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She wanted Lith to have a good and quiet life where he could spend time with his children and family.

Not to be involved in petty power plays for the rest of his life, leaving the education of his children to tutors and nannies.

Professor Marth, you certainly don\'t have such problems. Lith said, eager to avoid the crossfire.

How is the baby

Manohar Jr.

should be born any day now. His steel gaze softened while looking at Ryssa and caressing her belly.

It seems they gave me a high five, unless that was a foot.

Do you still not know the baby\'s gender and are you really going to call them Manohar Jr. Lith was flabbergasted and so were his dates.

We wanted it to be a surprise. Ryssa tried to give the Princess a curtsy despite her state, but Peonia stopped her.

Besides, like the late Krishna loved to say, it sounds amazing and fits both boys and girls.

It will be only the second name, though.

One Manohar was too much for Mogar to handle.

I\'m sorry if I haven\'t answered any of your calls, Lith. Marth gave him and the ladies a deep bow.

I was very busy arranging Manohar\'s legacy and making sure that it was written in a language humans can understand.

His legacy The Princess\' eyes shone with greed and wonder.


I want the Royal Family to know that the late god of healing died without an heir, but he preserved his knowledge for the future generations.

His last will was that his life work belonged to my children and I intend on honoring it. 

No one, not even I will read Manohar diaries.

I swear it upon my life. Marth stared at Peonia with steel eyes.

I\'ll pass the message to my parents.

I\'m sure they won\'t object. Her friendly expression was only betrayed by the corners of her mouth twitching in disappointment.

Lith, I hope you don\'t mind if the moment I met Meln I put him down like the rabid rat he is. Marth said, his eyes glowing with furious bright blue mana.

Only if I don\'t find him first. Lith\'s eyes burst in deep violet mana, sealing a silent promise between the two men.

It didn\'t matter to them who killed Orpal, only that he suffered greatly before drawing his last breath.

At the same time, Tista was introducing Solus to Zinya and Vastor.

Neither of them had ever seen her before, but since the Verhens considered her a member of the family so did the Vastors.

You make a wonderful couple. Solus said with eyes sparkling with joy.

Your vows moved me so much that I wish I had someone who felt that way towards me and proposed to me.

You are too kind. Vastor blushed in embarrassment.

I just took a page from my niece, Zoreth.

Allow me to introduce her and her wife, Bytra, to you.

We already know each other, Uncle.

We met at Lith\'s birthday. Xenagrosh said, welcoming Solus with a curtsy that sent her hair falling forward into a black-shaded brown cascade.

Her pale pink dress gave color to her pale skin and a light makeup covered most of the freckles on her cheeks, nose, and shoulders.

Xenagrosh\'s smile didn\'t extend to her chestnut eyes that darted from Solus to Bytra, worried about what might happen if she really was Elphyn.

Luckily for Zoreth, due to her sharp features, square jaw, and stern-looking nose, she always looked like there was something grave on her mind, so Solus paid it no heed.

Hello, Solus.

Do you remember me Bytra asked, afraid of the answer.

She wore a dull red day dress that complemented that of her date.

Her usual pixie cut was considered unbecoming of a lady so she had grown her silver hair to shoulder-length.

She had arranged them in a wavy updo that emphasized her golden eyes and framed her oval-shaped face and delicate features. 

Yes, of course.

I\'m a huge fan of your work. Solus said with a dazzling smile that made Bytra\'s stomach twist into a knot.

After that, Vastor introduced his nieces and nephews to the guests.

They were all charming, wise, and good-looking, drawing the attention of the singles in the room.

Is there anyone of your fancy, dear Raaz asked Tista.

Dad, those are all Abomination-Hybrids! She grumbled with a whisper.

I may be a Demon and maybe we could make beautiful Tiamats together, but if I wanted a partner like that, I would have dated in the Desert.

No one is ever good enough for you. He sighed.

Dad! Tista blushed in embarrassment.

Bytra used the confusion that her siblings always created to escape Zoreth\'s notice and speak alone with Solus.

Look, there\'s a war incoming and we both are Forgemasters.

As the Fourth Ruler of the Flames, I don\'t want to die leaving my secrets behind.

Do you mind following me to a private place where we can talk without being disturbed She asked.

You want me to be your heir Solus was flattered and embarrassed by her proposal.

I thought you would rather leave it to Vastor, your wife, or one of your siblings.

I\'ve already taught them everything I can and left them detailed notes about all of my projects and theories.

I have no regret left but to find someone to carry my torch and I think you are the one. Bytra replied.

\'This is weird.

We barely know each other and picking me as her heir is random at best.

She has no idea that I\'m Menadion\'s daughter and the owner of her tower.\' Solus thought.

\'On the other hand, Bytra has no reason to lie nor to attack me.

If she did, she would destroy the relationship between Lith and Vastor while I can always escape back into my ring.\'

The mana geyser and the Sage Staff at her neck allowed Solus not only to keep her human form indefinitely, but also to return to the tower at any moment, no matter the distance.

She followed Bytra out of the room and along the corridors of the house until they reached an isolated tower.

There were several wards that would keep people from getting in but offered no resistance to those who wanted to get out.

Aside from that, the only other enchantment in the room made it soundproof.

The place was stuffed with marvels of Forgemastery that Solus happily scanned with the Eyes of Menadion.

I\'m sorry, Solus.

I really am. Bytra said while clenching her hands.

She stuttered every word, falling onto her knees as her eyes veiled with tears.

Is this an ambush Solus joked, trying to lift the awkward mood yet making it worse.



Gods, have mercy. Bytra cried at the top of her lungs as the memory of her sneak attack flashed in front of her eyes.

She could feel her horn piercing through Elphyn\'s chest, the scent of her blood, her surprised death gasp, but what haunted Bytra the most was the feeling of her own lips curling up in a cruel smile.

She shapeshifted into her Raiju form, kicking and trashing the room, while the last shred of her sanity kept Solus safe..

The small woman was terrified by the sheer power that the Abomination-Goblin emitted, dwarfing even Faluel\'s.

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