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Chapter 1584 - The Pain Of Loss (Part 2)

Not only did each hit of the blade open deep cuts into Tezka's flesh, but the enchanted weapon was also imbued with several spells that had bought the blue-robed man enough time to fix his right arm that Cinder had crippled.

To make matters worse, ever since the man had taken out the dagger, his movements had changed from that of a savage prick into those of a seasoned warrior.

His footwork, swordplay, and even his gait had completely changed.

Tezka had used one of his Warg abilities to have his fur harden and turn it into quills akin to that of a porcupine, yet the enchanted blade made short work of them as well.

The Eldritch used the Chaos imbued quills as means of both attack and defense, yet the blue-robed man managed to dodge everything the Abomination threw at him, and his dagger pierced through the quills as if they were made of paper.

You did a nice job hiding your strength up to this point.

A lesser fighter would have fallen for your trick and died when you changed your rhythm.

What can I say, great minds think alike!

Tezka altered the shape and density of the fur on his tails, turning them into spikes as hard as a rock, the tip of which was imbued with enough Chaos to pierce even through Adamant.

Each one of the nine tails moved as if it had a mind of its own, coordinating their attacks between them without hindering Tezka's movements.

Among their many powers, Fylgjas could extend and retract their tails at will like springs.

It boosted their speed and piercing ability, allowing them to reach a length up to six meters (20 feet).

On top of that, Tezka's arms and feet had a greater reach than the blue-robed man's, a gap further widened by the quills.

Truth to be told, unlike the fake Fallmug, Tezka hadn't been holding back.

To control two bodies at the same time while also protecting Zinya and fighting so many enemies at the same time had taken a huge toll on his focus.

Until Vastor's arrival, he had to split his energies on two completely different battlefields.

Now, however, the only role of his Spirit tail was to control the Curse of Darkness array, relieving Tezka's mind of a huge burden.

Now that the fight had become ten versus one, the blue-robed man lost his advantage as quickly as he had gained him.

The tails attacked him from the sides and behind while Tezka charged in front of him.

He used one of the spells imbued in the dagger, Black Shroud to envelope himself into a thick sphere of Darkness.

It hid him from the Fylgja's sight and forced Tezka to stop his attack.

Darkness was the bane of Abominations and turned their own Chaos against them.

Every time the tails missed their target, they would get damaged by Black Shroud while also robbing the spell of the light element.

The resulting Chaos magic couldn't harm the blue-robed man since it was comprised of his own mana but it dealt a massive amount of damage to Tezka.

I knew it! You're not a random psycho but an expert mage. The Fylgja said in amazement.

Too bad that compared to me you are nothing but a cub!

The fur on the tip of his seventh tail opened, revealing the tier five gravity spell, Titan Fall.

Once a Fylgja mastered all elements, they would grow an additional tail for each branch of magic that they mastered.

Like most dimensional mages, Tezka also had a knack for gravity magic.

His tails allowed him to store any kind of spell indefinitely, no matter their complexity, without putting any burden on his mind or core.

Titan Fall increased the gravity of the blue-robed mage one hundred folds, making him fall from the skies and unto the ground like a meteor.

His bones cracked under the pressure, piercing through his muscles and puncturing his organs.

Then, Tezka turned the fake Fallmug into the center of gravity, making everything within Titan Fall's area of effect fall towards him.

The gravitational pull that the blue-robed man now created made rock, trees, and dirt pile up on him, enveloping him into a perfect sphere that became denser with each passing second.

'What a moron.' Tezka thought.

'The danger of enveloping yourself in a spell is that the enemy can't see you, but you can't see the enemy either.

If not for his self-inflicted blindness, I would have never gotten the opportunity to use a gravity spell.

'These babies are powerful, but a simple Blink and I would have just wasted a crapload of man- Wait a minute!'

The Spirit Tail fused back with him, restoring Tezka's full power and giving him back the Suneater armor and more importantly, Endless Night.

The use of such a powerful gravity field had hindered Tezka's dimensional awareness but now that he had the blade in his hand, he could filter the interferences caused by Titan Fall and notice a spatial ripple that until that moment had escaped his notice.

He temporarily blocked the effect of Titan Fall and cut the sphere asunder, discovering that it was empty.

'Son of a bitch!' The Fylgja thought in outrage.

'He used the sphere of darkness to cloud my vision and Blink away.

If only I was an Awakened or at least I had Endless Night, I would have never missed the appearance of an exit point!

'If only I was still able to cast with my body like back when I had a violet core, I wouldn't have been limited by the number of spells I can store in my tails and not even an entire army could have stopped me from killing that bastard!'

Tezka cursed his fallen status for a while until a powerful ripple of mana made the ground quake and the air tremble.

Lith had just crossed over the Warp Gate in the barn and Salaark was with him.

Their rage was terrible and their mystical senses scoured the area, but aside from corpses, there was no one left they could use to vent their anger.

Lith was livid at the copycat and himself.

Ever since he had gone to the Desert, he would keep the Council amulet inside his pocket dimension whenever he was training his Origin Flames or with the Eyes of Menadion.

After all, only a few people had his rune and they were all so powerful that they would hardly need his help.

It was the reason why Xenagrosh had failed to contact him.

After the kids had returned to the Desert and to their respective mothers' embrace, it had taken Elina and Rena a while to calm them down enough to make sense of their words.

Abominus and Onyx had lost too many of their brethren to care for the appearances so they spoke for the first time, explaining the situation to the two women and making them faint.

Luckily, the people of the Desert were used to converse with magical beasts and relayed the information to the Overlord.

After that, it had taken Salaark the time of a Blink to fetch Lith and another to reach the Warp Gate.

Yet despite their haste, they had arrived only when everything was over..

After Vastor's arrival, between Tezka, the Kings of the Woods, and the army's reinforcement, the battle had lasted barely one minute.


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