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Chapter 1972: Parting Ways (part 2)

“They, however, arent a centuries-old elder.

They didnt see us fight and cant study our tactics to elaborate a counter strategy for their revenge.”

A flick of Zoreths finger shot two Hollow Void, respectively aimed at Ozaks heart and head.

The representatives corpse fell to the ground and exploded a split-second later, destroying all the artifacts he wore.

It was a last-ditch measure to bring his killer down with him, but the Eldritches were powerful enough to snuff the explosion by completely sealing the space around Ozak.

“What are we going to do about the others” Lith pointed at the Awakened who had surrendered along with their late leader.

“They are loose ends and could report the strategies that we have employed today as well.”

“Excellent point.” Nelia nodded and killed them all, sparing only one who had yet to achieve the bright violet core.

“You two are free to go.

Tell everyone what happens to those who cross the Masters Organization and that if they want the Mouth, they are free to come and get it.”

The young girl who had brought Visante and the chosen survivor of the battle wasted no time, disappearing through a Warp Steps the moment the dimensional sealing was lifted.

“Why did you let them go” Lith asked in confusion.

“Several reasons.” Zoreth replied.

“The girl knows nothing of the fight so killing her would have been pointless.

To the contrary, she had witnessed the pathetic state of her almighty master was reduced and her words will shake the rest of the Awakened community.

“As for the soldier, we need a witness of our strength, otherwise people might believe that we won thanks to some stupid trick.

To drive fear into our enemies, we need them to know the difference in power between them and us.

“On top of that, the report of that guy will be of limited strategical use.

To be stuck at the light violet at his age, he lacks the cunning and the talent to be a genius.

Even if he observed some of our strategies, I doubt he has understood them.

“What little he can share through a mind link will be muddled by his fear and confusion.

Once they study his memories and see us through his eyes, new Council representatives of Verendi will believe that each one of us is as strong as a Guardian.”

“Last, but not least, by sending them away we can safely discuss what to do with the Mouth.” Bytra said.

“Even if we give it to you, Elphyn, the Councils will believe that we are the ones who have it and will leave you alone.”

“Thanks, Bytra.” Solus said, and she was sincere.

Seeing the Raiju fight against the Awakened first and now against her own family to return Riphas legacy to its rightful heir moved her deeply.

“Do you mind if I take a look at the Mouth while you guys talk” She asked.

“Sure thing.” Nelia handed Solus the artifact.

“One word of advice, though.

Imprint it, and well have a problem.”

Solus nodded and took the Mouth in her hands, feeling something click inside her tower half.

She conjured the Eyes of Menadion, sharing them with Lith to study the relic as quickly as possible.

They used their respective breathing technique to study the Mouths power core and spell matrix, but Menadions cloaking enchantments were a tough nut to crack even though they were outdated for centuries.

The Abominations argued for a long time and almost came to blows more than once.

Lith and Solus used that time to study the original Mouth so that once they got back in the tower and conjured their copy, they would have the data necessary to understand how it worked.Bytra, Zoreth, Theseus, and partly even Nandi tried to convince their siblings to return the artifact to Elphyn, especially since she was Salaarks protégé and was on good terms with Lith.ᴘ ᴀꪁⅆ a ɴꪫꪚeʟ

ᴘ ᴀɴ ᴅᴀ-ɴᴏᴠ ᴇʟ, ᴄ,ᴏ,ᴍ After over one hour, they were still at a standstill.

“Im sorry, kid.” Nandi said.

“If this was any other trinket, Id give it to you without a second thought.

The Mouth is too powerful to give up on it without thinking this through.”

“Are you going to keep it, then” Solus asked.

“No.” Zoreth replied while taking back the artifact.

“The only thing we agreed upon is that we need to ask our fathers opinion first.

I give you my word that we wont imprint the Mouth until the final decision is made.”

“Thanks, Zoreth.” Lith shook her hand.

“You kept your word the entire time, showing us how the Organization works and protecting us even when you had no obligation to.”

“Im sorry for how things turned out, little brother.

I wish I could have given your friend the Mouth.” She sighed.

“Actually, I appreciate even this ending.

It proves that your associates arent a bunch of sentimental idiots.

They respected your opinion but still followed their own.” Lith replied.

“I like your way of doing things.

Straightforward and direct.

“Yet you can afford such an attitude only because all the members of your family are as strong as you are.

You have no one outside the Organization whereas I want for my wife and family a normal life.”

“I understand.” She nodded.

“If things go south with the Royals, keep my offer in mind.”

The other Abomination hybrids Warped away, leaving behind only the members of the original group.

“What about you, Theseus” Zoreth asked.

“Do you want to keep staying in Verendi or do you want to join us”

“It depends.

Can you help me with my blood madness Will you really try and fix my life force even if I dont fully commit to your cause Am I free to leave whenever our goals cease to align or would it be just a life of servitude” He asked.

“No one can beat the blood madness but yourself.” Bytra shook her head.

“The only thing I can promise you is that well make sure you make no more innocent victims.

As for the rest, yes, well do our best to fix your life force and you are free to go whenever you want.

“The only clause is that you cant share our secrets nor work against us.

Violate these terms and youll make an enemy whose power you have just witnessed.”

“Dolgus” The Bastet didnt want to leave his first friend in millennia, yet he knew that as long as he didnt learn how to control his new powers, he would just be a liability for the White Griffon and his mission.

“You should go with them, my friend.” Dolgus handed Theseus his contact card.

“Verendi needs me more than ever and they could definitely use not being afraid of the Wandering Carnival anymore.

“Once you get your own contact amulet, add my rune.

If you ever need my help or just someone to talk to, Ill fly to you, no matter what.”

The two men held each other in a long embrace.

To the Griffon, Theseus was like a troubled child in dire need of help.

After caring for him for that long, Dolgus had grown fond of him and wanted only the best for his friend.

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