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Without waiting for a reply, Kalla Warped Lith to Scarlett\'s headquarters.

It was located in a secret building underground the mining town, kept out of phase with the outside world thanks to dimensional magic.

I\'m sorry for the rush, but there are many things I have to explain to you and a favor to ask. Kalla explained.

What are you talking about Lith replied, being still a bit shocked by the sudden turn of events.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

I know from your smell that you have become a Necromancer too.

Also, I learned from Protector about the changes you experienced.

I have yet to completely master higher Necromancy, but my teachings could still benefit you greatly, at least to avoid repeating my mistakes.

Power comes with a price and responsibilities, though.

Are you willing to pay it She stared at him, waiting for a reply.

What do you mean

After yesterday\'s attack, I\'m pretty sure that this Balkor guy will make me his primary target.

My skills are the perfect counter to his own and now he is aware of my existence.

I trust Scarlett, her strategy is sound.

Yet I want a contingency plan, in case something happens to me.

I want you to teach to my children in my stead.

I\'m entrusting to you the core of my knowledge for it to be passed down to them.

Do you mean Nok Lith still couldn\'t make heads or tails of her request.

I have more than one, but yes.

I\'m worried about Nok too.

Sure, okay.

I like that furball and teaching one or two of them makes no difference. Lith was glad to accept her deal.

He couldn\'t even imagine a fake mage defeating an Awakened one as strong as Kalla.

There was little he wouldn\'t do for power and knowledge, helping the young Byk was nothing to him.

First, I have captured and experimented on the thralls of the \'god of death\'…\' Judging by her sneer, Kalla seemed to find the moniker quite hilarious.

…and discovered a great flaw in his creations.

A flaw that proves he is a fake mage, not one of us. By waving her paw, she opened a dimensional vortex, conjuring one of Balkor\'s undead between them.

It was completely bound and blinded like a pig ready to be roasted.

Unlike true mages that mix light and darkness magic when they raise undead, fake mages need a mark to control them. Kalla touched the undead, making several runes made of light appear on its forehead.

Yes. Lith nodded.

Have you ever tried to add your mark on a creature that already bears one

No. Lith cursed at his own stupidity for not having thought of it by himself.

Try it.

Either the fake spell or the one I taught you.

Both work just fine.

Lith did as instructed, using the fake spell to check such knowledge could be useful also to Tista and the other non Awakened.

As soon as the second mark appeared, Kalla let go of the creature which started to shiver uncontrollably until it turned into smoke.

Undead created with human magic can bear more than one mark.

That makes them unable to attack both the new and the old master.

Since their nature is to blindly serve, the inner conflict kills them. Kalla explained.

Does it work on greater undead too Lith\'s eyes shined with hope.

Maybe he had found a way out in case Balkor\'s creatures managed to reach him.

Sadly, no.

This applies only on creatures without an ego.

A greater undead can use its will to refuse the second mark, sorry. Kalla shook her head.

Don\'t underestimate this knowledge just because you are strong.

Imagine if you were weak, alone, against one of those creatures.

Do you realize you would still come out victorious There\'s no need to destroy them with sword or magic, just a single spell.

Lith pondered about her words, recognizing their truth.

Now I will teach you how to create a greater undead.

What He couldn\'t believe his ears.

He could solve Solus\'s problem and his own in one fell swoop.

Scarlett told me about the friend you carry in your ring.

I\'m afraid you will not like what I\'m going to tell you.

Don\'t make the same mistake I did.

Never create a greater undead.

Please, I beg of you.

Then why teach me how to do it Kalla was not making any sense to him.

Because if you don\'t know how to create them, you can\'t learn how to destroy them if the necessity arises.

Knowledge is power.

You and I are similar, we never get tired of accumulating both, but I digress.

Kalla shook her muzzle putting her paws close to Lith.

First, you need a corpse.

The fresher it is the better.

You can even use it on a live subject, but the only difference will be inflicting them an enormous and useless amount of pain.

Then, you need to infuse darkness magic, as you have already done the first time we met, but as soon as the blood core starts to form you must stop using darkness magic and inject light magic until the balance is reached.

Her right paw generated a small sphere of darkness, that became greyer the more light magic the left one infused until the color became uniform.

Only then you\'ll make the blood core grow using both the elements at the same time until the undead comes to life. She held the sphere between both her paws, growing it until it was as big as an apple.

That\'s it Lith was incredulous.

Yes, but it\'s an incredibly delicate process.

One mistake and either you\'ll create a crazy beast that needs to be put down or destroy the corpse.

It took me several tries before succeeding and I spent weeks with greater undead, studying their rituals and cores.

Do you think you can do any better

Her tone wasn\'t angry or sarcastic.

Kalla reminded him of Elina when she was teaching him how to take care of Tista.

Considering that unlike you, I\'m not attuned with any element, no. Lith admitted.

Do not feel ashamed.

Acknowledging your limits is the first step to overcome them. The more Kalla talked, the more she reminded him of his mother.

As for the why you shouldn\'t raise greater undead, you deserve an explanation.

During my travels, after I evolved, I met a clan of vampires.

I stayed with them for a while, learning as much as I could from them about Necromancy and darkness magic.

After witnessing how they turn a human into one of their own kind, I decided to replicate the process, just like I have shown you.

After several attempts on the corpses of a group of hunters that had been chasing me, I finally succeeded.

My test subject was a horrible person, a deranged human that only brought misery to others.

Only one death wasn\'t enough, so I raised it back.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that unlike vampires, when a Necromancer creates a vampire, it\'s not the same person it was when it was alive.

My hypothesis is that vampires turn living humans into undead, while I raised a corpse.

Maybe the soul had already left its shell, or maybe my magic summoned another one with a stronger will to live.

Whatever the reason, I immediately understood my mistake.

I\'m a mother, so when she came back to life, I recognized that feeling.

She was naïve, innocent like a baby, her mind was a blank slate, completely dependent on my life force to survive.

Creating a greater undead is like giving birth.

It\'s a new lifeform entirely, completely unrelated to the corpse\'s previous existence.

I am bound to her like she is to me.

I couldn\'t hurt or kill her anymore.

What did you do with it Lith shrugged.

I adopted her.

It\'s the other child I told you about.

What Lith was flabbergasted.

That\'s why I advise you not to use that spell and why higher Necromancy will not help your friend.

The corpses you would raise will already have a soul of their own, you can\'t just create an empty vessel.

Nature abhors the void, in all of its forms.

Lith sighed.

Suddenly lesser Necromancy was much more alluring.

Mindless thralls were much easier to handle compared to sentient undead that would look at him as a father.

The idea of nurturing such creatures just to dispose of them like trash was cruel even for him.

- I\'m so sorry, Solus. Lith thought.

I really hoped to give you a body through Necromancy.

Kalla hasn\'t evolved from long, though.

She might be wrong, maybe there is a way to give you a physical form.

Are you sure you don\'t want to try a construct or something

Solus didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry at Lith\'s stubbornness.

I told you countless times: I already feel like a monster.

I have the body of a construct, I feed off your mana like an undead or a construct would.

I want to get out of my cage, not exchange it for a new one.

Seeing that Lith was even more disappointed than she was, Solus embraced his soul with her own.

A warm sensation invaded Lith\'s being.

Stop worrying about me.

I\'m fine, I really am.

You are already giving me so much, sharing your life with me, your joy, sadness, and tears.

My tower form is slowly recovering, who knows if sooner or later my wisp form will evolve into something more

If you really want to make me happy, live your life to its fullest.

Enjoy what you now have with Phloria.

It should be most precious to you because it\'s completely unexpected.

That girl is rushing a little too much, but she really cares about you.

She\'s a keeper.–

Lith could agree on the rushing part, but the rest He had never discussed his love life even with Carl, let alone with another girl.

He found most embarrassing that his hormones and loneliness were making him crave for intimacy with Phloria.

- I guess that not being with a woman for thirteen year and a few months it\'s really taking a toll on me.

I even keep counting.

Maybe Phloria is right, I do have a perverted mind.–

Scourge Kalla called him, noticing he was spacing out.

Please continue.

Another thing I discovered during my travels, is that greater undead can actually be harmed by light magic, but not in the way that you may think.

If used directly, light magic works on them like it would on lesser undead.

It would feed their hunger, making them stronger.

But if you use it on their blood cores instead, you can temporarily fix the unbalance that is their existence.

When a ghoul eats living flesh, a vampire drinks blood, or a Wraith drains life force with its touch, they are all doing the same thing:

Consuming the light energy that living being possess to keep their blood cores from collapsing.

Even if it\'s an oversimplification, let\'s just say that undeath at its core is a condition where the body becomes incapable of producing light magic.

Without its counterpart, the darkness magic that\'s naturally produced keeps eroding both the core and the body, needing constant transfusions of light magic from an external source to survive.

Are you saying that… Lith\'s hopes were almost restored.

Yes, I am.

If you use light magic on their blood core, they regain most of their emotions, lose their hunger, and can even eat normally for a while, be they beasts or humans.

Yet it comes with a price.

As long as their blood core is balanced, they also lose most of their powers, becoming vulnerable and mortal again.

Why are you researching this field It\'s almost impossible to direct mana to a core in battle.

We need to use Invigoration to find it first and then send the light energy.

It\'s not like you can ask the enemy to stay still for a minute or two.

Lith was fascinated by the theoretical implications, but at the moment he found all that chat useless.

He desperately needed an edge against Balkor\'s creatures if he wanted to survive.

Because for some undeath is a blessing, for others it\'s a curse.

I don\'t want my child to live forever in the shadows, hiding from the living like a rabid beast.

My goal is to find a way to turn her back to human, giving her a chance to a normal life.

Why are you telling me all this Lith could understand Kalla being grateful to him for saving Nok.

He could also appreciate her seeing a kindred spirit in him, but the knowledge and the burden she was imparting him were too much.

Because, just like me, you are different from the others.

I\'m one of the few magical beasts whose evolution borders with undeath, yet you treat me no differently from before, unlike even those of my own kind.

I don\'t care if you are a human like your friends think, a beast like Protector says, or a new kind of monster like Scarlett fears.

You are someone capable of befriending magical beasts without looking down on us, of carrying an unknown life form at your finger and calling her a friend.

That\'s why I trust you to teach and care for my offspring like I would.


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