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Chapter 1182 Inner Demons Part 2

I don\'t like that guy. Quylla said.

Actually, I don\'t like anyone here.

They all treat us like garbage and I don\'t think you should trust them.

Their Souls Projections are weird.

Souls Projections were no mind-reading, yet thanks to them it was impossible to not notice how everyone in the Dewan village cared for the Rezar way much than it was appropriate.

The way the Soul Projections of the Dewans reached out for Nalrond whenever they saw him could either mean a great affection or a deep greed.

I noticed it as well. Nalrond nodded.

They despise all of you, even Morok, just because you are outsiders, yet they treated me like a savior ever since we met.

Today Kimo brought forward the Light Mastery topic.

I think that they hoped I would stay here and entrust them my legacy.

Speaking of legacies, before continuing with our job, there are a few things we would like you to ask Mogar in our stead. Quylla said.

I know what you are about to say.

How to survive Awakening with your violet core and what should Friya do with her life.

Is there anything for you, Morok Nalrond asked.


Ask how to act less of a jerk, because you need it.

Do I speak like that as well Both men didn\'t mince words and meeting his equal had shown Morok how annoying he was.


You are worse. The girls said in unison without a shred of hesitation, making the Tyrant slouch.

Actually, there\'s something else that I\'d like you to ask as soon as you are done with your personal matters.

You are the one putting your life on the line for this so you have the right to question Mogar to your heart content, but in case it accepts only a few questions, my Awakening is not a priority. Quylla said.

Same here.

I\'ve already got a lot to think about. Friya looked at her own Soul Projection pondering its significance.

After spending enough time with the members of the Dewan tribe, she had noticed that Projections were supposed to show their owner\'s most intense emotion according to their situation.

A hungry child would manifest a Dewan eating sweets, a tired farmer would show themselves resting, whereas what Friya did or how she felt didn\'t seem to affect her Projection.

The only thing that changed was the size and the number of the chains it wore.

\'If what Nalrond said the day of our arrival is true, then rather than bothering the planet I should work on myself and accept my limits.

After all, even Professors Vastor and Marth are nothing compared to Manohar, yet they have good lives.\' Friya thought.

\'My only problem with this decision is that it feels more like giving up than reaching inner peace.

With my current strength, I\'m no match for an elder undead and after all, I went through, I don\'t have the thick skin politics require anymore.

\'Even if Faluel agrees on letting me go without fulfilling my oath, I still can\'t find a single thing I can do that wouldn\'t make me feel like a waste of space.

Maybe I should go back to the White Griffon academy and become a Professor.\'

Then, her eyes fell on Quylla\'s Projection, depicting her wearing the deep purple robe of a Magus.

It would have been great, if not for the Projection casting spells that turned into snakes that ate her alive amid agonizing silent screams.

\'Or not.\' Friya sighed.

Then what do you want me to ask Nalrond looked puzzled.

He had noticed how everyone but him seemed to space out every now and then, as if they were trying to listen to a distant voice.

Quylla snapped out of her reverie and told him all about Lith\'s condition and about how anything but Forbidden Magic had proven to be useless in fixing his life force.

I don\'t get what are you worrying about.

Lith is an Awakened.

He will still live a long life for human standards. Nalrond shrugged.

I stand corrected, you\'re worse than Morok.

He\'s unable to read the room whereas you just don\'t care! Quylla blurted out.

Thanks, sweetie. Morok winked.

Don\'t call me sweetie! She snapped.

As for you, Nalrond, you should take your head out of your ass or I doubt you\'ll survive your meeting with Mogar.

Do you realize that if Lith didn\'t save Protector, you would have no place to stay

That despite your wise act, you are prone to judge others even when you don\'t know anything about them and that the only pain you really care about is your own Sure, Lith might outlive me if I don\'t Awaken, but this isn\'t a matter of how long he lives so much as how well he lives.

During my darkest hour, Lith has always remained by my side, doing everything he could to make me feel better.

Right now he feels fine, but what if after a fight the cracks in his life force spread What if they get worse just with the passing of time

I don\'t care how tough Lith acts, I can\'t just sit around and hope for the best while knowing that my best friend is ill and that I could have made something to help him. Quylla then told him about Death Vision and how the fight against the Odi had almost cost Lith his life.

Hearing how heavy was the burden of others shook Nalrond to the core.

\'Quylla is right.

I keep acting as if I know everything yet I am just a frog in the well.

What happened to me is tragic, but it\'s still nothing compared to what Solus had to endure.

\'Back when we entered inside the Fringe, I underestimated the girls\' burden and the three of us almost died for it.\' He thought while looking at his own Soul Projection, representing an angry Rezar who always wept blood.

\'I\'m so blinded by my pain that I quickly judged Friya only because her Projection resembles Acala\'s.

\'I\'m so angry at myself for having failed my people, for having survived while the others died fighting that I vent my frustration on others the moment they fail to reach my expectations.

Every time I blame others, I\'m actually blaming myself.\'

I\'m sorry for being so rude.

I\'ll ask your question first. Nalrond took a deep breath while mulling over those thoughts.

Much to his surprise, his Soul Projection calmed down and its tears turned from blood into water.

It was a small improvement, but Nalrond felt like a weight had been lifted from his chest.

Dude, that was weak.

A real man doesn\'t even know the word sorry. Morok said.

Guess that a real man can also start looking for a girlfriend somewhere else. Quylla said with a sneer.

Yet he quickly learns it when the necessity arises. Morok rushed to say.

How or why he\'s the only one without a Projection is beyond me. Friya said.

Is there anything else I should ask Mogar Nalrond asked.

\'Can you please ask for a way to heal Solus\' Friya said via a mind link to not let Morok overhear them.

\'I don\'t want to even think what might happen to her if she falls into the hands of someone who treats her like a slave.

Especially once she regains her human body.\'

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