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Chapter 1024 Dangerous Wishes Part 2

Kallion looked Kortus in the eyes and said:

Aren\'t you tired of being stuck as a Captain at your age How do you think Lotta built such a quick and brilliant career Not by risking her life like a moron, but by choosing her battles wisely and her allies even more wisely.

If a paper-pusher like Berion managed to become a General, imagine what you could do with both the Undead Courts and an Archmage backing you.

The secrets of magic they could share with their precious ally.

Thanks, but no thanks. Kortus replied, making everyone open their eyes wide in surprise.

I\'m already at my wit\'s end as a Captain.

A higher rank would spell disaster for all the poor soldiers under my command.

I might not be Great Mage material, but I believe in the oath I took to the Kingdom years ago.

It\'s better to die like a free man after killing two traitors than joining them in disgrace.

Talk for yourself. Tlea turned her darkness wand against Kortus and shot him at point-blank.

I\'m too old and rich to die for something as stupid as an ideal.

Great Mage Nuragor, count me in.

She was now pointing both her wand and ring at Wyra, who had never stopped chanting.

What about you, Wyra Kallion said.

I read your file.

You graduated from a minor academy and are now forced to follow Friya Ernas in exchange for the crumbs of her knowledge.

Right now, my soldiers have probably already killed every single member of the Crystal Shield.

Your guild is finished and your companions are all dead, but destiny has given you a chance you never had before.

Join us and tell everyone how valiantly the Crystal Shield fought along their Lord to fight the undead before their untimely death.

Once everything is over, you\'ll be free to choose your own reward.

Specializations, a noble title, even eternal life might be yours. Kallion\'s words were filled with poison and yet coated by so much honey that it made them alluring.

Wyra Yunja had been born from a humble family, that had put all their hopes and dreams in her once her magical talent had bloomed.

Yet Wyra had failed to enroll in one of the six academies, failed in following the Magic Empress footsteps, and even failed to join the Mage Association.

Being a mercenary wasn\'t her dream job, only a last-ditch effort to escape from a mediocre life of servitude at the whims of some noble.

To not become a loyal dog fed on money rather than just meat.

So far, even that last-ditch effort had proven to be a failure.

Wyra had become a vice-head only after Friya had kicked out the guild members from the great academies, and even if she was teaching them her specializations, it wasn\'t enough.

Wyra was a slow learner and Friya had to split her time to teach three different specializations, whereas Wyra would need individual lessons to make some real progress.


Count me in. She said amid tears.

Just speaking those words made her feel dirty inside.

\'If I refuse, they will just kill me.

If I accept, at least I\'ll have an opportunity to tell the truth to Archon Ernas once we get back to the base.\' Wyra said, not trusting Kallion one bit.

Excellent. Kallion gave her a smile that had made many hearts pound in the past.

Words are cheap, so I hope you\'ll excuse me if I don\'t trust your word.

I\'ll need a demonstration of your loyalty.

At a snap of his fingers, the curtain of the tent opened again, revealing the presence of three prisoners bound and gagged right outside the officers\' quarters.

The prisoners were the seconds in command of those that Great Mage Nuragor meant to recruit.

Prospector Ormann is already our accomplice for killing the poor Kortus, who\'s spared from my test since he is, you know, dead. Kallion laughed at his own joke while exposing the neck of Rotha, Wyra\'s assistant and her best friend.

Fear dilated his pupils so much that they almost eclipsed his irises while Rotha looked at Wyra with eyes full of tears.

That sight and his whimpering filled her with hope.

Despite Kallion\'s claims, now that the soundproof spell of the tent had been opened, Wyra could hear the cries of people fighting.

The clash of metal and the sizzling of spells filled the air, revealing that the battle had yet to be lost.

Forgive me, Rotha, but no one ever got rich by being nice. She said while unsheathing her combat knife.

I would do anything to spare you this pain, but I have no choice.

For our god!

Wyra released all the spells she had at the ready, making the command tent burst into flame, thunder, and rock spikes.

She covered Rotha with her body while using her knife to set him free.

Hidden among the magical onslaught, there was the Flare spell that the Crystal Shield used as a signal on the battlefield.

It was red and violet, meaning both run for your life and there is still hope.

Well, that was impressive. Kallion\'s voice surprised Wyra, but Rotha and her didn\'t stop running.

\'How can he be still alive after being hit by so many spells at point-blank\' She thought while looking at the corpses of the soldiers guarding the tent.

Even Tlea\'s Royal Prospector armor couldn\'t do much from so close.

Her face was badly burned and she was bleeding from all her orifices.

Kallion would have been in the same condition if not for his Vampire blood core mending his injuries just enough to let light magic do the rest.

A thrall had the same powers of their undead sire, but they were limited by the amount of life essence they shared.

Care to join me for a hunt He asked Lotta, who was healing even faster thanks to the Ghoul blood coursing through her core.

Gods, I should have done this years ago. He said after Lotta nodded and they had started the chase.

My strength, my magical powers, even my senses are enhanced to the point that I feel reborn.

I wish Verhen was here so that I could kill him like the dog he is.

Right after killing his beloved Phloria right in front of his eyes.


Flying Griffon resort, a few minutes after Kallion had enforced the camp\'s lockdown.

The communication amulet pulling at his consciousness forced Lith to get out of the shower with shampoo still in his hair.

During the last few days, he and Kamila had spent every moment before sunset enjoying the beauty Mount Lochra had to offer.

The rest of the time they would talk about their dreams for the future, taste delicious food, and spend hours in the bedroom.

Kamila liked how Invigoration made sleeping optional, allowing her to enjoy all the 24 hours each day had to offer.

Damn, let\'s hope it\'s not Faluel. He said to Kamila who was still under the shower.

\'I swear, if my apprenticeship starts now of all moments, with all the money I spent for this goddamn place, I…\' Seeing Orion\'s rune lit made Lith sigh in relief for one entire second before he became grumpy again.

What is it now Do you realize how late it is here Lith asked.

Due to different time zones, it was almost dinner time at Phloria\'s camp, late night for Orion, and way past midnight for Lith.

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