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Chapter 1893: Worldbreaker (part 1)

Then, the Fenrir turned the water surrounding them into a chunk of ice, sealing the Dragons every movement and sapping his strength even faster.

Just as Tyris elements were light and air, Roghars were darkness and earth.

He used them to drag the iceberg deeper and to flood it with darkness element to finish his prey off.

Leegaain took another page from one of his children, this time the Drakes.

He activated Dimensional Fusion, teleporting away from the trap and back into the air where his breathing technique restored his body and mana core.

A simple Blink would have been useless since it would have dragged the iceberg along.

Also, Roghar would have seen the entry point and countered it with one of his arrays.

Dimensional Fusion, instead, had no such problem.

Each one of Leegaains cells had opened their own minuscule dimensional passage, invisible to the naked eye even of a Guardian.

The cells had assembled themselves back into their original form thanks to Dimensional Fusion ending only once all of the single pieces had been put back to their respective original position.

“That was dangerous.” Leegaain panted, opening the mind link to call for reinforcements.

That was until the ocean below him exploded and what looked like a golden wolf came charging at him from the spurts of water.

The Dragon released the spells that he had at the ready, but Roghar didnt even slow down.

The rain of Guardian Tier magic inflicted him less damage than water on a windshield thanks to his bloodline ability, Mana Body.

The Fenrirs life force mixed itself with the earth element from the world energy, using it to make Roghar as sturdy as the planet itself.

Physical and magical attacks now did little to no damage to him, but such ability came at a price.

Just like a Grendel, infusing his body with so much elemental energy that didnt carry his energy signature prevented Roghar from casting new spells.

He had to make with those he had at the ready, hoping they were enough to get in close-quarter combat and win.

Leegaain was no warrior and his Eyes didnt allow him to learn fighting techniques like they did spells.

The Fenrir slammed against the Dragon, using a combination of magical and physical attacks that were supposed to end him.

Yet Leegaain countered every spell with an identical one, dodging and blocking the enemys strikes at the same time.

The Eyes could still read everything Roghar had prepared and mimic them.

As for the attacks, Leegaain knew that this day would come and had trained with Tyris.

He still sucked compared to the Fenrir, but when he focused on defense, he could hold his ground.

“Mana Body Great Skill.

Do you know what its weak against” Leegaain asked while his seven heads merged into one, to draw a deep breath that filled his lungs.

Then, Origin Flames burst out of his body at the very moment when Roghar bit into Leegaains flesh, sending them into the Fenrirs mouth and down his throat.

The Guardian of Mana yelped in pain as his insides burned.

On top of that, the Origin Flames stuck onto his golden skin, eating at the world energy that empowered it.

Cracks appeared all over Mana Body, but it wasnt enough to stop Roghars onslaught.

Leegaain kept that routine, focusing on defense, countering spells, and unleashing a new burst of white Flames every time Roghar managed to hit him.

“Give up.

At this point, even Tyris must have noticed your presence and shell be here at any moment.” Leegaain said, hitting the Fenrir in the nuts with his tail and discovering that they were armored as well.

“Not quite.” Roghar said with a wolfish smile.

“I staged a distraction for her that will still buy me a bit of time!”

Tired of that charade, he unleashed the strongest blast of Doom Tide that he could conjure.

The Origin Flames died and all spells disappeared, leaving the Guardians only with their Spirit Magic and physical abilities.

Roghar surpassed Leegaain in both and assumed the Dragon would be easy prey.

At least until Leegaain hurled a burst of emerald flames from his mouth.

They were no faster nor more dangerous than Origin Flames so the Fenrir had no trouble dodging them.

Just like the Flames had no trouble turning around and giving him chase.

“What Where do these things come from There cant be Origin Flames without world energy!” Roghar yelled in frustration.

He had charged at Leegaain after dodging the first volley, but the Guardian of Wisdom had breathed a second blast of chasing fire.

“Really Do you have yet to learn how to cast your bloodline abilities by relying solely on your own life force In this case, allow me to introduce you to Immortal Flames and give you a practical demonstration!” Leegaain replied while hurling a third burst of emerald fire.

Immortal Flames were the Spirit Magic equivalent of Origin Flames, fueled by Leegaains life force and the elemental power stored in his body.

He could emit them under any circumstance and move them like one of his limbs.

Yet they also took an enormous toll on him.

Every blast drained him akin to one thousand breaths of regular Origin Flames.

‘Dammit, I wish I had cursed flames as well. He thought.

‘They are the fastest kind of flames I have ever seen and against an opponent like Roghar, they would work like a charm.

The Fenrir managed to dodge the three salvos of Immortal Flames multiple times before being hit, using that time to weave more spells now that Mana Body had collapsed.

Leegaain couldnt get close, or he would be burned as well.

“Enough!” Roghar screamed as the inexorable ticking of the clock told him that his time was almost over.

He had tried to avoid showing his trump card and save it for when Tyris would come to his turf, but he had no choice left.

A massive spear appeared from his pocket dimension, filling the air with new world energy.

Roghar turned into a humanoid wolf, holding the weapon with two hands and aiming the tip at Leegaains heart.

Its head was made of Davross while the pole was made from a single huge white crystal that was covered in Roghars fur to give it a better grip and further amplify its power.

The Maw had been purified by the Origin Flames of an Elder Dragon, its power cores permanently boosted by Zagrans Life Maelstrom, and crafted by Roghar himself.

Elemental Flow was a valuable tool not only in battle, but also in the Forge.

Forgemastery circles were arrays as well, and his bloodline ability allowed the Fenrir to change them at will.

While a regular Forgemaster, even Salaark, had to create a single Forgemastering circle that best fit all the pseudo cores, Roghar could use the perfect array for each pseudo core he had to craft and then change it according to the properties of the next.

He didnt have Salaarks skill nor technique, but thanks to Elemental Flow, the enchantments he crafted always reached their full potential.

“Kid, you have no idea the trouble youve put yourself into.” Leegaain sighed as the appearance of Salaarks gift made the sky rumble and the ocean floor quake so violently that several dormant volcanos became active.

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