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Chapter 2001 Alone Together (Part 1)

Because the amplification process will take place only after we fuse the partial cores into the complete power core. Solus replied.

At that point, we\'ll be capable of keeping it stable thanks to our collective focus and willpower.

Don\'t be ridiculous. Quylla attempted a scoff that almost made her puke.

After being amplified, the energy of the power core will be much greater than the single pieces put together.

How can we manage to control it if we can\'t even handle our respective partial core

Thanks to an array that I have stored inside the Heart of the tower. Solus shrugged.

After retrieving the Mouth and listening to Salaark\'s explanation about how it works, I found a way to switch Forgemastering arrays during a crafting process.

I can\'t replicate the effects of Elemental Flow but I can still prepare a different magical circle for each crucial step we encounter.

Why the heck didn\'t you tell us Even Protector was angry and outraged.

Ever since he had come to the Desert, he had worked hard to refine his skills yet the task had overwhelmed him, making the Skoll feel dispirited.

He was still bright blue and had no clue about how to reach the violet.

Lith was way younger than him yet was already one step away from Faluel.

To make matters worse, Quylla had surpassed him as well and aside from Tista, everyone else had already reached his level.

Because that wasn\'t your task.

That\'s the reason I only wrote the specifics of the first Forgemastery array you have used for your practice. Solus\' reply was welcomed by several middle fingers.

I would strangle you on the spot, but I\'m too tired even for that. Tista said.

I\'ll see you tomorrow in the morning.

I\'ve used Invigoration too many times in this fool\'s errand to continue.

No need to wait for that long. Lith said.

You only need eight hours to recover.

Four if you stay in the tower.

We\'ll resume after lunch.

We can all use a bit of rest. Faluel replied.

It would give us the time to catch up with each other and enjoy the Desert a bit instead of the usual boot camp.

Hey, if this fails, we\'ll have to do it again. Lith moved in front of Tista to stop her.

If the Royals summon me before we are done, my survival chances without the Golems are pretty low.

Do you think I can face an entire immortal army alone


See you after lunch, then. Tista sighed and soon everyone Warped to their respective room, leaving Lith and Solus alone.

How do you feel He asked.

What do you mean

It\'s the first time since you got your human body back that we are going to craft something with the help of others, like your mother did.

I\'m worried that combining the use of the Fury, the Hands, and the Mouth might be hard on you. Lith said.

Don\'t worry.

If another piece of my memory returns in the middle of the Forgemastering process, I\'ll repress it.

I know how important to you is finishing the golems and-

I\'m not worried about that, silly. Lith cupped her face, forcing Solus to look him in the eyes.

Worst case scenario, Grandma will reset the materials and we\'ll make an even better job.

It\'s you I\'m worried about.

There\'s nothing to worry about.

I\'m fine. Solus pushed his hands away only for Lith to grab her shoulders.

No, you are not.

First the revelation about what really happened to you and your mother.

Then the Fury, the trip to Verendi, and now this. Lith took the Mouth of Menadion out of his pocket dimension and handed it to her.

Ever since Vastor\'s wedding, you are the one who had it the hardest between us.

You had to face your past while also taking care of me.

The marriage made me feel better, but it also put a wedge in our relationship right when you needed me the most.

I can make those golems from scratch in a few days whereas it took you months to get out of the rabbit\'s hole that Bytra\'s confession sent you into.

Now look me in the eyes and tell me that you are okay with the person who killed your mother stealing another piece of your legacy.

Lith handed her the Mouth and an apology letter from the Raiju that Vastor had entrusted Lith in the case he decided to return the artifact to Elphyn Menadion.

Solus could barely stand touching the Mouth.

Knowing that all of its secrets had been violated, that the bond of trust between Ripha and her apprentices had once again backfired, made her want to puke.

On the contrary, she had read the note often, crumpling and stomping on it every time she reached the last line.

The paper had become so worn out that seemed decades old even though the letter had arrived just one day ago.

Dear Elphyn, I know that no matter what I say, my apologies will sound like empty words to you.

Yet I have nothing else to offer you but my sincerest apologies.

I want you to know that I did everything I could to have the Mouth returned to you and that I didn\'t take any part in studying it.

Alas, my refusal to cooperate was pointless.

Back when I still thought you were dead, I had shared with my brethren everything I knew about Ripha\'s techniques and her Fury.

Even without my help, they were familiar enough with your mother\'s workings to learn everything about the Mouth.

If it\'s of any consolation, while my father wanted to gift it to Lith, I was adamant about returning it to you and Zor backed me.

Also, if you are reading this, know that what we learned while studying the Mouth has become part of my legacy, and it\'s yours to take.

Just say the word and I\'ll come to you.

In faith, Bytra.

Even though Solus knew that the Raiju had done her best to not wrong Menadion\'s heir again, it didn\'t make her feel any better.

First her life, then her partner, and now even one of the last heirlooms of her mother now belonged to someone else.

Solus felt as if Mogar reveled in the sick pleasure of giving her hope just to take it away right when she was about to reach the object of her desire.

No, I\'m not okay with any of this. Solus slouched her shoulders, ceasing her struggle.

But what choice do I have I can\'t ask you to wait for me, not when we don\'t even know how long you have left to live.

I can\'t storm the Organization to retrieve the data about the Mouth and even if I killed Bytra, it would solve nothing.

She did everything she could.

If not for Bytra, the Mouth would still be in the hands of the Verendi Council and sooner or later they would have uncovered its secrets as well.

You are right, you can\'t change what\'s already happened, but you do have a choice about how to face the consequences. Lith said.

Instead of turtling up and putting on a stoic mask, you can come to me.

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