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Chapter 955 The Ancestral Dimensional Pocket

Even Felix had his breath taken away by the whole scenery...The sky was light green while the land was covered with forests, mountains, and rivers.

All of them appeared like they came out of an child\'s fantasy dream.

The forests were varied in colors and shapes while the rivers weren\'t filled with just water, but other colorful substances.

Felix had been teleported near a river that seemed to be flowing with never-ending golden honey.

Naturally, the forest wasn\'t dead in the slightest as there were many unique shaped birds, insects, and even small mammals, who could be seen drinking the honey river or chilling on trees.

With Felix\'s extraordinary vision, nothing could escape him, making him spot camouflaged reptiles on the rocks, tree trunks, and even the blue soft grass under him.

\'The laws here are really too wild.\' Felix thought inwardly with a awed look while observing everything around him.

Felix knew that if it wasn\'t for the laws being abnormal, the environment wouldn\'t have such a drastic difference from the outside universe.

It was like he walked inside wonderland and everything looked to be made out of candy.

Hell, even the mountains before him resembled giant reversed ice cream cones!

\'Felix, are you in\'

Abruptly, Felix received a brief message from Anastasia.


I just entered.\' Felix apologized, \'Sorry for making you wait.

Some things came up in my closed training.\'

\'I am just relieved that you have made it.\' Anastasia requested while sending him a link, \'Join the team\'s chat group.\'

Felix pressed on the link with an annoyed expression, knowing that he would be hearing a lot of crap from Forgo.

As expected, the instant he joined them, Forgo started with his scornful remarks, \'You really are something.

Daring to be late while knowing that the elder dragon would be attending the ceremony.

Your arrogance knows no bou...\'

\'Alright, shut the f*ck up.\' Felix cut him off short, not planning to bleed out his ears.

Then, he apologized to Tando and Chemmed, but he refused to do the same to Forgo.

He wasn\'t a fool, he understood that Forgo was actually more pissed off that he made it instead of being replaced.

After all, with Felix around, he would keep his second in command position in the team.

\'You little pri...\'

\'That\'s enough.\' Anastasia said sternly, \'We don\'t have time to bicker around.

Settle your problems at the end of the ceremony.

For now, focus on the ancestral wine jar search.\'

\'Got no problem with that.\'

\'Tsk.\' Forgo was still livid, but he couldn\'t challenge a direct order from Anastasia while being watched by everyone.

He might be a black dragon, but he must demonstrate that he was putting his best effort to help the white clan win the ceremony...Otherwise, his ending wouldn\'t be pleasant even by his clan.

\'Felix, we have split up into two groups.\' Anastasia disclosed, \'You are on your own, so I hope that you are extra careful with everything around you.\'

\'I know.\' Felix replied with a serious tone.

Although the dimensional pocket resembled a harmless wonderland for children to run around freely, Felix knew that was merely a facade.

Dangers lied everywhere and in the most unknown places.

With new laws settings, it meant new life forms able to inflect never seen before diseases, mental attacks, and more.

For example, the honey river seem to be drinkable by the lifeforms here, but it might act like a superglue in his case, making him get caught in its trap.

Hell, he even heard stories from Anastasia that some royal dragons had been killed by poisonous insects that were immune to fire!

This happened while they were in their dragons form!

It was simply unfathomable to imagine sixty meters dragons getting killed by tiny insects...But it happened, and Felix had his guard up to avoid falling in similar scenario.

\'With your poison immunity, many things here can\'t harm you.\' Asna commentated.

\'I know, but it\'s better to be safe than sorry.\' Felix replied.

Poison immunity was going to help Felix mostly with protection against insects, reptiles, and poisonous plants that camouflage themselves as natural treasures.

This was quite a good advantage to have on the dragons.

\'I have sent you our coordinates.

Check the distance between us and decide accordingly.\' Anastasia informed.

\'Alright.\' Felix nodded and requested Queen Ai calculate the distance between him and the coordinates.

This wouldn\'t have been possible without having most of the dimensional pocket mapped out.

Although it was mapped out, in every circle, there would be new areas being destroyed and replaced by entire different environments.

This made Queen Ai\'s map not 100% reliable.

\'5678 km in a straight line.\' Queen Ai shared.

Felix thanked the Queen and disclosed to Anastasia, \'I can reach you in ten minutes or less if I traveled at my fastest speed.

But, I think it will be better if I moved slow and searched for the wine jar on the way.\'

\'That works, just be safe and stay in touch.\' Anastasia said one last time before ending her chat with him.

Without further ado, Felix turned to a mountainous chain that was in his journey towards his teammates.

\'Let\'s start with you.\' Felix decided to check them, knowing that most high graded natural treasures were usually underground or in hidden places.

After all, natural treasures grow with time and elemental energy absorbed...If they were in the open, they would get found easily and eaten by the lifeforms around them.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Felix popped out his wings and flew towards the nearest mountain that was shaped as a piece of Toblerone chocolate.

Naturally, he remained close to the grounds and flew at moderate pace to scan his path for any noteworthy natural treasures.

\'As expected of the dimensional pocket, it is quite packed with E and D graded natural treasures.\'

Because Felix had read thousands of books about every kind of natural treasures, he was easily able to spot their distinctive details and separate them from normal plants.

\'Some of those natural treasures have already gone extinct on the outside.\' Felix mumured as he continued on his journey.

Although he was interested, there was no way he would be wasting his limited time on picking up low graded natural treasures.


Felix wasn\'t the only one moving solo in the dimensional pocket as the three other captains had all separated from their teams.

It was inefficient to search as five and dangerous to travel alone...Hence, the captain travel solo and the others move in two groups to maximize their search area.

\'Eragga mountainous chain.\'

\'He is quite far.\' Arentis frowned at the Intel given to him by his father...Just like Anastasia being informed by her father about Felix\'s entry, the rest of the captains got a piece of the news too.

Arentis was quite delighted by the Intel since it implied that their original plan was still on.

However, the distance was truly bothersome.

He was already given the initial location of prince Domino, making him realize that they were being separated by ten thousand kilometers if not more!

\'Will he drop everything and head towards that prick\' Arentis was doubtful that prince Domino would do so in the first day and the first hour.

He understood that if it was just prince Domino on his own, he would have done it without questions asked, but he had a team behind him to watch for and a clan to represent.

\'F*ck it, I will tell him the general location, and he can do whatever he wanted with it.\' Prince Arentis decided to go for it.

He swiftly reached out to prince Domino and sent him the coordinates to Eragga mountainous chain while leaving a brief message, \'The human is here.\'

Prince Arentis waited a few moments for prince Domino for his response but was left ghosted.

\'Prick.\' Arentis cursed under his breath and continued his search.

He didn\'t want to push too much since he wanted to avoid exposing that he had obtained the information from his father.

That\'s because it was banned to share anything with the participants...The only ones allowed to contact them were the clan heads.

Even them were limited in the content of Intel they could share from the stream...The only Intel allowed was related to ancestral wine jar.

For example, if someone found the ancestral wine jar, the clan heads could expose the exact person holding it and keep updating their teams with his location constantly!

This to ensure a healthy competition for the ancestral wine jar instead of locating it and hiding for seven days in this vast dimensional pocket.

Prince Arentis and his father decided to hasten the search for Felix by simply giving off his location in that manner.

Queen Ai couldn\'t expose or punish either of them when he merely gave out a random name for a location.


\'Shameful as always.\'

Meanwhile, Prince Domino wasn\'t pleased one bit by prince Arentis\' Intel.

It didn\'t take a genius to make anyone realize that the green clan had cheated.

He knew that all the teams get sent quite far from each other depending on the time they accessed the dimensional gate.

Hence, it was impossible for prince Arentis to get his hands on such Intel so soon on his own.

\'Change of plans, start searching towards north and hasten your pace.\' Prince Domino ordered his teammates while switching his flight direction towards the Erraga mountainous chain.

\'It\'s time to answer your maker.\' Prince Domino narrowed his eyes coldly as he envisioned Felix\'s foolish smile.

Unbeknownst to Arentis, Felix had pissed off prince Domino too much to the point, he wasn\'t concerned about the legitimacy of the Intel!

All he cared about was to teach Felix a hard lesson!

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