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Chapter 1829: Truths and Secrets (Part 1)

Duchy of Essagor, Vastor Household.

After Zinyas marriage, Kamila had made the habit to have lunch with her sister and dine with the Ernas.

She wanted to keep an eye on how Zinya‘s relationship with Vastor progressed, but also to be kept posted about the condition of Lith‘s life force and his life as an Awakened.

Kamila was deeply worried for both of them, even though for completely different reasons.

Zinya had no idea that her husband was actually an Awakened, a war criminal, and one of the most wanted men in the Griffon Kingdom under his alias of the Master.

Kamila was afraid that his past might suddenly catch up with him,

trampling her sister in the process.

Even worse, Zinya might discover it on her own and run away to Lutia, where Orpal would sooner or later attack her again.

As for Lith, even though she was aware of how powerful he was, she worried for him even more than for Zinya.

Her sister was surrounded by powerful Eldritchs and Abomination Hybrids, her house was a fortress, and Thn1ds army was far away from the Duchy of Essagor.

The only thing at risk was her happiness and marriage, but even if the worst happened, she and the children would be safe.

Vastor would protect her with his life and the Kingdom would never exact revenge on an innocent woman.

Lith, instead, had the dangerous habit to flirt with danger ever since they had met, back when he was still a newly appointed Ranger of the Nestrar region.

The idea that his role as an Archmage now demanded him to infiltrate alone Thruds, fighting armies by himself, kept Kamila awake at night.

The voices about Lith and the Princess didnt bother her.

The fact that Peonia exploited their ruse to put her hands all over him, instead,

pissed Kamila off big time.

Yet she shrugged it off, knowing that it was a necessity and none of her business.

Now, however, she had just learned from Elina that Lith Verhen had gone fighting the Dead King to the death for the Council.

Kamila had feared that moment, knowing that it was only a matter of time before both Lith Verhen the Archmage and the Lith Verhen the Awakened went to war.

‘I know that Baba Yagas restriction will stop Night from interfering and that at least this time he isnt alone.

Tista and the others are powerful Awakened and they work as a team since the academy.

‘Yet Orpal managed to kill Manohar.

Unlike Solus tower, Moonlight can move around and boost Orpals power everywhere he goes.

I cant get out of my head the idea that killing the god of healing was Orpals final test run to see how powerful he has become.

‘Thats why he fought Manohar alone, without letting Night intervene.

Sure, Manohar was just a fake mage, but he was also the most powerful mage in the Kingdom and a genius without equal.

lf he couldnt survive, how can Lith have better chances

Kamila felt her heart gripped in a vise and walked with her communication amulet in hand.

The moment that Elina knew about the outcome of the mission had, Kamila would know as well.

She couldnt wait to leam if the blight that the Dead King was had been cleansed or if she would have to mourn another loss.

“Lady Yehval, please, follow me.” A lean middle-aged butler said as soon as she walked out of the Warp Gate, leading her to the study.

Kamila was no noble, but the house staff treated her like royalty because of Zinya.

Most of them had known Vastor all of their life and treasured dearly the lady who had brought new light into their masters life.

The few among them who had dared to mistreat or simply act condescendingly towards either of the sisters due to their humble upbringing, had been fired without any recommendation letter.

“Kami, thank the gods you are here! I needed a break.” Zinya stood up from her chair, her shoulder—length raven—black hair shone like crystal under the daylight.

“l thought to be the one having a hard time, but you look terrible.”

Her radiant smile was replaced by worry when she noticed the dark bags under Kamilas eyes from the regular overtime and her twitchy hands from the stress she was under.

“I need a break, too, Zin.

You, instead, look amazing.” She hugged her sister, not without a tinge of envy in her voice.

Zinya had always been prettier than her, but ever since she had moved to Vastor‘s home due to Orpals attack, she also looked younger.

lf anyone saw them, they would think that Kamila was the older sister.

Peace, happiness, and plenty of Invigoration made Zinya look like she was in her mid-twenties instead of her thirties.

The tight-fitting day blue dress emphasized her bosom that two pregnancies had made quite generous and her lithe figure.

“You are too kind.“ Zinya said with a chuckle.

“Gods, Ive never worked so hard in my life.

There are so many things that the wife of a Duke and Archmage has to know that l barely have a moment of rest.”

She pointed at the long rectangular table made of solid mahogany that she used as a desk.

It was filled with books about etiquette, the Kingdoms history, politics, geography, and musical sheets.

Zinya had more than one tutor for every subject, but it was still a mammoth task.

She had been born blind, and during her life in Lutia she had learned solely how to read, write, and count.

As a Duchess, however, it was required of her to be knowledgeable about many topics and learn how to play at least one instrument.

“I never thought that I would have ever said it, but Im happy that I didn‘t go to school.

This stuff is boring me to death and theres no end to it.

l thought that the life of nobles was all about finding a way to spend your free time whereas this is a full-time job.”

She waved the staff away and ordered lunch to be served in the study.

“l-low is married life treating you, Zin” Kamila asked, throwing away her shoes the moment the servants left the room and giving relief to her sore feet.

“Pretty well.

We have our problems, but nothing we cant overcome.”

Zinya served her a cup of strong mint tea.

“Zogar and l argue quite a lot these days, but you know what they say.

As long as you have more sex than quarrels, youre doing fine.”

Hearing those words, Kamila almost spat her tea on the floor.

She was about to ask her sister for an explanation when her contact amulet drew her consciousness.

Kamila pressed the blinking rune in such a hurry that she didnt even notice that it wasnt Elina‘s.

It was the emergency rune that all communication amulets had.

It allowed the Royals and local authorities to broadcast important news or emergency messages.

Zinya took her own amulet out with dread as well.

She was afraid for her husbands life, knowing that she might receive a condolence call to inform her that she had just become a widow at any time.

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