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Chapter 1884: The First Day (part 2)

“Let Grandma fix it for you.” Salaark used a mix of Rebirth Magic and her breathing technique, Mother Sun, to cleanse Kamila from her afflictions.

Once the Guardian was done, Kamila felt as if she had just returned from a week of rest in a spa.

Her body was clean, brimming with energy.

Her fatigue was gone and she could almost feel her skin breathing from its fully cleansed pores.

“Now all that remains is to fix you a decent dress and put on a bit of make-up.

Luckily for you, I have a wardrobe the size of a village and several make-up artists at my service.” Salaark said.

“Thank you, but Id like to keep the suit I wear.

I want to wear my lucky clothes for my lucky day.” Kamila noticed the Overlords frown and quickly added: “I could use some make-up, though.”

Salaark Warped everyone to a different location.

Lith and his family to the Throne room where the ceremony would be held.

Kamila to Salaarks private rooms, where the maids also took care of her hair, and herself to the Duchy of Essagor.

“Your sister is about to get married and it would be terrible for her not to have any witness from her family.” She explained to a terrified Zinya after popping into her bedroom in the middle of the night.

Vastor was out so the Overlord and the Master didnt meet.

On top of that, due to Salaarks powers being diminished from being inside the territory of another Guardian without their permission and Vastors powerful cloaking arrays, she failed to notice the secret lab.

“Really” Zinya asked, jumping out of her bed.

“Oh, gods.

I need to dress myself and the children properly.

We cant attend a wedding in our pajamas.”

For some reason, she felt like she could trust that stranger and accepted following her.

“Dont worry about the dress, I have plenty.” Salaark then Warped into the childrens room where Tezka snarled at the intruder before recognizing her.

Then, he started to whimper.

“Dont worry, old dog, Im not here for you.

This time.” She said, bringing him along since the kids insisted on calling him their pet.

‘From the Suneater who made entire kingdoms tremble in fear at the mention of his name to a nanny.

Mogar indeed has a twisted sense of irony. The Overlord thought.

Zinya and Kamila hugged and cried in Salaarks quarters, ruining the make-up.

The maids rolled their eyes and pulled the two sisters away to prepare them both.

As for Lith, after a quick shower and a shave he was as ready as he could.

Just like Kamila, he wore the clothes from their first date.

It consisted of a simple red shirt and white pants, both bearing the Verhens family insignia, respectively on the breast pocket and belt buckle.

“I always thought you would wear your Archmage robe even on such an occasion.” Raaz said, patting Liths shoulder.

“So did I.” Lith smiled seeing his father back to normal even if just temporarily.

“Now Im just Lith Verhen, son of farmers and vagrant mage.

I thought that my titles mattered, but they were just a burden to me.”

He didnt miss how Solus had yet to congratulate him and that Tista never left her side, but there was nothing he could do or say to make her feel better.

‘Solus will need decades to be her own person and overcome the influence that our bond has over her feelings.

I can only hope that Ill live long enough to see it. He thought.

When the bride arrived, she was radiant.

Not only because of her dazzling smile that warmed Liths heart after almost five months of winter, but also because of her clothes.

Salaark had used Creation Magic to turn Kamilas clothes from simple linen into something lighter and softer than silk.

They were still her lucky clothes, but they looked brand new and tailor-made from the finest materials.

Zinya, Filia, and Frey accompanied her and both families rejoiced at the unexpected reunion.

“Are you going to be our uncle for real now” Filia asked while looking at Leria in defiance.

“Yes.” Lith nodded, ruffling the childrens hair and accompanying them to their seats.

After everyone took their place, Salaark had a few of her children come so that the size of the grooms and the brides sides matched.

Then she stood on a dais that was placed between the couple.

“Im usually against marriage unless both parties have reached a three digits age.

Choosing a partner for life is an important decision that needs time and wisdom before being made.

“Yet Ive never been happier of being proved wrong.

Despite their young age, Lith Verhen and Kamila Yehval went through a lot.

Their lives have been a constant storm but they were lucky enough to find haven and solace in their love.

“They have been loving companions, enduring together the worst moments of their respective lives and building together the best ones.

“Lith and Kamila have always been each others guiding light out of the storm.

The first ray of sunshine after a long night.

The first flower of spring after a harsh winter.

“We are here to recognize the importance of their bond and bear witness to their decision of making it last for their whole lives.

You can now exchange your vows.” Salaark said.

“Back when you asked me out after the fall of Kaduria, I never thought that we would go past our first date.” Kamila said.

“I considered you an immature brat who just wanted to fool around with a mere Lieutenant.

“That you considered me nothing more than an easy pick that would be quickly seduced and as quickly forgotten.

I was really surprised when you treated me like a person, when you never flaunted your powers or status.

“Ever since that first night at the Velorian, youve always managed to make me laugh.

I liked everything about you, even your stinginess that brought me to split the bill.

Yet I think that our relationship really began after you gifted me the Camellia on the second date.

“It was a fake flower, yet it planted a seed in my heart that grew each time I renewed its imprint.

Accepting the truth about your nature every time you found the strength to share a piece of it with me was never hard thanks to the deep roots we had.

“You have been there for me, for Zinya, and you have never taken me for granted.

You could have let our relationship grow while keeping me in the dark, but you choose to make me a bigger part of your life with every step you took.

“Even when facing the most shocking revelation, it was your trust and honesty that never made me falter.

Even after we broke up five months ago, I never stopped believing in you nor in us.

“You gifted me the Camellia over three years ago and now Im returning it to you with the hope that it will perform its miracle for you as well.” Kamila handed the mystical flower to him, the knot still in place.

“I must admit that when I asked you out, I wasnt expecting to find love.

All I wanted was to find a pretty and smart woman that would keep me company during my tour as a Ranger.” Lith said.

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