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Chapter 1480 Fathers and Son Part 2

Quylla had been the first person to treat him like the annoying prick he was even after witnessing his skills.

The first person to stand up to him despite being puny ad weak.

The first person that not only had treated him the same after discovering he was a Tyrant, but she had also accepted to go on a date with him.

Quylla had been the first human to treat the Tyrant like a human, something that not even his own mother had been willing to.

Sure, beasts always acted friendly to him, but they were too detached, incapable of giving Morok the warmth he so desperately yearned for.

And now she was gone, leaving him alone again.

You stupid son of an asshole! Ajatar said as a golden pillar descended from the sky, engulfing the Tyrant to ease the burden that Awakening inflicted upon someone with a blue core.

Morok had trained his whole life and his body was stronger than that of any human.

Yet the impurities amassed inside of him over the years now clogged his mana flow, causing his limbs to bloat and then burst just to be reassembled again by his newfound breathing technique.

The density of world energy inside the pillar was so great that the Drake needed all of his might to slowly move against the flow and reach his disciple.

Morok's sixth eye was already opened and, along with the other five, it shot beams of world energy non-stop to reduce the strain on his body.

If not for such bloodline ability, he would have been already dead, yet it wasn't enough.

The wounded body, twisted mind, and grieving soul didn't allow the Tyrant to have the necessary focus to handle the process properly.

His body suddenly bloated from head to toe, ready to explode beyond recovery.

Then, Ajatar took the small Tyrant into his hands and activated Foresight.

It destroyed the biggest impurities, reducing them to a size that Morok could handle while also mending and strengthening his body.

Well, that's new. The Drake said once the Awakening was over and the pillar had disappeared.

Morok's body wasn't white anymore.

Under the light of the cave, now it shone akin to a precious gem due to the glistening rainbow-colored scales that covered him.

Also, that's something you weren't supposed to see, kid. A voice said, forcing Ajatar to turn around.

Glemos the Tyrant looked like a man in his mid-twenties, about 1.83 meters (6') tall, with thick golden hair and ice-blue eyes.

He had a lean, almost effeminate build that made him look even taller, and handsome features.

Thanks for taking care of my son until now.

I'll handle the rest from here.

Hold your Dragons! Ajatar stood in front of the Tyrant, blocking his path.

You abandoned him back when he was just a child.

You ignored Morok his whole life and now, in his darkest hour, I should entrust him to you

He was small, weak, and ugly. Glemos's upper lip curled up in disgust while pointing his slender finger at his son that had reverted into his human appearance.

He would have just been a burden to me.

Ajatar choked on his answer as a fury that dwarfed Morok's built up in his gut.

I had no time to spoil a brat and he needed to become strong in order to be useful. Glemos said.

Useful Ajatar echoed with eyes wide open that brimmed with violet mana.

Now stand aside.

You didn't Awaken him, hence you're not his rightful master.

By the laws of the Council, you have no authority over him.

To you, my son is just a stray mutt you picked up out of pity whereas I'm his father.

A mutt The Drake growled.

My blood flows inside his veins.

I've given Morok life and it's time I also give him a purpose.

He can't waste his talents just to avenge some broad who-

A mighty roar and a double sledgehammer fist cut Glemos short, squashing him like a bug.

The ground below his feet had turned into a three meters (10') deep crater despite the arrays protecting the cave.

I'll overlook your foolishness because you clearly care for the boy. Glemos shrugged off the fists with a flick of his hand, revealing that the attack had failed to even crumple his designer clothes.

Now step aside before I make you, Ajatar. A bright violet aura erupted from his body as two eyes appeared on his palms, two on his shoulders, and the remaining two took the place of his human eyes.

The Drake was flabbergasted and stood on his hind legs in surprise.

Then, he started to giggle like a little girl, before turning his laughter into a maniacal cackling.

Do you have any idea who I am, old man Ajatar's body turned from blue to white as the world energy flooded it, giving his horn an eerie glow.

How dare you coming into my home, ordering me around, and talking like that about my apprentice

I know who you are.

You are a lesser Dragon.

A failure to your own species whereas I can bend the laws of magic to my will. Glemos's eyes burned with the power of the elements, yet Ajatar's laughter only grew louder.

I may be more of a scholar than a fighter, but I've also written more books than you'll ever read.

I know more ways to destroy you than you can imagine.

Now clench your teeth and use darkness fusion, because I don't want you to faint from pain while I'm halfway through with you. The Drake said.

What do you- The appearance of all the arrays that had remained inactive until that point cut Glemos short.

He was older and stronger than Ajatar.

The Tyrant could use Domination to turn the Drake's own spells against him.

Yet he was inside Ajatar's home, surrounded by his life's work.

On top of that, Dragons were calm by nature and not prone to rage.

Yet when it happened, when they completely lost it, their fury made even Phoenixes think twice before fighting them.

Ajatar Hushed Morok to not disturb his sleep before beating Glemos the Tyrant into a pulp for so long that the sun set and rose before he was done with his uninvited guest.


The city of Valeron, Quylla's funeral, right after Morok's escape.

That's what I meant. Kamila said while nodding at the bleeding Tyrant on the run.

Vengeance is born out of the fire of rage, but it has to be served cold to be perfect.

Otherwise it's just a child's tantrum.

You're right.

Thanks for stopping me.

Thanks for being here. Lith replied.

You don't have to thank me. She held his hand tighter in reply.

We may not be together anymore, but I know how much Quylla meant for you and Jirni.

She meant a lot to me too.

We even went on vacation together, once.

Yeah, too bad that it lasted just one day before we all got dragged to Laruel. Lith chuckled at the memory and so did Kamila, surprising them both.

They had been sniffling until a second back, yet now the pain in their hearts seemed to have become lighter.

After the funeral ended, Kamila realized that her hand was still glued to Lith's and she tried to let go of it.


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