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Chapter 1870: Stick and Carrot (part 2)

“Yet it was also time to grow a spine and face my past, as Friya always says.

Ever since I followed her advice and started living not only as a human but also as a Rezar, I can feel the barrier between my life forces thinning.”

“Why still gloomy, then” Protector asked, throwing him a reproachful look for not reading the room.

“Because even if I manage to make it disappear, I will become a regular hybrid.

Im an old ass man so when that happens, I will have to make a choice.

Losing either of my natures would be crippling.

“I still need to find a way to make them merge like it happened to Lith or at least delay the choice like Tista.” Nalrond replied, noticing that Lith was staring at the singer.

Whatever her race was, she had the appearance of a woman with shoulder-length raven-black hair and violet eyes.

Her sweet, soft voice as she sang a sad song made even the Rezar wish to know her better.

“Shes real pretty.

Are you thinking of asking for her contact rune”

“Yeah, she is.” Lith nodded.

“She reminds me of Kami.”

Protector and Nalrond shared a quick glance.

Aside from the hair, the singer looked nothing like the Constable.

“I wont ask her contact rune because my life is already a mess.

Also, I have no amulet anymore.” The memory made his face and voice become even gloomier.

The Rezar inwardly cursed himself for the blunder.

“Lith, Ive known you since you were a kid and Im used to your killer glare routine.” Ryman said.

“Being so sad is not like you, especially showing it to others.

Whatever happened, you can tell us.

We are your friends.”

“Speak for yourself.” Nalrond rubbed his claws as a waiter brought them more beer and steaming dishes.

“Im here for the free food.”

Lith chuckled at the joke before answering.

“My problem is twofold.

The first part is Solus.” His tablemates inhaled sharply and waited for the blow.

“Shes gone on a date tonight.”

“Isnt that what you wanted” Ryman asked.

“Either you let her go or you get jealous, you cant do both.”

“It is what I wanted and Im the one who told her to go.” p an da no v el Lith replied.

“We are getting closer, but in the wrong way.

I need to make some distance between us and Aerth is a good guy.

He can give her what I cant.”

“What do you mean” Nalrond asked.

“Whenever I think about soulmates, you two always come to my mind.”

“Thanks, but were more co-dependent than soulmates.” Lith said.

“When we met, we already were two broken people who survived by relying on each other, but back then we had certainties.

“I knew my path in life and Solus wanted to find out her nature and past.

Now, however, everything has fallen apart.

My life is in shambles and learning the truth almost destroyed her.

“We are both more damaged than ever.

We feel lonely, empty, and have a constant desire to forget about our worries.

Our bond makes everything more intense and dangerous.

“If we end up together like this, it wont be because of our feelings but because of our problems.

google p an da no v el Which means that once one of us realizes that even intimacy doesnt make the problems go away or overcomes their trauma, the relationship would crumble.

“We are akin to two broken towers that lean on each other to keep standing, but once one of them gets repaired, there will be no space for the other and it will fall.” Lith hid his face in the beer mug until it was empty.

“Ive known you long enough to know that this is indeed part of the problem but not all of it.

Whats really troubling you” Protector asked.

“Quylla called me today.” Liths eyes steeled and his voice became cold.

“My house and the Mansion have been seized and they will soon be put up for auction.

My silver mines now belong to the Kingdom and unless Zolgrish finds a loophole, the metal they produce will be used for the war efforts.

“The DoLorean that my father used on the day of his kidnapping has been found in a nearby village and is now being examined by the Royal Forgemasters!” With each word he spoke his voice rose in intensity until he was yelling.

“My whole life has fallen apart and what little remains has been stolen from me.

Thats whats troubling me, Ryman.” Lith said with a sneer.

“To make matters worse, I bet that Meln is already prowling outside my house, ready to taint it with his presence.

“Id rather see it burn than leave it to him.

I bet that it was all part of his **ing plan!”

“Im really sorry, man.

I expected the Royals to treat you better if they ever want you to return.” Nalrond signaled a waiter for a refill of their drinks and a Red Dragon for Lith.

“Morn wanted you dead, but the Royals wanted to rope you in, especially Peonia.”

Lith nodded but said nothing, too busy keeping his rage in check.search p an da no v el

“I think that you have no reason to worry about your house.” Protector said.

“How so” Lith drank the red liquor in one gulp and ordered another.

“I know auctions.

Since you are a runaway, your stuff was supposed to be already on the market since there will be no trial.

If they kept it, its because they are probably using the carrot and stick strategy.” Ryman replied.

“On one hand, they are keeping your assets like the mines safe so that once you return everything can go back to the way it was.

On the other hand, they have put your house on the auction list to show you that they can hurt you, if they want.

“The same stands for the DoLorean.

They are simply making you pay the price for your betrayal.

In a way, they are doing you a favor since if the Royal Forgemasters learn something useful from the car, it would give you merits.

“Also, shared magical secrets are a form of compensation, lessening your charges.

By taking the DoLorean, the Royals have protected its secrets and used them to prove the Kingdom your worth.”

“It makes sense.” Lith drank the third Red Dragon, wondering why he hadnt come to that same conclusion.

‘Aerth is right.

I still have my head up my ass if I failed to see through the Royals ploy.

I need to get a grip on myself. He thought.

After venting his frustration and four shots of Red Dragon, Liths mood improved and the conversation moved to lighter topics.

Nalrond told them how for their tenth date, Friya had arranged for a double date with Morok and Quylla.

“That guy is hilarious especially when he doesnt want to.

The last time we came here, he almost picked a fight with a Lich over-“

“Are you Lith Verhen” Four shadows eclipsed the magical lights of the tavern and their owners had surrounded the table.

“In the flesh.

Who wants to know” Lith had to focus to not slur his words.

He had drank too much and he knew it.

“Someone you owe an explanation to.”

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