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Chapter 991 Rumors of His Death and TheirRepercussion...

While Felix was eating the forbidden apple, tension began to arise in the Milky Way due to The Federation and Bardot Empire.

Half a year had passed on the outside universe...It might look like not much, but it was enough to make almost all royal dragons assume that Felix had died in the dimensional pocket.

Although the royal dragons were banned from mentioning Felix or anything related to the dimensional pocket at the moment, almost everyone else had picked up their pessimistic view on this uncanny situation.

Right now, the majority of the people all across the universe were considering Felix to be dead as well simply due to how the royal dragons were behaving.

Naturally, this had caused the royal family to face the music of their silence as the network kept bombarding them with insults, curses, and confirmation questions.

The royal family turned a deaf ear to the backlash and simply waited for everyone to forget about Felix.

While Felix\'s fans were holding hope that their Lord couldn\'t be killed in such a underwhelming manner, the upper echelon of the Milky Way galaxy were beyond pleased by the news...Especially, The Bardot Empire.

Felix\'s death meant that his ninety million army of void creatures would finally be removed from on top of their heads like a judgement sword.

They ought to feel glad by his death since his army was making them unable to retaliate against the Federation poaching attempts on their important backgrounds.

The Federation\'s promises and true democratic system was quite alluring for all backgrounds around the galaxy...Especially when the inner trades, armies, public transportations, and free public services between allies made everyone to prosper together.

In addition, they had a close partnership with the Guardian Empire and The Void Guild, helping them reduce the cost of hiring soldiers and mercenaries on trades between those two territories.

The most critical lure was the fact that most influential human in the history of the universe was the indirect leader and guardian of the Federation.

In other words, no one would dare lift his weight on other allies when there was a terrifying boss, supervising everyone and making sure that no one gets bullied.

This had caused many of the Bardot empire\'s allies to defect.

After all, the Bardot empire might be the first believed democratic empire with a council made out of origin bloodliners, but they were oppressive to backgrounds without an origin bloodliner amidst them.

So, it was only democratic to those in power and the rest could only watch as most of their empire\'s resources get shared between the upper echolone while leaving them the crumbles.

Unfortunately for the Bardot Empire, their democratic beliefs and confidence in their empire\'s excellence had made them avoid erecting strict and slave-like contracts for the backgrounds in their territory.

In the past, they knew that no one would bother choosing the Mariana Empire due to the royal family\'s incompetence and disorderly territory.

As for the guardian Empire It wasn\'t even a choice with the void creatures running amok.

Right now They could only watch as their territories were shrinking without daring to lift a finger because of Felix\'s deterrence.

Everything had changed the moment the royal dragons started assuming him to be dead.

The smooth sailing of The Federation had started to face some light waves from the Bardot Empire and also a few ambitious and greedy internal backgrounds.


Madam Zosia, we have received Intel that the third councilmen had paid a personal visit to Planet Drakaras and convinced the Four-headed Night Sparrow nation to not jump boats.

Even the night sparrows Sigh, they are really taking advantage of our internal problems to retain their territories.

Madam Zosia massaged her puffy eyelids with clear exhaustion signs all over her face...She was sitting in her desk with hundreds of small holographic screens around her, each displaying a different kind of report or news.

Should I call a meeting to deal with this Her assistance asked from the middle holographic screen.

Just let them have it.

We have enough problems internally. Madam Zosia waved her hand in rejection.

She understood that it would be extremely difficult to win them back when the Bardot Empire had sent the third councilmen...Especially when the Federation wasn\'t in its best shape at the moment.

\'Ahh...If six months of absence was enough to halt our development and for bad apples to emerge, I don\'t even know what\'s going to happen if Felix has really died.\' Madam Zosia smiled bitterly as she tapped her finger on the disk.

Only now did she realize that Felix\'s existence was the true backbone of the Federation even if he was hands free on the Federation\'s advancement.

If half a year had caused the Bardot Empire to fight back in the political scene and for greedy internal leaders to start searching for more profit, then it meant that the Federation Council was still lacking respect and authority.

After all, no one would dare to pull the same crap in the Bardot Empire even when they had no one like Felix.

Their councilmen were enough to install fear and respect.

That\'s why even when the Federation kept inciting the big dogs of the Bardot Empire to switch sides, they didn\'t even flinch.

Madam Zosia knew that she could easily take control of everything by telling everyone that Felix was still alive and wouldn\'t be returning until another half a year.

But she would rather not break his trust since he had explicitly asked her in the email to keep the information to herself.

At the moment only her and Maganda Chief knew that Felix was still alive in the dimensional pocket.

Felix had anticipated that turmoil would be emerging due to his absence and didn\'t want to his territory being a complete mess.

\'We have six months more before he returns.\' Madam Zosia narrowed her eyes coldly, \'I might as well help more worms to see the sunlight.\'

Madam Zosia knew that it would be difficult for her to control the Council when hundreds of leaders were in it.

So, instead of wasting her time trying to save the Federation from falling into a much serious internal infighting, she would rather chill in the shadows and help those greedy and destructive backgrounds to expose themselves.

When Felix finally emerges, she would pounce and make them regret their decision!

As for the Bardot Empire She could only hope that they wouldn\'t increase their pace in the next six months.


Back in the white clan palace, Selphie and Anastasia could be seen standing in front of white mountain\'s wide open gate.

Are you sure about this Anastasia asked as she eyed Selphie in her royal ambassador\'s attire, standing in front of sophisticated green spaceship.

Yes. Selphie nodded with a serious expression.

Alright...Have a safe trip sis and make sure to visit often. Anastasia sighed and went forward to hug Selphie.

You wish, it\'s your turn now. Selphie smiled, I will be waiting for you at Forlond.

I will pay you a visit when the World Tree change its season. Anastasia promised with a faint smile, I can\'t miss such a breathtaking sight again.

I will hold you to that. Selphie detached from the hug and walked back to her spaceship.

After standing on the door, she waved her hand at Anastasia one last time before the door closed and spaceship took off to space.

In a short while, the small green spaceship reached space and entered a enormous blue starship that was accompanied by an entire fleet!

As the only heir of the Nine Elvin Realms, there was no way Selphie would be sent alone to another galaxy even if it was Icarius Galaxy.

\'I apologize for leaving without saying goodbye.

But, I can\'t afford to be left behind by you...\' Selphie mumured as she eyed the capital planet Zhuham getting smaller and smaller from the window.

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