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Chapter 1186 Mindscape Part 2

This is new. Mogar said while watching her prey returning to his original state.

With the last bits of willpower that he had left, the rejuvenated Nalrond managed to cut the mind link with the planet and returned to his body before the creature could resume its attack.

His eyes opened as his mouth coughed out the blood that drowned his lungs in the attempt to speak.

Don\'t talk, use light fusion if you can instead.

We need all the help we can get. Quylla said while using tier four healing magic on him.

Nalrond missed almost half of his body, but with three healers focusing on him and without taking more damage from Mogar\'s mindscape, he managed to survive long enough for light fusion to make a difference.

It evenly spread among the wounds the spells that his companions used, focusing them where they were needed the most, and sped up his metabolism, allowing the damaged areas to receive a constant flow of nutrients from the potions.

It took the three healers several minutes and all of their mana to keep Nalrond alive despite his several failing organs until his body was capable of working again without external help.

Something went wrong, but I don\'t know what. Nalrond said amid pants.

He had not moved a finger, yet he was close to fainting due to exhaustion.

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Don\'t talk.

You need to rest. Friya said while checking him with a diagnostic spell.

Between the wounds and the mana abuse from the healing, Nalrond\'s body was on the verge of breaking down.

He nodded, falling asleep as soon as he lost his focus.

While Quylla used Injection again, the others dispelled the magic circles to make sure that the Dewan couldn\'t find the Rezar\'s secret spot thanks to their heightened senses.

They would need it in case Nalrond wanted to contact Mogar again.

Can\'t you teach us Injection Friya asked.

You\'re the best healer among us.

If one of us takes care of the potions, you could fully focus on the healing.

I wish I could.

Faluel forbid me to.

I\'m sorry. Quylla sighed while using a floating spell to lift their friend off the ground and move him without any bumps.

They Warped out of the cave and to the spot they had entered the Fringe before opening a Steps that would lead them to the Dewan village.

Nalrond might need more healing and they were in no condition to help.

Unfortunately for them, the moment the Dewans saw the unconscious Rezar covered in blood, their prejudices against humans kicked in.

I knew there is no way people like you could befriend one of us.

What did you do to him Elder Bahn said while shapeshifting and calling for reinforcements.

We didn\'t do anything! Friya inwardly cursed at fake magic for the umpteenth time as the Dewans quickly surrounded them from every side, wielding enchanted weapons.

\'Lith would be able to explain to them what happened while weaving his spells in the case these guys lose it due to the bloodlust of their beast half, whereas I can\'t cast a spell without risking to escalate things.\' She thought.

Nalrond attempted to commune with Mogar and almost died for it.

He\'s alive only because we helped him. Friya said.

What need does Mogar have to spill blood Yunma, one of the women said.

I think you just tortured him to get what you want, just like you did to get inside the Fringe.

That\'s what humans do.

Forcing others to pay the price for their dreams.

Then why would we bring him back here instead of getting out of the Fringe Quylla said.


Because you have no way to get out without him. The elder replied.

Kill them all and rescue or brother!

The Dewan Blinked behind the girls\' back to finish them off with one hit, only to get blocked by a wall of light hard enough to stop their attack and elastic enough to bounce the weapons back against their user, wounding the Werepeople.

Are you dumb or what Nalrond\'s voice was a whisper, needing air magic to amplify it to an audible level.

If they ever forced me to do anything, I would have told you the moment I remained alone with you.

They just saved my life.

We have no way to be sure that they didn\'t put you under a slave item and they have yet to prove their innocence. Elder Bahn shook his head, pointing at the Rezar\'s battered body.

Yes you do. Nalrond took off all the enchanted items he had and even his shirt.

If any of it was a slave item, I wouldn\'t be able to remove them.

On top of that, how can someone prove that they didn\'t do something

Believe it or not, it was Mogar wounding me when I failed their test.

I swear it on my ancestors.

Those words took the Dewans aback.

The Werepeople considered it their most sacred oath.

Refusing to believe Nalrond would mean making him their mortal enemy.

Yet their hatred for humans almost blinded them to the evidence the Rezar had provided.


You\'re right.

I apologize for our rudeness. Elder Bahn gave Nalrond a deep bow, disregarding the others.

No one missed it nor the fact that the Dewans didn\'t put away their weapons.

Only once they got back inside their home and Friya activated the protective arrays did everyone manage to relax.

Since all that yelling woke me up, I might as well tell you what happened.

It will not take long. Nalrond said while fighting the exhaustion that made his eyelids droopy.

He quoted Mogar word by word, describing to them the appearance of his enemies as well as the fact that he had failed to use any form of magic during the battle whereas the shades had used both spells and equipment.

Any question He asked, falling back asleep the moment he received a no for an answer.

Actually, they had many but they didn\'t want him to stay awake one second longer than necessary.

I don\'t know anything about Rezars or a woman with a hammer, but the man that Nalrond described reminded me awfully of the Mad King. Quylla said.

It makes sense.

Arthan\'s Madness would probably be able to heal Lith\'s cracked life force but at what price Friya shook her head, considering the implications of Nalrond\'s visions.

If that was the answer, then why didn\'t Mogar show him Thrud According to both Professor Vastor and Manohar, she made tremendous improvements to her father\'s work. Quylla said.

Maybe because she\'s alive while Mogar can access only to the memory of the deceased. Friya replied.

It can\'t be that simple.

Mogar is with every one of us every single day.

It is bound to know everything about the living as well.

I think that it depends on Arthan\'s research about life force.

Remember that he was the first god of healing. Quylla said.

How do you know so much about that madman Morok asked.

Despite all the atrocities he committed, Arthan laid the foundations of Body Sculpting as we know it.

During my time as Assistant Professor at the White Griffon, Professor Vastor showed me the records about the Mad King.

The Kingdom keeps them a secret, but without them, making any progress with Body Sculpting would be impossible. Quylla said.

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