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Chapter 1883: The First Day (part 1)

Liths life force still looked like a galaxy composed of stars connected by a red thread and surrounded by the Void.

Now, however, the Void had also seeped inside the galaxy.

New black stars had appeared among the blue and violet ones, connected to the rest of the structure by the red threads that now rhythmically pulsed with dark energy.

At the center of the galaxy, there was now a light violet star whose surface flared black from time to time.

The energies of life and death had found a new balance, just like the two pillars that had ushered Liths breakthrough.

Harmony had replaced conflict and the Void had become an integral part of the whole.

Lith instinctively knew that as Baba Yaga had predicted, now that his soul was at peace, the Void was no longer his enemy.

His body and his mana core had become powerful enough to contain it, but there was no need for it.

The Call of the Void was now answering to his will like a tame mare instead of a wild bronco.

Yet it was far from gone or weakened.

By merging with the other life forces, the Void had calmed down.

The next time something triggered it, however, there would be nothing stopping it.

The various aspects were now one in both calm and fury.

Only after Lith was done checking all the changes in his being did he notice that Kamila was standing on his right palm.

She was holding onto his fingers with all of her strength to not fall down when he moved.

“You look great.” She said when their eyes met.

“Also, youre really hot.

A bit too much.

Do you mind putting me down”

Between the tension and the warmth from his scales, she was sweating bullets.

Lith slowly reverted to his human form being careful she wouldnt fall or get away from him.

“Kamila Yehval, will you marry me” He asked the moment they were down and surrounded by his family.

At those words, the room exploded with cheers and joy.

Raaz found the strength to smile from the deep of his heart for the first time since the day of his torture, hugging Elina and crying with happiness.

“Our son is finally marrying.” He said.

“We are getting a new daughter and grandchildren.”

Seeing her son so happy and her husband back to his old self almost broke Elina with joy.

Yet she held her tears and just nodded to not make Raaz worry.

As for Solus, the news made the walls around her heart shake and so did the tower in answer to its masters distress.

Her knees buckled as all of her plans and dreams shattered.

If not for Tista noticing her suffering and helping her to stand, she would have fallen to the ground.

‘Why do I feel so happy for him and yet so sad for myself She asked via a mind link to not let her pain taint that precious moment.

‘Because you are human. Tista replied.

‘You are starting to care more about what you want than what the others want.

Its a great sign that you are not just an extension of Lith anymore, but it also means that youll have to suck it up.

“I asked you first, silly.” Kamila giggled at the mention of kids and then kissed him.

“Of course I do.”

“I mean, right here and now.” Lith said.

“Now” Kamila opened her eyes wide in surprise while the room exploded with more cheers.

“What about the dress The guests The buffet”

“I dont give a damn about them.” He shook his head.

“Ive lost too much recently, and after what happened to Dad, I was willing to give up on myself.

Now that youve rescued me, I dont want to lose one more second before starting to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Lith held her tight, his four wings popped out on their own again, making the embrace even more tight and tender.

“Me too.” Kamila felt the wings gently caressing her back.

Their touch was delicate yet it made her feel protected.

“Thats new.” Elina said.

“Since when do you do that”

“Thats new indeed.” Salaark instead stared at the second feathered wing with a warm smile on her face.

“My boy is growing so quickly.”

“Your boy” Elinas glare almost bore a hole in the Overlords head.

“I mean ours.”

“Grandma, I know that its sudden, but would you please officiate our wedding” Lith ignored the territorial disputes and moved on with his plan.

“I would be honored to.” Salaarks wings popped out as well, flapping in excitement.

“By the way, You Majesty-” Kamila tried to say.

“Call me Grandma or suffer my wrath.” The Overlord replied with a threatening chuckle.

“Grandma, Im now a deserter of the Kingdom.

I request for political asylum and Blood Deserts citizenship.” Kamila said.

“Granted.” Salaark pulled a few papers out of her pocket dimension and signed them.

“As if Id let those brutes put a finger on the wife of my- I mean our son.”

Elinas glare improved by the second.

“Congratulations!” Liths parents, all three of them, hugged the couple.

Raaz showed no sign of distress when Kamila returned his touch and even managed to kiss her cheeks without shuddering.

“You have no idea how long Ive waited for this moment.

I can now be sure that I wont die without grandchildren.” Raaz said before leaving her to Elina.

“I resent that! What are my children Yesterdays news” Rena snarled.

“I have no idea what has happened here, but Im glad to have you back.” Elina said while taking Kamilas face between her hands.

“Thanks, Elina.

Or do I have to call you mother-in-law now”

“Call me Mom for short.

After all, Im getting a new daughter.

Every word after that is irrelevant.” She replied.

“Congratulations.” Salaark whispered in Liths ear to not be overheard.

“Not for the marriage, I honestly find them a bit too definitive.

For pulling your head out of your ass.”

“Marriages are meant to be definitive.” Lith chuckled.

“What do you mean by that”

“You have let your Phoenix side take the wheel for once.

We are not just creatures of hate, but also of love.

As long as you havent experienced the whole emotional spectrum, youll always feel incomplete.

“Now, however, youve merged the Phoenix side with the Dragon and the Abomination.

You are just one step away from perfection!” She said.


How do you know in such detail whats happening to me and should I expect another bottleneck for the bright violet” Lith pushed Salaark away abruptly to stare her in the eyes.

“Todays the perfect weather for a wedding.” The Mother of all Phoenixes put on a business smile and looked sideways, making Mogars “maybe” echo inside Liths head.

“Too bad that the same cant be said for our lovely bride.”

The Overlord stepped in front of Kamila, examining her face while sniffing her.

“Shes overworked, overstressed, and hasnt gotten a good nights sleep for ten, no, thirteen days.

Kamila sweated more in the last hour than most soldiers during a day-long battle.

This girl is a mess.”

‘Thank the gods she didnt say Im stupid or something. Kamila thought.

‘So far Salaark got everything right.

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