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Chapter 988 A Frozen Heart is a Good Heart

Well, I can\'t study the heart while being here. Lady Sphinx disclosed.

There was no access to Queen Ai to help them scan Imyr\'s heart and create a close virtual copy of it.

Felix shouldn\'t take the heart to her since he would lose out decades of time inside the dimensional pocket by being merely a few months on the outside.

How about you use Felix for research Thor suggested, He has a research lab as well, and he is smart enough to follow your orders.

I am not talking about that. Lady Sphinx shook her head, For such difficult project, I need to have perfect copies of the heart and subject\'s body.

I can only do so with my sand manipulation.

Lady Sphinx\'s research prowess was heavily reliant on her sand abilities.

It allowed her to explore all options with extreme precision and without worrying about losing either the subject or the object.

I can be responsible for the delivery. Mistress Candace said, I just need access to the dimensional pocket the first time.

I can exit it by entering the void realm since it\'s connected to everything.

It was impossible for Mistress Candace to enter the dimensional pocket from the void realm since its available gates were connected with the matter universe.

However, exiting it was much easier because the void domain was mirroring all dimensions and realms, allowing Mistress Candace to open a void rift from the dimensional pocket easily.

If it\'s just for one entry, my mental energy will exhaust one year or two sooner than anticipated. Ancestor Imyr informed.

Losing one or two years from a century are much better than letting Lady Sphinx study Imyr\'s heart without her equipment and abilities. Jörmungandr supported.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Now that the decision was approved, Mistress Candace was given the exact location of the backdoor...It was opened slightly further away from the holy grounds of the dragons.

Ancestor Imyr open a new background in different locations each time to avoid having his descendants attempting to return to the dimensional pocket after getting kicked out.

Should I bring Nimo with me Mistress Candace wondered.

If another one got added, you will lose two more years. Ancestor Imyr warned.

I think it\'s worth it. Thor said, Nimo also needs an insane amount of time to grow up properly.

Since he can already open void rifts on his own, he wouldn\'t bother Felix much and be responsible over his own food.

Plus, Felix will miss Nimo a lot if he spent a century without seeing him. Asna supported the idea.

A century might be nothing for those monsters, who lived for millions to billions of years, but it was an extremely long period for a human.

After everyone approved, Mistress Candace entered the dimensional window with Nimo in her arms.

Eee Eee!

The instant they arrived at the colorful dimensional pocket, Nimo started screaming excitedly akin to a child entering wonderland.

Feeling his urge to escape her grasp, Mistress Candace swiftly flew in direction of Felix.

It didn\'t take her long to arrive above the sea of lightning and the show that Felix was putting with giant weapons.

Eee! Eee!

Immediately after Nimo spotted Felix, his eyes brightened up in happiness and blinked above his lap...Then, he started licking his face, not caring about the electrical bolts hitting him.

Hmm Nimo Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise after he opened his eyes and saw Nimo\'s tongue all over his face.

He waved his hand and the entire sea of lightning disappeared.

As for the thunderclouds above him They were all removed by ancestor Imyr based on his request to start his external manipulation training.

Hello, Sir Felix. Mistress Candace appeared before Felix and bowed her head apologetically, Sorry for interrupting your training.

It\'s alright, but did something happen for you guys to come here Felix wondered as he rubbed Nimo\'s belly.

\'Come down here.\' Lady Sphinx said.

Knowing that it must be something important, Felix swiftly entered his consciousness space.

In there, he was informed about ancestor Imyr\'s heart and everything that they had discussed.

How can I help

Felix offered his assistance after realizing that his future would be impacted heavily if Lady Sphinx managed to pull off the merge with Imyr\'s heart.

He didn\'t mind having three hearts if they weren\'t going to affect him negatively...That\'s because the more hearts he had, the harder to kill him.

Felix had escaped death a few times due to his devourer\'s heart replacing his human heart after gotten damaged heavily.

With a third heart, he would really be considered as a cockroach.

You can accompany Mistress Candace to Imyr\'s heart.


Without delay, Felix exited his consciousness space and placed Nimo on his shoulders.

Then, he flew with mistress Candace after the wine jar.

It took them to a humongous red tree with leaves burning up...This was quite an uncanny and illogical sight to have a tree compatible with flames.

The ancestral wine jar went towards the trunk of the tree and passed through it, leaving behind water-like ripples.

Felix and mistress Candace eyed each other for a second in surprise before going through the tree trunk in the same manner.

After passing through it, they opened their eyes to a breathtaking sight of a cozy small spherical cave that was covered completely in vines and flowers.

In the center of the cave, there was a humongous crimson heart that was three times bigger than a wrecking ball!

It was frozen solid in a much bigger cube of crystal ice.




Everyone was left at loss for words as they eyed the gigantic heart, having no clue how did ancestor Imyr ever thought that it was possible to plant such a monstrosity in Felix\'s chest.

I can already see you guys judging my intelligence. Ancestor Imyr\'s eyelids twitched after hearing not a single comment on his heart.

I am capable of controlling the size of my heart as I pleased as long as my consciousness can enter it.

No one thought that you can\'t do so, elder. Felix coughed to cover for his previous doubt.

No wonder you managed to keep it intact for such a long period of time. Thor took an extra step and changed the subject by mentioning the cubic ice.

Good, I was worrying that you have left it to absorb elemental energy freely all this time. Lady Sphinx praised as well.

In this universe, almost everything was capable of absorbing elemental energy and gain consciousness as long as some conditions were met.

In the case of ancestor Imyr\'s heart, if it was left to absorb elemental energy for billions and billions of years, there was no doubt that it would turn into one of the greatest natural treasures in the history of the universe.

Gaining consciousness, maybe, maybe not.

But, anyone consuming it might not even live to tell the tale due to how overwhelming the benefits it would give.

This all sounded nice, but Lady Sphinx didn\'t want such a thing.

That\'s because if it was turned into a natural treasure, it would lose its original purpose and have nothing to offer but get utilized as food or for concoction.

Well, I was saving it for my descendants, hoping that one of them might show me that he was worthy to have my heart replaced his own and restart our cultivation system. Ancestor Imyr sighed, Alas, with each generation, my descendants keep getting worse and worse.

How about the Elder Dragon Felix wondered, He is believed to be the greatest dragon to be born with the highest amount of purity after the ancient dragons.

If he has your heart, I believe he can get even stronger.

That brat The greatest Ancestor Imyr laughed like he heard the funniest joke in his life, Haha, you know nothing, child.

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