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Chapter 1142 Merfolk Part 2

Yet without resources, we couldn\'t craft the proper tools and without tools, we couldn\'t learn powerful magic and acquire resources.

We\'ve been stuck in this vicious cycle until the plague. Khalia said.

Lith pondered their words, finding them to be as ugly as they were true.

Every lab needed to be shielded by external influences and each failed experiment usually exploded.

\'I didn\'t have most of such problems because of Solus, yet I can\'t even count the number of times one of my experiments would have killed me if not for the tower\'s protection.\' He thought.

We are masters at using water and earth magic to create artificial underground flows.

We use them to make Reghia completely self-sufficient and to travel safely from our city to here.

We even created a thermal bath to keep the humans clean. Mal said.

I would love to visit your underwater city one of these days.

Reghia is way too boring for my taste. Lith wasn\'t thrilled at the idea of teaching the Kingdom\'s language to a bunch of strangers nor did he care to fight and protect Reghia from the monsters.

I thought that Dragons didn\'t like water because it dampens the heat of your bodies and it temporarily weakens you. Rem, the plump woman said.

I\'m not a Dragon, but that\'s a theory I\'m willing to test.

As I said to you earlier, I\'m a hybrid.

The real issue will be breathing underwater. Lith put his scaled arm inside the cold water, feeling slight discomfort.

The moment he pulled it out, he felt it heavier than usual due to the water trapped in-between his scales that were now of a duller color than their usual pitch-black.

It took them a few seconds to evaporate the water and a few more for the dulling sensation to disappear.

I stand corrected.

Maybe I\'m a Dragon. Lith shapeshifted into his human form and immerged his right arm again.

This time, his enhanced physique didn\'t even feel a tinge of cold.

I\'m sorry for the rude question, but are you a human or a beast Suddenly Khalia seemed to have lost most of her interest and now looked at Lith with suspicion.


I told you, I\'m a hybrid. Lith could tell by their gazes that the merfolk had a deep-seated grudge against humans and he could easily understand why.

\'I bet that beautiful people like Khalia or Zhen would be captured and sold as slaves, no matter if it\'s illegal.

The others would be either treated as pets by nobles or turned into ingredients by mages.

My money on their blood having a high affinity with water magic.\'

It was nice to meet you. Zhen said, but his tone didn\'t match his words.

Now we\'re sorry but we got to go.

The merfolk disappeared in the pond without even saying goodbye, almost expecting Lith to try and capture them.

\'That went well.

The good thing is that they said that the deep is full of natural treasures.

If I can trade some dimensional amulets for them, I could net a huge profit.

The bad news is that if Kami hears about another woman who finds my scales hot, she\'ll never let me hear the end of it.\'

Lith was surprised that despite Khalia\'s stunning beauty had made him thoroughly check her out, the moment she had touched him, the only thing Lith could think about was Kamila.

Just like when he had met Faluel, whenever Lith saw someone beautiful, he would compare them to his girlfriend and find them lacking.

Not because Kamila was that gorgeous or graceful, but because she filled the void in his heart.

\'If I really feel this way about her, then I can\'t hide Solus for much longer.

The more I wait, the more it will hurt her.\' Lith thought while returning home.

The several layers of array cast by three different persons were a hassle to get through, but the reassuring kind of hassle.

Lith could bypass those made by himself with a thought, but for the others, he needed to input a password with Spirit Magic.

By mixing Spirit Magic with arrays, not only was it possible to cast them faster, but also to add further levels of complexity and protections.

Faluel\'s lessons had provided all the members of the group with a knowledge exclusive to those born in Awakened bloodlines.

Learning about the seventh element had expanded their horizons and helped to strengthen their foundations.

By understanding the importance of Spirit Magic and the role it played in all spells, even fake mages could better understand the limits of their magic and find ways around it.

Back inside the tower, Lith found Solus and Tista fast asleep in Solus\'s room.

\'So much for staying awake and get used to the new time zone.

I would love to give them a scare to teach them a lesson, but dreams are the only way Solus has to get glimpses of her past.

If I were to interrupt something important, I would never forgive myself.\' Lith thought.


Griffon Kingdom, City of Yardra, at the same time.

Trion Proudstar, once known as Trion Verhen, sat in the lounge of his favorite bar, the Golden Unicorn, drinking his alcohol slowly enough to not get drunk but fast enough to dull the constant pain that haunted his heart for months.

Phloria had kept her word and she didn\'t mess with his career, which made things even worse for him.

Trion had now been promoted to Second Lieutenant, but he felt no joy in it, considering it too little and too late.

\'My little brother started his military career with a superior rank and ended it as a Major after barely two years.

A position that I might be able to reach only before retirement.\' Trion sighed, yet there was no bitterness in his thoughts, just regret.

\'Battling the Undead Courts for so long has shown me how stupid I have been all my life.

Sure, magic gives people a great advantage, but it\'s also a great burden.

So many mages died in front of my eyes in the front lines to protect us regular soldiers.

\'I\'ve been a fool thinking that I was the only one working hard to achieve my goals.

Each one of those mages came from a pampered life, yet by hearing their stories and watching their sacrifice, I realized how hard the path of magic is.

\'Lith worked that hard ever since he was able to walk, doing everything they did and everything I had to do at the same time, yet he didn\'t whine all the time as Orpal did.\'

It wasn\'t easy for Trion to admit his mistakes, but time and good friends had lifted from his eyes the veil of hatred that he had inherited from his older brother.

Families are complicated so I won\'t argue with you about getting along with your brother.

Yet I don\'t see why you cut all ties with your parents.

Even you admitted that they never mistreated you nor did they think any less of you because you weren\'t born a mage.

If your brother is an ass, you have every right to be mad at him, but he\'s an Archmage ass nonetheless.

By giving up your family name, you\'ve cut ties with loving parents and given up on countless advantages.

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