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After the stalemate lasted for several minutes, Selia lost her temper.

Damn Lith for endangering my life in more than one way.

Before meeting him, I had no intention of getting married, let alone having children.

Also, if not for his enemies targeting Lutia, I wouldn\'t be forced to leave my home like this! She said.

Any successful mage makes enemies.

Talent always arouses envy and grudges cannot be avoided. Protector said.

The same will happen to our children.

Except that at least when he joined the academy, he was still completely human. Selia started to pace around the room, her worry increasing with each step she took.

Lilia and Leran will have to live with the burden of being commoners and hybrids!

And that because you didn\'t bother telling me the truth about your nature.

Thank the gods I didn\'t need a midwife for Lilia\'s birth, otherwise we couldn\'t show our face in Lutia without being chased with pitchforks.

Selia had learned about Protector actually being an Emperor Beast only after seeing her newborn baby girl in her hybrid form.

The huntress had almost lost her mind, thinking that someone had cursed her and praying to the gods for help.

Only then did Ryman reveal his real form in the attempt to calm her down, just to make matters worse.

Selia had kicked him out of the house for days until she had forgiven him out of the love for their daughter and the desperate need for help in safely raising a hybrid.

At those words, the flames engulfing the huge Skoll went out in shame.

His anger faded as he stared at the floor, whining like a beaten dog.

You are right.

This is all my fault.

Back then I knew nothing about human society and being a dumb oaf, I always assumed that you had already guessed my identity and that you were fine with it.

If only I was smart enough to tell you the truth from the start, you and the kids wouldn\'t be in this mess.

You would be with a good man and they would have a normal life.

Because of me, you\'ve spent years alone in the woods to raise our daughter away from a world that wouldn\'t accept her.

I\'ve taken so much from you that I will never be able to pay you back. Protector said with eyes veiled by tears.

Oh, gods! I\'m so sorry.

I didn\'t mean what I said. Selia took the huge snout in her arms, happy that the children had not witnessed her outburst.

If I really was unhappy with you, do you think that I would have given you a second and a third child She said amid tears while caressing his head.

I regret nothing of what we had together, I\'m just scared at the idea that in a few years we\'ll not be able to protect our children anymore.

I chose to marry you not because I need you, but because I want you.

Protector shapeshifted into his human form to become capable of returning her embrace and letting her know how deeply he cared for her.

He held Selia in his arms, kissing her with the same passion of the day when they had first met.

Even though they had been together for seven years, Ryman still couldn\'t thank the gods enough for the miracle of finding someone who truly loved him.

Meanwhile, at the Myrok Household, Faluel, Fyrwal, and Jiza Gernoff of the human faction of the Awakened Council were discussing the most recent events that had taken place in the Kingdom.

In her human form, Fyrwal looked like a lovely woman in her early thirties, about 1.78 meters (5\'10) tall with ocean blue eyes and light brown hair.

She wore a cream-colored day dress that emphasized her shapely figure and slender arms.

What do you think of this Balkor copycat The Hydra asked.

That they are a pain in the ass. The human replied with a grunt.

Normally, I wouldn\'t give a damn about a random psycho, but since they are threatening one of my own, I can\'t let it slide.

Jiza Gernoff was a woman 583 years old, but due to Awakening, she looked as if she was barely in her early forties.

She was 1.62 meters (5\'4) tall with shoulder-length blonde hair streaked brown all over and light blue eyes.

She wore a deep blue ample mage clothes that looked like something in between an army uniform and an Archmage robe.

Here are all the reports from the Royal Army about their known strategies, spells, and resources. Jiza neared her communication amulet to Fyrwal\'s, passing to her every bit of information that the Griffon Kingdom had collected on the scenes of the copycat\'s attacks.

What does this mean Faluel\'s rainbow eyes shone with ill-concealed suspicion.

Back when I asked the Council for help, you didn\'t move a finger.

Am I supposed to believe that you suddenly care for my disciple

I don\'t, but since our interests align, we might as well join our forces. Jiza replied while activating the defensive arrays of the manor and conjuring the hologram of Jirni.

She was sitting behind a desk cluttered with paperwork and alcohol bottles.

Her eyes were reddened from crying, the lack of sleep, and one drink too many.

Jirni had lost most of her youthful appearance, looking even older than she actually was.

As you should already know, one of the members of my family has received a card as well.

Until the last attack, I was certain that the magical protection of the Myrok Household would be enough to keep her safe.

I even had my niece, Cylla, protect Jirni from the shadows just in case.

Yet after seeing what happened in Lutia the last time, I\'m not so sure that my several contingency measures are enough anymore.

Jiza showed them a few clips from the fight between the blue robed man and Tezka, including the copycat\'s escape.

Anyone who can fight with an Eldritch and live to tell the tale can make short work of my incompetent niece.

The defensive arrays can be overloaded by a few competent Wardens and the bastard brought dozens.

Also, look at this.

The images depicted Tezka\'s gravity spell nailing the copycat to the ground.

Yet once the Eldritch had gone collecting the corpse he had found nothing.

A well-timed Blink indeed, but nothing worth mentioning. Fyrwal said.

You would be right if it wasn\'t for this. A wave of Jiza\'s hand made the lines of an elemental sealing array appear.

Tezka could still warp around thanks to Chaos magic but a fake mage had no way out.

He was supposed to die unless…

Unless they are an Awakened. Faluel completed the phrase.

Yet this still doesn\'t explain why I should help you nor your sudden change of heart.

The Gernoff bloodline can take care of the copycat.

We could, but we won\'t. Jiza replied.

Jirni is a public figure and she isn\'t aware of the fact that the Gernoff are the other side of the coin of the Myrok.

If many Awakened humans intervene, there\'s no way to explain it to her or to the Kingdom.

If you beasts help her because she\'s a friend of Lith, however, no one will question your actions.

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