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Chapter 1488 Means and Ends Part 2

She has used the war against the undead to split the Kingdom, the Council, the Undead Courts, and even the Eclipsed lands from each other more than they have ever been.

At the same time, she crafted weapons that most Awakened can only dream of and developed a technology that allows her to recover bloodline abilities while also giving everyone the possibility to safely Awaken.

Thrud might become the first ruler of the Kingdom who bears with pride both the human and the beast bloodline.

She has built an army of loyal Emperor Beasts and humans like no one ever did before.

If she raises to power, she might even spread the gift of Awakening, replacing both the army and the Association with the Council.

It would bring to an unprecedented era of magical wonders, where anyone can become a powerful mage as long as they work hard.

You have no idea how many people are born with an amazing talent for magic and yet without a powerful core to match. Tyris said.

But, she's a tyrant.

Her soldiers are all enslaved and so would be every one that she Awakens! Jormun said.

Not everyone. Tyris replayed how Thrud had freed Jakra before showing him things from his own memories that he had overlooked.

Her shock at the discovery of the slave spell, how she had kept Sevenus from infecting the Beasts with the Unwavering Loyalty array, and how she had ordered him to make restoring the sanity of the Golden Griffon's students his priority.

Thrud is crazy and she has to go down. Tyris said.

Yet she might able to build the Kingdom Valeron has dreamed about for so long and that his heirs failed to accomplish due to their greed, weakness, or lack of ruthlessness.

In Thrud's vision there's no place for squabbling nobles or for corruption.

She aims to reform the laws so that everyone will be granted enough magic and resources to make their life better.

To make merit trample birthright.

If she lets the Emperor Beasts join her of their free will, if she strives to protect the people of the country and attacks solely its upper echelons like Balkor did, I have no reason to interfere.

Either she succeeds or fails, the three Great Countries have a lot to learn from how she'll handle the first Awakened regular army that Mogar has ever seen and from what consequences making a society that treats all races as equals will have.

Tyris took a long pause, staring at Thrud's growing belly with envy.

Her child might be the key to her success because, unlike her father, she doesn't plan on ruling forever but to leave the throne to your child after doing the dirty work for them.

It makes her willing to put her life at stake because she isn't fighting for herself.

You know that better than anyone else.

Jormun thought back at the countless hours he had spent together with his spouse planning the future of their child, no matter their race or gender.

She only wanted the best for them, giving them the throne that had been denied to her.

Thrud's plan would cause thousands of deaths, but after all, Valeron didn't become King by saying please and thank you.

He might have turned into a tyrant as well, yet people had followed him, hoping for the best.

Only after witnessing the results of a war, one could say if the end justified the means or if had just been a pointless bloodshed for power.

Before intervening, I'll observe her methods and actions.

If meeting Manohar taught me something is that even madmen have their usefulness. Tyris hung up the call, leaving the Emerald Dragon to ponder if leaving Thrud's side had been the right thing to do.


Trawn Forest, Solus's tower, two days later.

I can' believe that Mom sucker punched me at the gala, stuffed me inside a stasis tank, and had me believe that Quylla was dead for two days just because she thinks I'm a poor actress. Phloria said in outrage.

Did you cry a lot for me Quylla was the calmest of the three.

Are you kidding me, little one I cried myself to sleep every few hours and couldn't bring myself to do anything. Friya hugged her little sister who overlooked the moniker that she hated.

None of the girls was aware of the fact that Vastor's puppets had been engineered to make them more emotional so that they wouldn't attempt to train or take revenge while Jirni didn't watch over them.

I'm so glad to have you back, little one. Lith lifted both Friya and Quylla in an embrace, being careful to not hurt them.

What happened to Jirni Tista asked after making sure with Invigoration that she was really talking with her friend and that she was alright.

Dad asked for a divorce and we told Mom that either she left home or we would.

After that, she moved back to the Myrok household. Phloria said.

I love my mother, but what she did is unforgivable.

I'd rather live in a hotel than spend one minute under her same roof.

Did Jirni say anything before leaving Solus asked, brimming with joy as she checked Quylla with Invigoration as well.

No, she didn't.

Mostly because there was no one willing to listen to her. Friya replied.

By the way, little sister, how did being dead feel

I don't remember much of the past few days. Quylla shrugged.

One moment I was running in the garden and the next there was a burning pain in my chest.

After that, the only thing I remember before opening my eyes was this warm darkness surrounding me.

I wasn't scared or worried, quite the contrary, I was at peace with myself for the first time in a long while.

I wonder if it's Vastor's doing or simply an effect of the stasis pod.

Lith was about to say that death actually felt like that and that Vastor probably had nothing to do with that, but he preferred to shut up.

Explaining how he knew so much would have been complicated at best.

To me, it felt like having a dreamless sleep and then waking up.

The good news is that my body finally had some real rest and that I never felt better before. Quylla said while flexing her fingers and letting elemental fusion circulate throughout her body.

What about you Solus asked.

Same. Friya and Phloria replied in embarrassment.

Vastor's stasis field was a variation of the Madness he had used for himself.

After realizing that the girls were Awakened, he had used that time to study their condition.

The Master had also used his skills to fully rejuvenate their bodies from the effects of the harsh training of the past years.

Well, all is well what it ends well. Lith shrugged.

Jirni had no malice-

Don't try and justify her just because you would have done the same! Phloria said with a snarl, actually reading his mind and cutting him short.

Tista, are you going to read the booklet that the Royals gave you Lith masterfully changed to the topic as soon as he noticed that the rest of the girls were about to scold him as well.


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