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Chapter 1885 Returned to Sender (part 1)

“I wasnt sure you were the one, only that our story would end along with my service to the army.” Lith said.

“Yet the more time we spent together the more I looked at the end of my tour as a Ranger with dread rather than expectation.

“I didnt want to be discharged because I feared losing you.

In just a few months, you had become more than my girlfriend.

You were my friend, my confidant, my home away from home.

“I told you the truth about me not out of bravery or confidence but because I knew that if you ever discovered it from someone else, it would have broken your heart and your trust.

“I did it only because the certainty of losing you scared me more than I could bear.

Also, I wanted you to love me for who I truly am, not for the lies I tell to the rest of Mogar.

“Every time you chose to be with me after learning one of my secrets, you became my only truth in a life of deception.

You had no reason to love me yet you did.

There was no business relationship between us, no magical nor blood bond.

“Each time you accepted another part of me, I accepted myself until I found the strength to conquer my fears and allow myself to love you back.” Lith took a Tuner out of his pocket dimension and offered it to her.

The magical item was capable of storing and playing songs.

It was shaped like a cube the size of an apple and it was wrapped with a betrothal knot like the Camellia.

“It may sound silly, but I always associated a song with each of my relationships.

Ours, however, has more than one and they are all recorded within this Tuner.

I hope that well choose more together so I left several empty slots.

“I give you this as my betrothal gift with the hope that it will grow and thrive along with our marriage.”

Kamila took the Tuner, but she didnt activate it.

No music could sound sweeter than those words to her ears.

Even though the marriage had been decided minutes ago and Lith had been forced to improvise his gift, she found it as romantic as the Camellia.

It was something that he had crafted, not just bought, giving her a piece of himself that they would nurture together.

A silent tear of joy streaked down her eyes and her feet quivered, waiting for Salaark.


In the name of the Blood Desert, I declare you husband and wife.” The Overlord said and Kamila took it as her cue to stand on her tiptoes and kiss Lith after wrapping her arms around his neck.

“As the Overlord, I also accept Kamila Yehval as a citizen of the Blood Desert and bestow upon her the last name of Torchbearer because she shines light in the darkness like only a Phoenix should.”

The last part of Salaarks speech was lost as the guests stood up, giving the newlyweds a standing ovation and plenty of cheers.

The kids yelled with their shrill voices and the magical beasts barked, roared, or howled.

“Fine, well resume this conversation later.” She said to no one since at that point there was no one listening to her.

After the end of the ceremony, everyone moved to the banquet hall, where despite the short notice, the cooks of the Desert had prepared a feast worthy of a King.

The quality and the quantity of the dishes surprised even Zinya who was now used to the Royal Court.

“Every chef of the palace must be a mage, because this food is as good as Liths.” Elina said, picking one small serving from each tray to savor them all before feeling full.

“How did you manage to have such a banquet prepared so quickly”

“Everything for my Featherlings.” Salaark lied through her teeth.

She was pregnant and suffered from cravings several times a day.

What was a full course banquet for a small tribe was just a snack for a Phoenix her size.

She had simply had her midday meal served.

“Do you have any idea for our honeymoon” Lith asked while noticing several of his sweets among the desserts.

“It took me all of my courage to propose.” Kamila shook her head.

“My mind kept playing a scene where you kicked me out after throwing in my face that I was the one who broke up with you.

That you already gave me a chance and I wasted it.”

“I didnt plan to marry today, let alone for a honeymoon.”

“Good, because I did!” Lith said with his deep thought expression that she recognized as his perverted face.

“Remember that there are kids in this room.” She nervously replied, activating the Tuner that started to play a song written by Dragons about Demons.

“Who do you take me for” Lith said in mock outrage.

“I just want to cash in your promise about our beach vacation.

Even the Desert faces the sea.

Sand plus ocean makes a beach.

Also, the climate is hot and finding an isolated place should be easy.”

“Just the two of us” She asked while looking at Solus and feeling bad for her.


Just the two of us.

Solus needs time and some distance to accept that our relationship has changed.

Also, I dont want anyone around to witness all the things that you and I know that I will do to you.” He said with a seductive smile ruined by a sauce mustache that she cleaned with a kiss.

“It sounds great.

We have a lot of catch-up to do and I want to have you all for myself.

No work, no magic, no worries.

Just the two of us.” She said.

“Where will we sleep though”

“Grandma” Lith had noticed the Overlord conveniently picking food near to them and clearly eavesdropping on their conversation.

“The beach is an excellent idea for a honeymoon.” She nodded, proving his theory.

“I can lend you an enchanted portable house.

Its no tower, of course, but its cozy and has everything a couple could wish for.”

“As long as there is a bedroom, a bathroom, and a real kitchen, Im sold.” Kamila said with a radiant smile that actually offended the Overlord.

“I said a home, not a rathole.

First, you dont listen until the end of my speech and now you belittle my skills as a Forgemaster” Salaark stared at her in fury, tapping her foot.

“Im sorry, I-“

“Kidding! Gods, people fall for that joke every time.” She giggled like a little girl while hugging Kamila to show her that she wasnt actually mad.

“Maybe the fact that you can smite anyone like a fly makes it hard for people to ignore your threats.” Lith replied.


What is this” The Tuner was now playing a song also written by Dragons but about Birds this time.

“The song that I associate with the moment I bid Kamila goodbye in the barn.” Lith replied.

“Its very sweet, but also very sad.” Kamila was almost moved to tears as the melody seemed a perfect fit for that memory.

“You must make me one of these things.” Salaark pointed at the Tuner, enjoying the fact that unlike real musicians it had no need for breaks nor did it hit flat notes.

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