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Until Nalear\'s attack, Milea had always thought that the six big academies were just ostentatious schools of magic.

The Gorgon Empire\'s schools produced the same amount of research, if not more, and they were also protected by several arrays.

Sure, they couldn\'t host so many students at once, nor they could grant its staff rings or Ballots like the academies, but Milea had never found them reason enough to investigate them further.

At least until she had seen with her own eyes the true meaning behind a power core.

Without someone who knows what they are doing A century.

Maybe two, if you are unlucky. Leegaain replied.

That long Milea fell on her throne with a thud.

That wasn\'t the answer she was hoping for.

It\'s not like you are building a simple castle.

You must first find a spell capable of imbuing every single stone, one at the time.

Then all of them must be compatible with the power core and work in synergy.

What did you expect You guys don\'t even know how to build a power core! The Guardian scoffed at her impatience.

You should be happy that thanks to your longevity you\'ll be able to see it completed, even if it takes three centuries.

Your grandkids will surely be grateful for all your hard work.

Can\'t you help us Even a little bit Milea scratched one of the scales on Leegaain\'s humongous neck, causing his tail to waggle uncontrollably.

First, I\'m not a dog. He replied even though his body begged to differ.

Second, no.

I care about you, not your people.

They can all die for what I care about.

Also, this project will help you to find talented people or at least trustworthy ones.

In the long run, you\'ll be able to discern those who truly understand the relevance of long term planning and those who are only sucking up to…

Leegaain was interrupted by his own communication amulet buzzing into his consciousness.

It can\'t be another summon from the Council.

Two calls in four years would be an all time record.

Nor can be Salaark or Tyris.

They are close enough to establish a mind link whenever they...

What the heck

Milea knew about the Council as well as about the odd relationship the Guardians of the Garlen continent shared.

She often wondered if they had an offspring together and if yes, what they would look like.

What\'s the matter, Leegaain

Fenagar is calling me.

It never happened before, we hate each other guts. Seeing Milea\'s confused expression, he calmly explained to her their shared past while ignoring the ringing amulet.

He is one of the Guardians of the Jiera continent.

His area of influence is right in from of mine.

Only one ocean separates us. He snarled.

Only one ocean Milea chuckled.

He is still too close for comfort.

I don\'t know if it\'s because he started as a lizard too, or because his base elements are polar opposite to mine, water and earth.

Bottom line, he is a Leviathan, a wingless ocean dragon, and we\'d rather fight to the death than be together in the same room for more than one minute.

Leegaain finally tapped the white mana crystal on the amulet, letting a real life hologram of Fenagar\'s head appear in the throne room.

The resemblance between the two dragons made Milea yelp in surprise.

The only differences she was able to notice were that while Leegaain\'s scales were pitch black and his eyes yellow, Fenagar\'s were respectively pristine white and blue.

He even had horns on his head which resembled a crown, just like Leegaain.

But Fenagar\'s had a different shape and size, with two massive curved horns coming out from his temples, giving the Leviathan a demonic looking.

Unlike the Dragon, whose gaze was always calm if not loving to her, the Fenagar\'s eyes were filled with fury and malice.

Even if it was just a hologram, Milea could almost feel the salty breeze of the ocean blowing on her face, right before the incoming tide swallowed her.

What do you want, Fenagar Leegaain\'s voice snapped her out of her reverie.

I hoped for this day to never come, Leegaain. The Leviathan hissed, keeping his eyes on his opponent.

Have you been attacked by Abominations too

I wish. Fenagar sighed.

I have bad news and worse news.

The bad news is that the human race on the Jiera continent is almost extinct.

What Milea and Leegaain shouted as one.

Don\'t worry.

It didn\'t happen because of Abominations, Fallen races, or Evolved Monsters.

Humans did it to themselves.

One of the most powerful Countries of Jiera, the Torin Kingdom, developed a biological weapon.

A plague, to be precise.

Their plan was to unleash it on their enemies and kill whoever didn\'t submit to their rule.

The idea was good, but the execution poor.

Once the other countries realized what was happening, they used their dead to poison the enemy\'s wells and lands.

The plague spread through the Torin Kingdom as well while it was surrounded from every side until it was too late.

The infection was faster than the Healers could cure it or flames destroy it.

You can imagine the rest.

Now only talented Healers, Awakened ones, and their families remain.

And you stood there and did nothing Milea asked.

What was I supposed to do, child Take over the kingdom Kill everyone who knew about the plague Fenagar chuckled.

I serve Mogar.

I serve only the balance.

I don\'t care about who lives or not.

Even if I intervened, they would have called me a tyrant and started over once I left.

You can\'t stop an idea with violence, only try to prove it wrong and that\'s what I did together with the other Guardians.

We warned them, but they didn\'t listen.

We even caused a small outbreak before they implemented their plan, hoping they would realize the immense risks it carried.

They buried their dead and moved on as nothing had happened.

For the greater good, they said.

You have yet to answer me. Leegaain snorted.

He didn\'t care for the Gorgon Empire, let alone for the people of another continent.

Your pet interrupted me! Fenagar roared in outrage.

I was just politely answering.

I called to inform you that the royal family of the Torin Kingdom is currently sailing towards your turf.

Together with their magicians, a small army, and the plague to which they are all immunized.

Why the heck did you let them go Milea\'s eyes brimmed with rage and mana at the thought of the danger her people were about to face.

I like your sass, little human pet. Fenagar chuckled.

I did it for your master.

He is a collector of endangered species and forgotten knowledge.

I thought no one better than him could decide if there\'s something worth salvaging.

First, Milea is not my pet.

She is my apprentice. Leegaain voice was calm as Milea was enraged.

Then excuse my rude words, Milea.

I\'ll remember your name. Fenagar apologetically tilted his head, shocking Milea.

She had never heard a Guardian apologize before.

Second, thanks for the information.

I know you didn\'t have to inform me.

How many are they Where I can find them


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