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Chapter 964 Classified lntel About The Ancient Dragons

Haven\'t you read the published documents Anastasia wondered.

I have.

The information he read in the network implied that the first dragon city had been abandoned by the dragons, who decided to immigrate to the Icarius galaxy.

Because the ancestor still felt attached to the city, he cut a piece of it and placed it within a dimensional pocket.

But, with all kind of destruction going on around him, Felix wasn\'t so sure if that was the real narrative.

What you know is what I know. Anastasia answered with an honest look.

I see.

Felix could see that she was being truthful.

But, this didn\'t mean that his assumption was false.

So, Felix turned to the Wikipedia in his mind.

\'Master, do you know anything about this\'

\'Not the full picture.\' Lady Sphinx replied, never denying Felix an opportunity to obtain knowledge.

\'What do you mean\'

\'The immigration part did happen, but the dragons didn\'t do so because they were bored or looking for new scenery.\' Lady Sphinx dropped a bombshell, \'They were massacred and only a few ones survived.\'

\'Huh Come again!\' Felix froze still in his place immediately in disbelief.

Massacre Dragons

Not in his wildest dreams did he expect that the ancient dragons would be massacred in their own city!

This happened while the ancestor was still alive and the dragons were capable of reaching hundreds of kilometers in size

If it didn\'t come out of Lady Sphinx\'s mouth, he would honestly mark it as an unacceptable lie!

\'Is it the doing of a primogenitor Maybe they pissed off a primogenitor\' Asna wondered...She was hearing this for the first time as well.

\'That\'s the thing.\' Lady Sphinx shook her head, \'No one knows...But, I am certain that it wasn\'t any of the primogenitors since most of them were still asleep in the illusion world.\'

\'What do you mean by that\' Thor knitted his eyebrows, \'How can the massacre of dragons not spread out\'

\'It happened over hundred millions now...There was no such thing as UVR or another method of connection.\' Lady Sphinx clarified, \'Since dragons isolate themselves, I didn\'t hear about this until I found out that they had immigrated to another galaxy.\'

\'The surviving dragons from the massacre had their mouths completely sealed.\' Lady Sphinx added, \'I tried to reach out to the ancestor dragon Imyr, but I found out that he had disappeared after dropping his surviving descendants in Icarius galaxy.\'

Felix had no idea how to response to such an insane revelation...He simply kept trying his best to wrap his mind around this amount of preposterous information.

\'This has happened a hundred million years, so it is expected that no one to know it but the upper echolone of the dragon race.\'

Felix knew that if he exposed such a classified Intel, his soul would be pulled from his body personally by the elder dragon.

He might believe that Anastasia was ignorant about this or even the clan heads since they were replaceable, but not the elder dragon.

\'Does this mean that the reason for the disappearance of the other seven attributed sacred flames had something to do with the massacre.\' Mistress Candace wondered.

\'It had everything to do with it.\' Lady Sphinx clarified, \'Everyone calls Imyr as the first dragon are somewhat right and wrong at the same time.

He was simply the first dragon egg to hatch.

There were nine other more eggs, which hatched later after him.\'

\'Each dragon hatched in those eggs was born with a specific attribute.

Imyr treated them as his descendants since they were much younger than him, and they treated him as their father since he was a different breed than them.\'

\'While they had only one attributed flames like the modern dragons, he had control over all nine, which made him get crowned as the undisputed emperor of the dragons.\'

\'After mating with each other, the dragon race was born and expanded, making them the first race to be born without any connection to the primogenitors.\'

\'That\'s when the first time the term \'New Race\' has been coined.\'

Lady Sphinx didn\'t have to speak even further as Felix and the others had already understood the bigger picture.

After the unexplainable massacre occurred, only the descendants of the three known attributed flames have survived.

The rest were annihilated, breaking seven heritable branches for future generations.

\'Sh*t been wild back in the old days.\' Felix smiled wryly.

For the dragon race to get massacred by unknown foes at their strongest period, Felix had no clue what to think anymore.


\'Do you know why the dragons\' sizes shrunk to this point\' Felix wondered, \'It is truly due to the ancestors\' bloodline thinning out\'

\'That I don\'t know.\' Lady Sphinx said, \'If you want to know, you should ask Imyr personally.\'

\'Yea, no thank you.\' Felix chuckled, knowing that if he ended up greeding for the wine jar instead of handing to Anastasia, he would have his ass burnt to crisp by the four clans.

In their eyes, a human had absolutely no business with their ancestor...Plus, they would rather not get shamed by their ancestor after he sees that a human was meeting him instead of his descendant.

Felix Are you okay with splitting up Anastasia asked while waving her hand at Felix.

Oh yes.

I intended to do so. Felix returned to reality.

Alright, let\'s meet here in six hours. Anastasia said one last time before leaving to seek her own opportunities in this vast ruins site.

Forgo and the others had already left.

Without another delay, Felix walked south towards an area that was buried in rubble...One look and anyone would recognize that this area wasn\'t worth exploring as other places.

After all, it was much easier to search for valuables if they were in the open.

In such untouched ruins, it was doubtful that someone else had already cleared this place up...At least, Anastasia and the others had never seen this kind of ruins in their private clan data center.

\'How did the city survive I doubt the dragons wouldn\'t use their nukes and simply wait to have their neck cut.\' Felix pondered inwardly as he kept his eyes roaming akin to a radar.

No one responded, making him understand that his answer lies with the ancestor dragon.

Felix dropped those thoughts for now and focused on what mattered...The natural treasures.

The instant he reached the giant mountain of the rubble, Felix examined it carefully, hoping to find a hole to slip inside.

It was more than possible since he resembled an ant before those humongous boulders and rocks.

\'Found it.\'

It didn\'t take him long to spot an opening between two giant boulders...Felix slid through them and disappeared in the darkness.

The nanodrone followed him while shining the light through the rubble to see better.

Felix ignored it and kept parkouring from a boulder to another, diving deeper and deeper inside the rubble.

It was quite dangerous since everything could collapse on Felix with a single mistake...But, Felix was cautious on his strength application, not wanting to tip off the balance of any rock.

Before long, he reached somewhat of a dead end...There were two boulders attached a bit too close to each other, not allowing him to slip through them.

\'Is there any other way\' Felix looked around him, not wanting to use his brittle inducement in such a risky situation.

Alas, he found that other paths were sealed shut.

\'I guess this is a bust.\'

Not planning to waste his time on a single spot, Felix decided to exit the rubble and search other buildings.

However, the moment he turned, he spotted a red flash of light that disappeared in a split second.

Felix recognized that it was caused by the nanodrone\'s light being spotted on a tiny hole that was the same of his fist.


Curious, Felix held the nanodrone and aimed it at the sides of the hole...This time, the red flash of light appeared and persisted.

\'Red flash of light...Is it a bloodline treasure\' Felix\'s eyebrows rose in surprise as he got closer to the hole and peeked inside.

Alas, his head didn\'t fit in.

It was clearly that whatever was reflecting the light was hidden at the sides of the hole.

\'Let\'s try this.\' Felix opened his own stream of the nanobot and threw it inside the hole.

Clan head Kyrsun swiftly scanned the entire pocket within the rubble.

Before long, he was affixed on a brilliant reflective crystallized gemstone that was embedded inside a rock.

Only the tip of it appeared, but it was enough to make all the dragons watching to show visible signs of desire and greed!

Bingo. Felix smirked faintly as he looked at the crystallized red gemstone.

This was non-other than the most desirable item for the dragons...The Sacred Bloodline Treasure!

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