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Chapter 978 A Threeway Battle ll

He dares! Clan head Ygos yelled with a suppressed furious tone.

Order him to stop right this instant! Clan head Kyrsun shouted at the green clan head.

He is allowed to use everything in his pocket.

Clan head Azesdirth replied calmly as he watched his son fire a highly condensed green flame orb at a mountain below him.

As for Felix and prince Domino They were too engaged in their chase of the ancestral wine jar to look behind them.

\'Got it!\'

In the end, Prince Domino was the one to reach the ancestral wine jar and hold it tens of meters above the ground.

Just as Felix was going to assault him with his battleaxe, his instincts finally screamed at him to get the ** away from here.

Felix didn\'t even need to look above him to spot the source of danger as the flame orb had already traveled past his face.

\'Oh no...\' Utterly horrified, Felix\'s felt his blood run cold at the sight of the green flame orb landing on the mountain\'s summit.

His mind went completely blank for a second before his survival instincts took over command, forcing him into manifesting the quickest possible defense!

Unfortunately, he wasn\'t given even a good second before the flame orb went off.

After a blinding flash of light and a booming explosion that traveled half the dimensional pocket, neither Felix nor prince Domino was seen again.

That\'s because their nanodrones were taken out instantly by the explosion, causing their stream screens to turn black.

The viewers were left in a state of shock and disbelief at the black image on those screens, having a strong feeling that those two didn\'t make it out of the explosion in one piece.

Who could blame them They had witnessed the horrific reach of the explosion through prince Arentis\' stream, as he had flown as high as possible before the explosion occurred.

\'This should teach them a good **ing lesson.\' Prince Arentis smiled coldly as he stared at the tragic aftermath of the explosion.

The mountains\' chain was completely gone while the surrounding area had been torched black.

When the dragons saw the gruesome level of destruction, all of them felt a wave of raging anger burning in their chests.


His reaction represented the other three head clans and the rest of the dragons.

Prince Arentis had destroyed tens of kilometers worth of resources in the dimensional pocket.

A level of destruction that was deemed as simply villainous and blasphemous to their sacred grounds.

Although the dimensional pocket always restore its environment after each cycle, the dragons knew that the ruins below ground were finite.

Prince Arentis\' explosion had left a one-kilometer-deep crater, which signified a high chance of erasing a ruins site.

He didn\'t break the rules. Clan head Azesdirth defended his son calmly, If you are still dissatisfied, you can take it up to the elder dragon.

You foolish bastard.

You just opened the pandora box in this cycle. Clan head Ygos said coldly, not bothering to make a complaint to the elder dragon.

He understood that he wouldn\'t even spare him a single word since prince Arentis truly didn\'t break any official rule.

As for clan head Kyrsun He stopped wasting his time with clan head Azesdirth and requested his daughter to check on Felix\'s well-being.

\'We don\'t know what happen, but I am pretty sure he didn\'t leave the explosion zone in time.\'

\'That shameless green lizard is really pushing my buttons.\' Princess Anastasia cursed hatefully while speeding towards the blast zone with her teammates.

\'The dragonslayer should be fine, right\' Tando commentated, \'Such explosions can\'t hurt him while he has void domain.\'

\'Let\'s hope so...\' Princess Anastasia wished.

All of them were still ignorant about Felix\'s void domain replacement...


While the white clan team was searching for Felix, prince Arentis was looking for the ancestral wine jar inside the crater.

\'That **head must have lost possession of it during the explosion.\' Prince Arentis thought as he scanned around him with an irritated expression.

He knew that three seconds had already gone by, which meant that the ancestral wine jar would start torturing them with his endless teleportation.

He wasn\'t too pleased with that since he had no team and no time for such games.

He couldn\'t even rely on his infrared vision since the heat produced from the explosion was still prevailing in the area.

\'Cursur, get your ass over here and help m...\'


Before he could finish his sentence, he was smashed in the back by a blitzing flaming black spear, making him wince in pain after his scales started to corrode and decay!

Whoosh Whoosh!

When he heard the same noise from behind, prince Arentis swiftly erected a barrier made out of green flames, causing the upcoming spears to merge with it.

Sacred flames could only be handled with other sacred flames.

You are one tough asshole. Prince Arentis insulted with an irked expression after he turned around and saw the source of the attacks.

It was none other than prince Domino!!

When the viewers saw his condition throughout prince Arentis\' stream, they felt goosebumps course on their skin.

Prince Domino might have survived such a destructive explosion, but he didn\'t come out of it in one piece as he resembled a half-eaten corpse.

Yet, he was still holding into the ancestral wine jar!

At least, you made yourself useful. Prince Arentis\' eyes brightened up after spotting the wine jar.

Prince Arentis felt not an ounce of threat from prince Domino due to his severe condition.

Come get it then. Prince Domino said with a serene tone like he wasn\'t missing his left arm, half his wing, and giant portions of his flesh.

Although his tone was peaceful, his eyes were nothing but that...They were consumed in black flames, making him resemble the grim reaper.

Those flames had hidden his murderous infuriated eyes, making prince Arentis have no idea what he was walking into.


In the blink of an eye, prince Arentis appeared before prince Domino and started raining on him with explosive claw strikes, aiming at his weaknesses!

With prince Domino\'s current state, he sure was full of them.


Blood kept spewing from prince Domino\'s wounds as he was incapable of blocking all of prince Arentis\' attacks.

To make matters worse, all of those attacks were accompanied by green flames, which resulted in prince Domino\'s soul getting torched!

Why didn\'t he stay hidden until he recovered

What a foolish move to fight in such condition!

He is missing an arm and holding the wine jar with the other.

What the hell is his endgame

\'You won\'t know greatness even if it stared at you right in the eyes.\' Clan head Ygos sneered inwardly after seeing everyone\'s reaction to his son\'s decision.

Instead of scolding him for making such a poor decision, he supported it wholeheartedly.

That\'s because he figured out that his son was using prince Arentis to punish himself for falling for such a simple bait.

If he was truly perfect, he wouldn\'t have gotten hit by the explosion.

For prince Domino, who sought perfection, such a poor sense of judgment was punishable behavior.

\'Not yet...Not yet...\' Prince Domino murmured inwardly as he toughened through his soul getting burned and flesh being sliced.

He just did his absolute best to defend his vitals and let prince Arentis have his way with him...If prince Arentis ever heard his thoughts, he would honestly halt his attacks in despair and pure fear.

No one was freaky enough to punish themselves after surviving a nuke!

Speaking about freaks...

Deep underneath a golden river, a big crystalized black plate could be seen situated on the riverbed.

Unique weird-looking fish were swimming around it, curious about its origin.

Just as some fish attempted to get close, the crystalized white plate was moved, scaring them away.

What was exposed underneath it was a naked scorched humanoid figure with his entire skin melted.

The burn damage was so bad that it was close to impossible to recognize the figure\'s face.

However, the instant he forced his bloodshot eyes open, there was no need to guess about his identity.

\'You wanna play with nukes Then, let\'s play with nukes.\'

For the first time in a long, long while, Felix\'s rage level had reached its limit...Prince Arentis and the rest of the dragons were going to have a taste of it.

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