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Chapter 1162 Size Matters Part 2

\'Except for the shaman, the only danger they pose it\'s their number.

Unless the Abomination gifted them with some trick, of course.\' Lith thought.

Ogres, instead, were all very tall, above 2 meters (6\' 7) tall with muscular bodies that could have passed for humans if not for the deep green skin, the spiky red hair, and the long, pointy fangs protruding out of their lower lip.

They wore clothes, made out of the skin of other ogres, goblins, and whatever they usually had for lunch.

Their natural strength surpassed that of a magical beast which combined with their ability to use a crude form of Forgemastery made them dangerous.

As for the trolls, they were those who worried Lith the most.

They were over two meters (6\'7) tall, with four arms and skin of a sickly white color.

They had no eyelids nor nose, breathing from two holes right in the middle of their face.

They had no lips either, revealing their huge maw going from ear to ear filled with fangs.

They were skeletal with a swollen belly as if they hadn\'t eaten for days.

Their hands had long fingers ending in razor-sharp claws and their bodies were covered by odd-looking scars that were actually extra mouths.

Trolls would absorb darkness magic and become even stronger, neutralizing one of Lith\'s best weapons.

They had incredible regenerative properties that allowed them to rebuild their whole body just from a chunk of flesh.

To make matters worse, according to the Kings of the woods who had fought them, a troll in its reversed state was capable of using Light Mastery and the Abomination\'s throne was surrounded by such creatures.

They resembled tall men with grey skin, perfect bodies, and gold-colored eyes that glowed with mana, reminding Lith of Life Vision.

A reverted troll would lose their maws and unending appetite, but would regain their magic.

\'As long as they are near the Abomination, each one of them might be as strong as an Awakened.

If we kill the Abomination, the entire army will crumble, but the bastard is right in the middle of it.

Solus, I\'ll prepare spells, you focus solely on arrays.\' Lith thought.

\'On it.

Don\'t forget about the shaman, though.

Even if they have just small crystals, they can still negate spells in their surroundings by affecting the world energy.

They are the bane of all kinds of powerful spells.\' She said.

I\'m ready. Lith waited enough time for Solus to complete two arrays and for studying the enemy\'s prowess.

Even with their powerful cores, none of the Emperor Beasts would survive if the monsters swarmed them, not even Bodya the Nidhogg.

They had to strike fast and move even faster, to keep the Abomination from aiming its Chaos spells.

Go all-out from the start and if you\'re in trouble, shoot a fireball upwards.

We\'ll do the same. Olua nodded and Warped the three of them to their respective position.

Rocs didn\'t have access to Salaark\'s Origin Flames, but they could draw world energy nonetheless, using it to turn their bodies into Living Thunder.

Each feather on Olua\'s body became a lightning bolt, emitting so much light that for a moment the plain was lit by a second sun.

The Roc swooped down and effortlessly pierced through the monsters\' ranks, leaving only a trail of charred bodies in her wake.

During the brief clash, she took enough hits and spells to kill her, but in her Living Thunder form they all phased through, dealing Olua no damage.

Unfortunately, such a powerful state couldn\'t be kept for more than a few breaths.

She quickly got back up in the air as her body turned back into its material form and unleashed the spells she had prepared while keeping an eye on the Abomination.

\'I don\'t have the time to accumulate world energy for a second Living Thunder, but the monsters have no way to know it.

My first assault should have crippled their morale and lowered their blind loyalty to their leader.

Acting god is a game two can play, pal.\' She thought.

Bodya didn\'t have flashy abilities, but he knew how to make an entrance as well.

The moment he came out of the Warp Steps, he extended his long body toward the sky while roaring with all of his might.

A simple earth spell made the ground around him quake, keeping the enemy at a distance as his figure blotted out the sun.

The superstitious monsters quivered in fear for a second, but the calm and imposing figure of their god gave them strength.

Kill them! The Puppeteer inhabited an Orc\'s body, which allowed him to use the same powers of a shaman.

A flick of his wrist made the quaking stop and another produced a bolt of Chaos magic so fast that the Nidhogg managed to dodge it only thanks to the distance separating them.

Seeing the huge Wyrm drop down to the ground like a humble servant at a mere gesture of their god gave the monster the guts to ignore Bodya\'s massive size.

A single Ogre was strong enough to uproot a tree and thanks to their plant nature, they could shapeshift them into massive stakes.

\'Couldn\'t that moron take it on Olua while she was invulnerable\' Bodya cursed his bad luck as the wooden hail broke his scales and pierced his flesh.

He had no time to look and notice that, after her initial assault, the Roc kept her distance, using her superior aerial maneuverability to not offer an easy target while she unleashed one tier five spell after another.

The Ogres could feel fury burning through their bodies as they bathed in enemy blood.

Or so they thought until they realized they were simply burning alive.

Bodya\'s roar had been more than a simple scare tactic.

He had used the high ground to mix his venom with a water magic spell that had turned his saliva into a drizzle.

The powerful acid dissolved all those who dared come too close to the Nidhogg along with the morale of those who witnessed the mass of Ogres melting like wax.

To make matters worse, Bodya unleashed a tier five spell, Mud Tide, that turned the battlefield into a swamp.

His gigantic body boosted by air and fire fusion moved like a bullet train, unhindered by the now soft ground whereas the monsters were now knee-deep in mud.

It made it hard for them to even move a step, let alone dodge.

With each passage, the Nidhogg swallowed dozen of enemies at the same time while spreading more and more of his venom.

\'They are both insanely strong.

Olua rules the skies, closing in to the battlefield only when she needs to strike while Bodya reshapes the ground into a deadly trap that he is immune to.

Keeping up with their pace will be hard.\' Lith thought.

Compared to the others, his body was too small to make an impression and most of his spells could match the power of those his companions used but not surpass them.

Most of his spells.

Lith walked slowly toward the enemy lines, spreading his four wings that unleashed a hail of Plague Arrows.

A few Orcs and Ogres fell, but looking at the titans on the opposite sides of the battlefield, the others barely noticed him and thanked the gods for giving them such an easy opponent.

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