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I\'m a Divine Beast! Syrook roared in outrage at that blatant lack of respect, turning the gales surrounding him into a windstorm.

I\'m the descendant of one of the six gods of magic, not a pathetic animal that crawls in the mud!

Dude, spouting bull** as part of your act is fine, but when you start to believe it, then you need help. Lith used the air currents slamming against his face to fix his bed hair.

Were you acquainted with Xedros I can see a striking resemblance between you two.

How dare you compare me to a filthy lizard They had yet to throw a single blow yet the Black Dragon\'s ego had already taken a huge hit.

For some reason, the human Spellbreaker was unaffected by his aura of terror and seemed to treat the whole thing as a joke.

\'Seem is the keyword here.\' Syrook thought.

\'The bastard is stalling for time to cast several spells.

I can see it with Life Vision, just like I can see that he\'s an Awakened.

The only thing I don\'t understand is what he is.

\'His life force looks human but it\'s far from it.\'

What\'s wrong with being a lizard Lith shrugged.

I heard that even the Father of all Dragons started off as-

Don\'t you dare say one more word! The Black Dragon was both shocked and enraged hearing one of the most shameful secrets of his family coming out of the mouth of a pathetic worm.

Let\'s see how long you can last against me and my champion!

Syrook landed near the fallen Ranger who just needed to touch one of the scales to obtain the mana necessary to repair the damages in his armor.

The creature was so tall that his head reached past the walls.

Even the people on the battlements had to look up.

Meanwhile, Lith jumped outside the area of effect of the city arrays to respond in kind to the threat.

Emperor Beast and Divine Beast are just names. Lith activated the Scalewalker armor, having it cover him from head to toe while reverting it to its original form that resembled a Tiamat.

Guess what, Quaron isn\'t the only one who can call for backup.

\'Don\'t!\' Solus said the moment he shared his new plan with her.

\'Everything but this!\'

Yet he did.

Lith wrapped himself with the two sets of wings of the Scalewalker before opening them at the same time in a majestic flap.

The purpose of the move wasn\'t to show off his equipment so much as to conceal himself from all kinds of senses while he came out of it and Warped away.

The moment the four wings fully spread an enormous crack appeared in the air above the military camp.

Instead of just opening the exit point, Lith shaped it as if the space itself had been pierced, even conjuring the hologram of a nebula as background.

Two enormous hands covered in black scales emerged from the crack, forcing it open with brute strength.

The creature had long curved horns on its head and seven eyes, each of a different color.

With one final push and a savage roar, the creature ripped the space enough to pass.

To all those present it seemed like the second titan had emerged from the space across the stars or maybe even from a different dimension.

Lith had watched enough Kaiju movies to know how to make an entrance.

The army mages started to weep uncontrollably, throwing discipline into the gutter and using their communication amulets to say goodbye to the people they loved.

The creature seemed to be on their side, yet they doubted to survive the clash between the Divine Beasts.

The citizens of Zeska, instead, could feel the aura of terror of the second god piercing through their hearts and filling them with despair.

Allow me to introduce you to my friend here, Tiamat.

The Father of all Demons. Solus said while using air magic to imitate Lith\'s voice from inside the armor and Spirit Magic to move it.

Her petite body ill-fitted the Scalewalker and to make matters worse, she sucked at swordplay, let alone dual wielding.

\'Luckily, Lith left me a script.\' She said while holding the Sage staff in the right hand and War in the left.

You heard Verhen.

Open the gates! The Tiamat ordered and the city guards complied.

Don\'t! Syrook\'s voice snapped them out of their stupor.

Who are you and why have I never heard about your kin Are you one of Father\'s failures A lesser Dragon

Like most Divine Beasts, the Black Dragon treated the Awakened Council with contempt.

In their eyes, those who didn\'t carry the pure blood of a Guardian were a bunch of weaklings that needed numbers to make up for their weakness.

He had heard the rumors about a hybrid, but that kind of gossip was of no interest to Syrook.

He had even ignored the return of his older sister, Zoreth, so he knew nothing about Lith.

Are we here to fight or to exchange contact runes The Tiamat said with a sneer while never stopping to weave spells.

An amazing display of confidence for someone younger, smaller, and weaker than me. Lith\'s ruse couldn\'t work on someone with Life Vision, but Syrook\'s interest had been piqued.

His violet core gave him an edge against Lith\'s deep violet and he was eager to see if his newfound brethren was worthy of becoming one of his followers or his next meal.

Either would do.

The Black Dragon took a deep breath and a violet light seeped from between his scales, starting from the chest and quickly rising up his neck until it came out of his mouth in the form of a pillar of fire the size of a train.

\'What the heck did he just do\' Lith thought while unleashing a deep violet burst of Origin Flames.

He might have easily dodged Syrook\'s breath, but studying how other Divine Beasts used their bloodline abilities was his best shot at discovering and mastering his own.

The two streams of fire met halfway, each trying to overpower the other before exploding with such brilliance to paint the area violet for kilometers.

A second sun twice in as many days is too much. One of the guards said as his mind spiraled into insanity.

Fuck the rebellion, I just want to live!

He tried to open the city gates, not caring about who would win anymore.

He just wanted for that horror to end.

The other guards tried either to help him or to stop him, making the fight quickly spread throughout the city along with mass hysteria.

Since Quaron was still behind the emerald barrier and Solus had no energy to waste, she enacted the most important part of Lith\'s plan.

She took his communication amulet out of the pocket dimension and called the Royals.

Here is Spellbreaker Lith Verhen.

My mission succeeded and I took the traitor down. She also sent them the recording of the fight between Lith and Quaron.

The problem is that he was the pawn of a Black Dragon.

We need reinforcements, now! She moved the amulet so that the blue gemstone at its center would also transmit the images of the clash between Origin Flames.

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