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Chapter 2120 Four is a Party (Part 4)

Caltem froze in a shocked expression for a split second before managing to regain his cool.

Lady Graham, do you mind if I speak with mage Dimrus for a minute As a student of one of the great academies, he can use an honest merchant who\'ll provide him with everything he needs for his future labs. He said.

I\'ll make him the same deal my father made yours.

If he finds anyone else selling magical goods of my same quality at a lower price, I\'ll refund him the difference.

You are a very lucky man, Mage Dimrus. Lady Graham said with a chuckle.

Mister Caltem may not be very famous, but he\'s a man of his word and he can provide you ingredients that most merchants don\'t see their entire lives.

\'That\'s because the Undead Courts send him to deal personally only with the families they want to recruit and most of his goods are either from the black market or stolen, you dumb woman.\' Dusk thought.

\'Remember Kelia, if a deal is too good to be true, it\'s a con or a set-up.

That or you\'ve lucked out and met a moron.\'

Thanks for your time, Mister Caltem, and for your kind words, Lady Graham.

I think I\'ll follow your advice. Dusk gave her a small bow and after bidding the woman goodbye he moved to the third floor with Caltem and the hybrids.

The moment the curtain of the VIP room was shut and the spells confirmed that the area was secure, the merchant fell to his knees with his head stuck on the ground.

My Lord, is that really you I heard you were gone. He asked with a quivering voice.

First that fool Narchat stole your Court and now that madwoman keeps everyone on a tight leash.

Where have you been all this time and how could you let that happen

Yes, it is me, the Red Sun, Caltem. Dusk sat on the nearest chair, leaving the hybrids standing and the man groveling.

I owe no explanation to the likes of you.

You\'d better keep it in mind during the rest of our conversation, or I\'ll make you.

At a snap of his fingers, the hybrids released a spark of their aura.

Dusk couldn\'t afford to show how weak he had become but a regular man like Caltem had no way to pinpoint the source of a mana surge.

All the merchant could feel was its intensity and it was enough to make his heart skip several beats and his lungs stop until they started to burn.

To him, Dusk had somehow even gotten stronger than before during his brief absence.

Yes, my liege. Caltem said with what breath he had left.

Good. The Red Sun nodded and the Abominations reeled in their auras again.

In time, I\'ll take over the Dusk Court again, and from there the other two as well.

My sister Dawn is no longer interested in her role and Night has proven to be too crazy.

If Thrud hadn\'t stopped her, I would have done it myself.

Yet by besting my mad sister, the even Madder Queen revealed to be a threat that I cannot ignore before rising to power again.

Do you understand me, Caltem

Yes, o Hushed King. The merchant hit the floor with his forehead in submission, using the title that belonged to the founder and only rightful ruler of the Dusk Court.

There are rumors about how at the beginning of his reign, the Dead King established three safe houses.

The Pleasure Palace, where he would keep his concubines and he would pick his Chosen among the followers.

No one but those who had the Dead King\'s complete trust visited it and lived to tell the tale.

It\'s supposed to be here, in Xaanth.

The second is the Treasure Palace, where he stored all the riches that he received as tributes from the Undead Courts and those that he simply stole from whoever became the target of his envy.

It should be located near the city of Rhya.

\'It\'s where Hushar and Cyare are.\' Kigan thought.

\'Yet in their reports, they didn\'t mention anything about this place.\'

The last is the Wisdom Palace, where- Hearing the word wisdom in a phrase related to Orpal made the hybrids scoff so loudly that the poor Caltem stopped talking in fear and curled up on the ground.

Please, have mercy, my Lord.

Whatever I did to displease you, I beg for your forgiveness.


Were you that big of an asshole for this poor man to be so scared\' Kelia asked.

\'I was way worse than that.

Also, calling Sakim Caltem a poor man it\'s a joke.\' Dusk partially fused their minds, showing her the many dealings of the merchant with the Courts.

The people he had kidnapped, the Beasts he had helped enslave, the things that he had stolen for the undead, no matter the consequences.

\'Okay, I stand corrected.

He\'s a piece of **.

You\'re going to kill him, right\' She said.

\'No.\' The Red Sun inwardly shook his head.

Worry not, Caltem.

My servants simply expressed their spite for the Dead King.

They have nothing against you and you have not disappointed me.


Now continue. Kelia was amazed by how the Horseman could sound warm and reassuring once second and then cold and threatening the next.

According to the rumors, the Wisdom Palace is where the Dead King has built his magical labs and kept every artifact in his possession.

It should be located in Satca. The merchant said in a rush, eager to please his new master.

The Abominations exchanged a quick look, taking out their communication amulets to tell the other hybrids to converge on Satca, Eycos\' and Nelia\'s target and the place where everything they were looking for was supposed to be.

Are you telling me that the Dead King was so stupid that he stored his most prized possessions in just one place Dusk didn\'t move from his chair, raising an eyebrow in suspicion.

No, my liege. Caltem\'s words made Kigan and Xenagrosh inwardly curse.

If you are looking for his secret weapons against Thrud, you\'ll have to visit all three palaces.

Not even the Dead King was foolish enough to risk that Thrud might take everything from him in the case someone like me was captured and brought to the Golden Griffon for interrogation.

An elder who took part in Arthan\'s ploy is supposed to live in the Pleasure Palace, disguised as a guard.

The blueprints of the lost academy are stored in the Treasure Palace, stored in a precious item that has been enchanted into a dimensional item.

Only the Forbidden Spells related to the Golden Griffon are stored in the Wisdom Palace.

That\'s **ing great! Now- Dusk glared at Kigan, cutting his annoyed outburst short.

\'Shut up, you fool.

The more you interrupt the conversation the more it seems I have no authority over you.\'

The Phoenix-Balor suddenly fell to the ground, seizing in agony as he bled from his eyes, nose, and ears.

Xenagrosh\'s eyes darted from her fellow hybrid to Dusk, yet her silent question only met a stone visage.

Please, my lord, forgive your loyal servant.

I meant no disrespect. Kigan said amid tears as a domineering aura filled the room, making even the Shadow Dragon shiver.

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