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Chapter 1590 - Give And Take (Part 2)

Ever since you gave us lessons about magic and provided us with enchanted equipment, the number of cubs greatly surpassed that of our dead.

Our packs had grown so much that some of us would have been forced to move away to not destroy the woods with our hunger.

Death is not necessarily a bad thing.

The survivors will become stronger and they will pass their experience upon the new generations. The Manticore said.

Are you serious Lith asked.

You didn't ask us to fight thugs but to protect your cubs from menaces that humans couldn't stop.

The fact that none of us died until today was just luck. Reaper shook his head.

I consider our deal still standing because I've yet to repay my debt.

Also, I want you to keep teaching me.

I want you to give me the knowledge I need to make sure that what happened today will not repeat itself.

What about Lifebringer and Sentinel

They share my same thoughts. The Manticore waves his pawn, making the dead beast seep through the ground until they reached six meters of depth.

This is my house.

Those are my fields.

Do you realize what you have just done Lith asked.

I know that this place is called the Death's Door.

Consider it a part of our new deal. Reaper replied.

When that **er comes back, I want you to raise my friends back from the grave and make him regret ever approaching the Trawn woods.

Lith pondered for a moment about his project to craft two unique golems, Raptor and Trouble, and decided that it was time to push their crafting schedule forward.

You have my word.


Blood Desert, Heavenly Plume tribe, later that same day.

When Lith returned, Salaark had already reported to everyone what had happened to the children in the Kingdom.

The Verhens were still shocked, yet they managed to hide their feelings and to calm Aran and Leria down enough to put them to sleep.

The Crown had wasted no time, sending Captain Ruusa to replace Locrias and reinforce the security measures by expanding the area of effect of the already set arrays and adding new ones.

Don't worry about the kids.

As long as you are my guests, I'll have two Phoenixes escort them everywhere. The Overlord said.

Also, I've ordered my intelligence services to start investigating this copycat.

I won't stand them messing with my blood once again.

What about once we get back to the Kingdom Senton asked.

I'm sorry, but then you will be on your own.

Unless Tista or Lith join my nest, I can't assign my children to you for months just in the case that something more happens. Salaark said.

Not only sending my forces there might in the long term cause a diplomatic accident, but also I need to prepare for the war with Thrud as well while also keeping the undead under control.

The long lasting peace in the Desert comes at a price and I can't assign you so many Phoenixes without getting something in return.

At first, everyone resented the Mother of all Phoenixes for her words.

Then, they remembered how they knew each other for a very short while and that what they were demanding from her was no small thing.

Dispatching one elder Phoenix per child was something that not even the Royals could ask for their own offspring, let alone farmers.

On top of that, Salaark had already given them a lot while they could offer nothing in return but their company.

Asking for more wouldn't have been just rude, it would have also been unreasonable.

How is Zinya's doing Elina asked after seeing Lith's sour face.

Tell her that she's welcome to stay with us until the Kingdom rebuilds her house.

I already spoke with Jirni and she told me that all the expenses are already covered.

About that… Lith sighed deeply, making everyone worry that more bad news had yet to come.

Once they heard about Zinya's marriage proposal and Vastor accepting it, however, they erupted in cheers and tears.

Cheers because even after Lith had broken up with Kamila, the Verhens had kept considering Zinya more than a good friend, akin to a member of their family.

Tears because they had no other way to express both the joy and envy that they felt.

At least something good came out of this tragedy. Raaz said.

Who would have thought that Zinya would have married before Kamila.

Everyone stared at Lith, expecting him to say something.

What about you, dear Elina asked.

What about me He echoed.

Kamila is still upset with me about Solus and I have no suitor at the moment.

Did you already forget how Emperor Beasts who aren't born from humans have little interest in anyone younger than 200 years old

Salaark had arranged a meeting between Lith and Mimeria's daughter, but even with the charm that already having a violet core and being the first member of a new race gave to Lith, she had found him wanting.

The same had happened with most of the Phoenixes that Salaark had introduced to him.

The only ones that had made their move had treated him more like a science project than as a potential partner.

Because of that, Lith had turned them all down, having no interest in such dry and pointless relationships.

Everyone sighed at the memory, but Solus was the loudest.

'When the heck will I get my human body back' She thought.

'Lith has gained the violet core for a while already and I've spent over half a month sitting over one of the most powerful mana geysers I've ever found.

'I can feel the tower core getting stronger by the day and I with it.

Yet the tower hasn't recovered any new floor and I'm still stuck with an energy body.

Am I just impatient or am I missing some key element that my artifact half needs to rebuild itself'

What about giving my sister a call Friya asked.

That's complicated. Lith said to cut the conversation short and change the topic.

'Phloria walked out on me just like Kamila did.

I don't feel confident making the first move because not only have we grown in different directions ever since the academy, but also because I'm her Awakened master.

'If things don't work out between us, as long as she is my apprentice, it would make things awkward as ** and she might be afraid of my retaliation.

It's hard having a fair relationship with someone who holds your life in their hands.' Lith thought.

'It's the same reason why Vastor didn't tell Kami about the card.

Otherwise, we would have been in the same situation I am now with Phloria.'

'And you keep calling her by her moniker.' Solus pointed out.

'That means something, no'

Pissed off or not, Solus only wanted Lith to be happy.



'Personal space, dammit!' Lith scolded her.

After a bit of quarreling with Solus, Lith explained to everyone the words that the fake Fallmug had told Zinya, making Friya shudder at the thought that the same might have happened to her.

I have no time for romance at the moment.

I can't risk giving that psycho more marks.. He said.


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