Island.

You can\'t miss them. Fenagar\'s image disappeared, leaving the two alone again.

What are we waiting for Let\'s go! Milea kicked one of Leegaain\'s scales, prompting him to get up.

What are you planning to do

Kill them all, what else If they get close enough to our coasts, they could Warp Steps into the Gorgon Empire.

I can\'t allow the maniacs who created such a plague into my lands.

Not knowing they are insane enough to carry it with them instead of destroying it.

I\'d say their intent is clear.

They don\'t seek asylum, they want new lands to start over.

Well, not on my watch.

Milea dispatched several instructions, setting her fleet to sail with the order of sinking every ship coming from the Jiera continent, no matter the cost.

What about the plague Leegaain asked.

I had enough with the one from the Griffon Kingdom.

It has to be destroyed.

I\'m not going to spare anyone willing to spread such madness.

Then you\'ll have my help.

Less than an hour later, the Torin Kingdom was extinct for good.


Lith\'s boot camp.

After countless hours of training and combat simulations against other units, it was time for the recruits to perform their first field test.

Sergeant Tepper appeared confident and relaxed as usual, but him not insulting them even once spoke volumes about how serious the situation was.

Even though you are cadets, you are still part of the army.

Our Griffon Kingdom has been blessed by centuries of peace, so aside from the troops stationed at the borders, the army\'s main job is to guarantee the safety of our citizens.

Sometimes a local Lord can need our help against rioting citizens or get rid of organized crime.

More frequently, we are called to exterminate monsters.

They are usually stronger than humans, spawn fast, and destroy everything on their path.

Every time a mercenary group is called to clean our mess is a dishonor for the Crown and the army alike.

The reason why the mercenary guild exists is that we can\'t be everywhere at a moment\'s notice.

We do not have enough soldiers to cover the whole Kingdom.

Too many people prefer to make a quick buck at the expense of the weak rather than dedicate their lives to the service of others.

If you are one of those people, the army is the wrong place to be. Tepper looked straight at Lith, who remained unfazed as usual.

When we are called for help, we must be fast, ruthless, efficient.

Monsters are able to proliferate only in the absence of magical beasts.

That\'s why killing one without reason is a crime.

Magical beasts are smart creatures, able to comprehend and speak the human language, so if you meet on,e ask for its assistance rather than attack it.

Monsters rarely act alone, that\'s why we operate in units.

Monsters are efficient, learn from their mistakes, and their system is merit-based.

You\'ll never met a lazy a*s spoiled monster because they die first.

To beat them, we need to be better than them.

We may be weaker, but our training and equipment give us an edge they\'ll never have.

Most monsters are unable to use magic and even the few that do are usually limited to spells from tier one to three.

That\'s not reason enough to underestimate them.

Monsters reach adulthood in a matter of weeks, while it took you sixteen years to become cadets.

Today we\'ll discover if you have what it takes to become an active soldier, a paper pusher, or if you\'ll be sent back home with a gift wrap.

Tepper gave each one of them an enchanted uniform together with a dimensional ring, several kinds of magic wands and potions.

After they changed and stored everything into their rings, the briefing continued.

Today you have to face the most human like among the monsters.

We are about to attack a recently established tribe of orcs.

While some of his comrades gasped in surprise, Lith accessed Soluspedia.

According to lore, orcs were a corrupted race that descended from elves, but since no one had ever met an elf, Lith skipped the lore and went straight to the important part.

Orcs were humanoid creatures, with an average height of 1.8 meters (5\'11).

They were gifted from birth with a physique that dangerously reminded Lith of his own after experiencing several breakthroughs.

They were stronger, faster, and sturdier than humans.

Their skin was naturally resistant to most elements and they would hardly get sick.

Rarely an orc would display a talent for magic, but when it happened, the creature would display incredible abilities.

\'Great!\' Lith thought.

\'So far this is the most dangerous race of monsters I have ever met.

Based on what\'s written in the bestiary, they seem naturally close to Awakened ones.

I\'d better keep my head empty and my eyes open against them.\'

Unlike humans, they were all bald, even the females.

Their skin was brown as tree bark and almost as hard.

Orcs also had enhanced senses that made it difficult taking them by surprise and were able to display short bursts of explosive strength or speed.

Before explaining to you the nature of our opponents, I need to ask you a few questions.

Be honest because your survival depends on it.

How many of you have fought for their lives in the past Four out of ten hands were raised.

How many of you have already met a monster Only one hand remained.

How many of you have ever killed something that wasn\'t game Same as before.

Really What exactly Lith\'s hand once again frustrated Tepper\'s speech.

Everything the Sergeant did, from the insults to the groundless punishments was to give them a common enemy.

Someone to hate, to make them all feel equal during their hardships and form bonds of camaraderie that would help them survive actual combat.

By knowing each other they were supposed to be able to always have each other\'s back, increasing their odds of survival.

Even that series of questions were meant to make them realize how little they knew about the world around them.

That was the point of the whole field test against humanoid monsters.

They needed to feel the fear and learn how to conquer it.

To realize if they were capable of taking a life.

It was a critical moment in a cadet\'s training.

Yet Lith\'s flexing made it look like a joke.

Magical beasts, humans, goblins, ogres, Abominations, Evolved Monsters, and undead. He replied.

What The unit and the Sergeant said in unison.

My body count is 137 if anyone\'s interested. Lith said with a shrug.

Mentioning Evolved Monsters was a tell big enough to allow Tepper to solve the riddle that had pestered him in the last months.

A few years ago, there had been a rumor going around of a student of the White Griffon slaying a wyvern with a powerful sword.

That very same student had even received a family name from the King himself, who had let known far and wide about how he hoped the student would have a brilliant future in the army.

\'Thank the gods I spoke with Commander Berion before flunking him.\' Sergeant Tepper was inwardly panicking.

\'Otherwise, it would have cost me my career, if not my life!\'


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