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Chapter 1132 Council Duty Part 2

The contact rune on the Warping array belonged to Feela the Behemoth, the leader of the Beasts Council and one of Lith\'s biggest fans.

As a member of the lesser Griffons, the idea of a Wyrmling sharing so many aspects in common with true Dragons made her hope that a way to tap into their progenitors\' true powers actually existed.

She had no idea that Lith had no blood relationship with Leegaain nor that all the amazing feats he had accomplished that she attributed to a Dragon\'s innate abilities were actually due to his bond with Solus.

Looking good, kid.

How is the old snake treating you Feela hugged Lith with so much strength that she squeezed the air out of his lungs.

The Behemoth\'s original nature was that of an Emperor Beast, so her human form was just a projection of how Feela imagined she would look like if humans had decent taste in women.

Feela looked like a woman in her late thirties, but she was actually 453 years old.

She was 1.91 meters (6\'3) tall and had a muscular yet curvy figure that seasoned warriors and women alike envied her.

Feela\'s waist-long chestnut hair had streaks of silver, black, and orange all over, forming a multi-colored tress that reached the small of her back.

She had had an oval face with delicate features, yet her bearing was usually that of a battle-hardened general.

That day, however, by looking at how tightly she hugged Lith while ruffling his hair and kissing the top of his head, one would think she was an aunt meeting her favorite nephew after a long separation.

Between the warm welcome and the height difference, Lith really looked like a kid.

To her, anyone below one hundred years of age could barely be considered a cub and she was very protective of all those she recognized as members of her kin.

Remember that in case you change your mind, aunt Feela has always a spot open for you among her apprentices and a few batches of Adamant that could really use purifying. She let Lith go, who was uncertain if to complain about the harassment or ask some of the Adamant as compensation.

Elder Feela, it\'s nice to meet you again.

Thanks for everything you are doing for my family. Lith did neither of those things and gave her a deep bow instead.

In his experience, it was easier to catch Adamant by using honey rather than vinegar.

It\'s nothing, kid.

You… Only then did Feela notice that besides Faluel there were other people who were staring at her with eyes wide open and not out of respect.

Why didn\'t you tell me we would have guests Feela\'s voice became cold and her demeanor turned into that her position in the Council required, but too late for it to matter.

There\'s no we.

I have guests, elder Feela, and you are among them. Faluel laughed her ass off.

Besides, I wanted to introduce my other apprentices to you.

So, are these the members of your makeshift academy Feela ignored her friend\'s laughter and sniffed the pups one by one.

Too many humans.

I only have hopes for these two. She pointed at both Tista and Nalrond.

You should do like your brother and turn into a Wyrmling.

He has already Awakened you so once when you transform, there should be no problem teaching you how to master Origin Flames as well.

The gods know how hard it is to find someone capable of purifying metals for a reasonable price.

I\'ll do my best. Tista said.

As for you, young man, being the only true Beast in the bunch it\'s your duty to uphold our race\'s honor.

Work hard and get yourself Awakened soon.

Each year you stay like this means reducing your Awakened lifespan of ten years or worse.

Yes, ma\'am. Nalrond could feel her gaze piercing him and hoped the Behemoth wouldn\'t somehow notice that he was a hybrid as well.

Now be quiet, kids.

Your life depends on it. Feela said, making all the remnants of her good aunt vibes disappear.

Another rune of the array lit up and this time even Faluel lost all of her usual warmth, making everyone understand how important their next guest was.

Or better, guests.

The two figures who walked out of the array were the Guardian of the Griffon Kingdom and the Guardian in charge of the Council\'s activities.

Due to their territorial nature, Leegaain couldn\'t step inside Tyris\'s turf without being invited and accompanied by her.

How many times do I have to tell you that he\'s not my son Leegaain said in response to Feela looking at his human appearance and then at Lith in search of any resemblance.

Leegaain had taken the appearance of a lean albino man in his mid-thirties, 1,75 meters (5\'9) tall, with snow-white hair and skin.

His eyes were purple and had a vertical pupil.

He was wearing a lab coat over a set of pitch-black clothes.

Do you realize that the more you deny it, the more you give credit to those rumors Tyris giggled.

She wore the uniform of the Royal Constables and looked like a woman in her mid-twenties, 1.76 (5\'9) meters tall.

Tyris had shining gold hair braided into a tress long enough to be twisted and knotted above her head, resembling a crown and her silver eyes sparkled like stars under the magical lights in the cave.

After meeting both Dawn and Night, Lith couldn\'t help but think that somehow they were related to the Griffon Guardian.

Yet while they incarnated a different aspect of the day, Tyris\'s hair shone like the sun and her eyes looked like twin small moons.

\'Is there a reason why Baba Yaga is called the Red Mother and Tyris is the Great Mother Maybe the lore is wrong and Baba Yaga actually descends from Tyris or at least was her apprentice.\' Lith thought.

The two Guardians emitted such a powerful aura that all the arrays inside Faluel\'s lair became visible and small flowers sprouted from the rocky ground.

I\'m really sorry to have failed you Captain Ernas. Tyris took Phloria\'s hands in her own, giving her a small bow and the Emperor Beasts a stroke.

A Guardian bowing to a human was an unprecedented act.

If there\'s anything I can do as a Constable to help you, let me know.

I also hope that once your trial is over, you\'ll reconsider your decision to quit the army.

The Kingdom is always short of good people. Tyris said.

I don\'t blame you for what happened to me, Your Majesty. Phloria\'s body kneeled on its own in the presence of the First Queen and founder of the Kingdom.

I was aware that the enemies of my family would try to destroy my career at my slightest mistake.

Deirus is just one of them and even if you take him out, someone else would take his place.

I\'m grateful to you for letting me live in a country where people determine their own destiny rather than being puppets in your hands.

On top of that, even without the trial and without Deirus, it was only a matter of time before my Awakening forced me to quit the army.

At least this way I have no regrets nor do I have to abandon a promising career in order to face this new challenge.

Wise words for someone so young. Leegaain nodded.

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