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Chapter 1580 - Ten Tails (Part 2)

The light of the stars on the surface of the blade grew in intensity, releasing a blinding flash that turned the Yehval household white.

For an Eldritch, the light element was nothing but a snack.

It filled the Spirit Tail with new strength while also blinding everyone nearby.

The mercenaries stumbled and died on Endless Night without even noticing while those who kept their distance to cast spells missed their targets and culled their own allies.

The darkness sealing array blocked most of Endless Night's abilities, but it didn't affect the blade's power core.

The Spirit Tail used the Blade Tier spell, Unbreakable Bond, to add the energy of Endless Night to his weak core.

It allowed him to convert the world energy that the Davross absorbed into physical strength and mow the waves of enemies down the moment they stepped inside the house.

Numbers, tactics, and equipment were all pointless in front of the overwhelming strength born from the combination of the raw power of Bytra's masterpiece and Tezka's millennia of battle experience.

Zinya was curled up on the ground right behind the Spirit Tail.

She protected the kids with her body, making sure that they wouldn't do something stupid out of panic.

She was as scared as they were, but she knew that running away meant death.

'Tezka told me to not move from here and that's what I'm going to do.' She thought while whispering reassuring words to her children.

'Gods, what did I do to deserve this Why does that man hate me so much'

The Spirit Tail knew to be in big trouble when the mercenaries suddenly retreated, leaving the house in a rush.

We have to run away, but stay close to me, no matter what! He picked the children in his arms, cursing his bad luck.

If not for the Darkness sealing array, the black pillar that he had conjured earlier would have allowed the other Abomination-hybrids to Warp to his position.

Zinya's house exploded in a burst of violet flames as a volley of tier five War mage Raging Suns materialized in the living room.

Each one of them was a mixture of fire and earth magic which generated a powerful explosion along with flames so hot that they could melt stone.

Mission accomplished. Said one of the Grim Reapers while shielding herself with air magic from the shockwaves of the chained explosions.

Nothing can survive th-

The voice died in her throat and so did the mercenary woman as Endless Night stabbed her heart, sucking her dry to revitalize its owner.

The Spirit tail had used the Suneater armor to wrap Zinya and the children before conjuring an explosion of his own to propel them all outside.

The Davross protected the humans while his own magic couldn't hurt him.

Then, he had ridden the shockwaves like a surfer, passing any damage to the main body so that he would always be in peak condition.

By the time the Raging Suns had detonated, their intended victims were already out of the house.

Now, however, the Spirit tail was out in the open, completely surrounded and without anything that might help him to protect the humans.

The mercenaries surrounded them before the corpse of the woman hit the ground and with the destruction of the house, the arrays protecting it had crumbled as well.

Without the magical formations hindering them, the mages in the backlines were free to unleash all the spells and the magical formations that they had kept at the ready as a contingency measure.

Yet the small Eldritch smiled.

You can open your eyes, kids.

This is where the real fun begins. A simple flick of his wrist activated Endless Night's Nightmaze ability to cut the space in front of the Spirit Tail and open several exit points throughout the battlefield at the same time.

Nightmaze created a permanent dimensional crossroad that the Spirit Tail used to escape the encirclement while also throwing all those that stood over the dimensional doors right in the middle of the crossfire.

The only thing the Spirit Tail had to do to escape from the bombardment that the dimensional spell carried throughout the area around the ruins of the house was to shut down solely the Steps they had walked through.

Yet being able to use dimensional magic again wasn't the reason why he felt so confident that he had invited Zinya and the children to look around.

They were still surrounded and outnumbered one hundred to one, but to him, the battle was over.

Tezka still had his hands full with the blue-robed man, yet he smiled as the information from the Spirit tail reached him, making his grin grow even wider.

Now you are **ed, kid.

In a few moments, I'll be finally able to give you my undivided attention. He said while a new dimensional door opened and Zogar Vastor stepped on the battlefield.

He panted heavily from the strain of ending his previous mission and reaching Lutia from the Warp Gate in Derios as fast as he could.

He had tried reaching the Gate in the Barn, discovering that somehow it had been sealed off.

Vastor was so weak that he needed his Yggdrasill Staff to walk.

Yet his eyes scoured the battlefield, taking in every single small detail as if he was still at his peak condition.

He saw the many corpses of the men of the Queen's Corps, of the magical beasts that had given their lives to protect Aran and Leria, who were now protected by the farm's arrays.

The situation was so bad that if not for the intervention of the three Kings of the Trawn woods, the battle would have been already lost.

Countless air sealing arrays had been cast, keeping the Emperor Beasts from both flying away and Warping the kids to safety.

To make matters worse, even though the enemies couldn't step inside the Verhen house's arrays, they could still place their own all around it.

Unless someone dispelled them, the Gate in the barn couldn't be remotely activated.

The mercenary elites formed a human wall around the farm while their arrays sealed the spells that could lead the children away from the massacre.

A blade struck at Vastor's neck the moment he walked through the door yet he didn't care.

A fireball set him ablaze, burning his hair and his lungs alike, yet he didn't notice.

He had stopped breathing the moment he had seen a pillar of fire from where Zinya's house was.

The two-story cottage was gone, replaced by a smoking crater whose edges were visible from a distance.

For a moment, Vastor thought to have arrived too late and the world lost its light.

Colors disappeared from around him as his aura spread around, turning everything into black and white akin to a photo's negative.

The mercenary units at first thought there was something wrong with their eyes.

They instinctively brought their hands to their faces, finding only empty sockets.

The first pulse of Chaos had affected the light element, the second seeped through their skin, flaying them alive and leaving their throbbing flesh exposed.

The third devoured everything but the skeletons while only the items made of enchanted metals resisted the fourth.

Aran and Leria were still sobbing behind Lifebringer the Kirin's back when everything ended..

They clenched at the fur of their respective magical beasts with so much strength that they had unwittingly ripped off several tufts of hair.


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