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Chapter 1571 - BreaChapter Of Trust (Part 1)

'Elina even told me that ever since he became a Tiamat, Lith has so many Fae and Emperor Beasts suitors that he had to leave home.

If he's in a good relationship with the Eclipsed Lands, I don't see why the undead should be any different.

'Seeking love advice from a Banshee is madness, but I have no other choice left.' Kamila thought while pressing the contact rune.

The moment Ilthin's hologram appeared, Kamila felt her stomach churning out of irrational envy.

She had hair of gold, eyes of silver, and ten centimeters (4 inches) long pointy ears that came out of her waist-long hair.

The Firstborn Banshee was about 1.75 meters (5'9) tall, wearing a skin-tight crimson cocktail dress with a deep neckline that outlined her lithe body and delicate curves.

If the elf had a slightly bigger bosom, Kamila would have probably had a stroke.

She had long gotten used to the fact that in the Awakening community being a stunner was the rule, making even Tista look like the girl next door.

Knowing that Lith was surrounded by women like Ilthin put a strain on Kamila's self-esteem even back when she was certain of their relationship whereas now it was akin to a punch in the gut.

I'm sorry, darling, but I can't recall ever meeting you.

If you don't tell me how you got my rune, I'll have to hunt you down. Ilthin's voice was silvery and sweet, sounding to Kamila's ears like the gurgling of spring water sounds to a man lost in a desert.

The Firstborn Banshee took a good look at the stranger, without ever stopping straightening her hair and then applying some light make up while waiting for the answer.

'I don't mind such a delicious meal contacting me but I'm careful never getting so wasted during a party that I don't remember the people I fed upon or I exchanged runes with.

Either this is a trap or it's my lucky day.' Ilthin slowly licked her lips with a sensual motion, unable to avert her gaze from the prey.

Kamila's emotions were so intense that the magic of the amulet picked them up along with her features, projecting on the other side traces that only an undead could perceive thanks to their mystical senses.

According to the Banshee's readings, she was staring at a sumptuous feast of pain, love, and faithfulness.

I'm really sorry to bother you, Lady Ilthin. Despite being still noon, Kamila couldn't stop shuddering from the cold shiver that was running down her spine, stuttering every word.

The Banshee looked lovely, her voice was sweet, and her attempts to hit on Kamila were supposed to be beyond flattering, yet all the Constable could feel was fear.

She felt akin to a small rabbit stumbling in front of a lion.

No matter how majestic their fur or how beautiful a predator was, to their prey they were the stuff of nightmares.

You are right.

We've never met nor did you ever give me your contact rune.

I received it from my boyf- from my ex-boyfriend, Lith Verhen.

He kept it instead of using it What a pity. Ilthin sighed in relief from knowing that her enemies had no way to track her but also in disappointment for losing the only link she had with a world-class meal.

I knew it wouldn't have panned out, but it was worth a shot.

What do you mean Kamila asked.

Back when we met in Lightkeep, what made him so delic- I mean, charming to me also made him unreachable.

Lith Verhen is one of the few people I have ever met that never broke a single vow he took his whole life.

That man is too faithful and I doubt he would be content to be just another of the members of my herd, no matter how pleasurable I make his stay. The Banshee replied.

Faithful Kamila echoed with a sneer, feeling her sadness and fear being replaced by the outrage that never left her for long.

I'm sorry, Lady Ilthin, but you are dead wrong.

I don't know how Lith managed to deceive you as well, but you know nothing about him.

He betrayed his vow to me the whole time we were together and always had another woman on his mind even during our most intimate moments!

Seeing the meek rabbit turning into a tiger answered a lot of Ilthin's silent questions and made her smudge her lipstick up to her right eye.

Let me guess.

He must have come clean with you about whatever he was worried about back when we meet in Lightkeep and things between you two didn't go well, correct The Banshee asked.

You are spot-on down to the last detail. For a moment, Kamila even thought that Lith might have talked about Solus with the Banshee first, making her rage skyrocket and regret not having let the Camellia die.

'How can I still be so jealous after over three months' She thought as her rage faded as quickly as it had appeared.

'Lith would never be so stupid as to reveal about Menadion's tower to anyone, let alone endanger someone he deeply cares for.'

The Banshee could see Kamila's emotional turmoil and had a hard time not exploiting it for her own ends.

The human was far weaker than Lith but still a rare delicacy that appeared once in a blue moon.

After that, Lith gave you my contact rune, he asked you to call me, and here we are.

How am I doing Ilthin asked.

Correct again. Kamila had turned pale in fear again, yet her cheeks reddened by embarrassment and fury made her look lovely, stirring the Banshee's hunger even more.

I indeed offered him my help to settle things with you if anything goes wrong, but I never expected this to happen with a call.

I planned on having a heart to heart with you two, if not a threesome. The Banshee sighed.

What Kamila turned to a deep shade of purple.

Never mind. Ilthin closed her eyes while pinching her nose in the attempt to get ahold of herself and stop thinking with her full-red blood core.

She wanted to keep her promise with Lith, but her hunger kept messing with her head.

What I meant to say is that Lith has never cheated on you.

Even if there is this woman you talked about in his life, the feelings he had for her were never romantic, at least up to the moment I met him.

You have nothing to worry about.

I can understand why you are hurt and why you left him, but he never lied about his feelings for you.

Never. Ilthin said while looking straight into Kamila's eyes to show her sincerity.

How can you be so sure That man is a world class liar. Kamila replied, yet her outrage was almost gone from her voice, replaced by a mix of doubt and relief.

Kid, knowing that kind of thing is my bread and butter.

The chances of a Banshee failing to recognize a faithful person are the same as you eating ** and mistaking it for chocolate. Ilthin felt offended, almost talking it personal.

I'm the first of my kind and my senses are so sharp that even from a mere hologram I can tell a lot of things about you.


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