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Chapter 1970: The Power Of The Gods (part 2)

Rokuno the Jotunn ordered his fellow giants to unleash the full power of their Corrupted Lightning, but the Demons of the Abyss acted as meat shields, neutralizing the bloodline ability with the destructive powers of their Cursed Flames to protect their master.

Lith had already weaved another Ruin and the slash of his swords not only killed the beast representative, but also produced energy weapons that his Demons could wield.

At that point, the battle was won and the few surviving members of the Awakened elite units were quickly wiped out.

Whoever tried to conjure a Spirit Warp would be killed by Solus and Bytra.

Menadions heir spotted the entry point and the Raiju charged at them at such speed that the shockwave she produced would kill her victims without the need to weave a single spell.

Whoever turned their back would be immediately killed by a bolt of silver lightning while those who held their ground had the privilege to choose the way they would die.

If incinerated by Primordial Flames, stabbed by Abyssal Demons, trampled by the Raiju and her rider, our cut asunder by Double Edges blade.

After their companions had been healed, Hushar and Cyare stepped out of the onslaught.

They kept themselves at the opposite ends of the battlefield, making sure that no one would escape to tell the tale or summon more reinforcements.

They used Blood Tide to block elemental spells and Elemental Flow to conjure a Sealed Space wide enough to block Dimensional Spirit magic.

Lith and Solus found the experience of fighting alongside the Abominations to be exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

Exhilarating because once they had assembled, it wasnt a battle anymore but a one-sided slaughter.

The Primordial Flames destroyed everything, the Chain Maelstrom provided the allies with infinite energy, while the Doom Tide combined with Nandi empowered their spells and weakened those of their enemies.

The Leviathan and the Fenrir had such a mastery over Elemental Flow that their arrays slithered throughout the battlefield and responded to the touch of the other Abominations assuming the form that suited their current situation the best.

Between the resonance effect that linked their minds and their mastery over their respective bloodline abilities, it was as if each one of them possessed them all at the same time.

That, however, was also the terrifying part.

‘Lets be honest, Solus.

You and I would have fallen at the first Silverwings Annihilation after being incapable of breaking through a single Bastion.

The only reason we survived the first wave was because of Zoreths plan and Dolgus Life Maelstrom.

‘The Masters Organization has just single-handedly destroyed Verendis Council in front of our eyes and without much effort. He said via their mind link.

‘I know. She inwardly nodded.

‘Sure, not all of the Awakened Council was involved and if they attacked us all at once things might have gone differently, but it still makes you wonder.

‘Why didnt Vastor make a move yet if his children are already this strong Is he going to fight the Guardians if he doesnt consider this kind of power enough

Lith swallowed a lump of saliva, not knowing how to answer any of those questions yet knowing that they would haunt him at night from that day onward.

In a way, Zoreth had invited him to show him how the Organization acted and also to let him know what to expect were he to make them his enemies.

“Mercy! We Yield!” A voice amplified by air magic said.

The Abomination hybrids were curious to see who was still alive and had the guts to demand parlay despite their defeat.

Following that voice, the remaining Awakened lowered their weapons, falling onto their knees and putting their hands above their heads.

Feeling that there was no will to fight left, the Eldritches stopped their attack, herding the survivors in one spot.ᴘ ᴀꪁⅆ a ɴꪫꪚeʟ

“Who cares if you yield or not.” The Shadow Dragon said.

“We came here to talk and you came here to kill us.

We have no reason to spare a bunch of traitorous bastards.”

“We are defenseless now.

Would you really kill us all in cold blood” The voice turned out to belong to Ozak, the human representative.

“Ive done much worse to much better people in my life.” Kigan replied.

“You are nothing but a greedy pig who bit more than he could chew.

Now choke on it.”

“What if I handed you the Mouth of Menadion Wouldnt it be enough to buy at least my life” Ozak said and the other Awakened turned around in outrage, dogpiling at him.

They would have torn the human representative apart if not for Nelia saving him.

“The Mouth of Menadion Is this the reason you came here with these puppies” The Griffon pointed at Lith and Solus, who she recognized as the daughter of the First Ruler of the Flames.

Zoreth inwardly cursed her rotten luck.

She hadnt expected to have an opportunity to retrieve the artifact, especially in front of her brethren.

Just because they were part of the same Organization, it didnt mean that they shared the same ideals.

Her siblings didnt know nor care about Bytras feelings towards Menadions heir.

They barely cared for Lith due to his friendship with Vastor and his Abomination nature that made him partly one of their own.

If they got their hands on the Mouth of Menadion, they wouldnt give it away easily.

“Yes.” The Shadow Dragon nodded, considering it pointless to lie.

“I wanted Lith to witness our methods and power.

After all, our father chose him as his successor.

If anything happens to Dad, it will be Lith to help us merge our life forces.”

“This sounds utterly ridiculous.” Hushar said.

“Lith is strong, but he is barely a kid.

He has sworn no allegiance to us nor has he any reason to care for our destiny.

Why should we give him such a gift

“He might help us in the future, but he might as well be our enemy.

The Mouth would be a fine addition to our armory.

Unless you give us a proper reason, Im against Lith having it.”

“I agree.” Cyare said and the others nodded in agreement.

ᴘ ᴀɴ ᴅᴀ-ɴᴏᴠ ᴇʟ, ᴄ,ᴏ,ᴍ “Im sorry, Lith.” Nandi shrugged.

“I know that Baba Yaga likes you and you even helped her in Lightkeep, but thats not enough.

If this was about an enchanted trinket I would be on your side, but were talking about Menadion!”

“I understand.” Lith and Solus exchanged a quick glance, knowing that not everything was lost.

Solus just needed to put her hands on one of the artifacts of Menadions set to get her own tower version of it.

“Thats the reason you should give the Mouth not to him, but to Elphyn!” Bytra said in outrage.

“I came to Verendi with her to prove my good faith and make amends for my past crimes.”

“Thats your problem.

It has nothing to do with the rest of us.” Eycos said.

“Im still pissed off with you for giving away the Fury without even asking Dads opinion.

I think you have done more than enough already.

The Mouth is off the table.”

Solus hated those creatures for speaking about her like she wasnt there, yet fear kept her tongue in check.

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