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Chapter 952 Pissing off Everyone

Candace and Asna weren\'t the only ones trying to reach out to Felix...Anastasia and Selphie kept contacting him but to no vial.

How can he still be in a closed training while only a week left before the ceremony. Anastasia complained.

She had been getting ** from her father for the past two weeks to get Felix back and join their last exercises at least.

Alas, no matter how many times she reached out to him, Felix never responded.

Don\'t worry, Felix isn\'t irresponsible. Selphie comforted her, He will be here in time.

He better be. Anastasia massaged her temples.


Minutes went by then hours...Before long, half a day went by and Felix was still in a trance.

Candace had already given up on trying to wake up Felix, letting Asna and Thor handle it.

A couple of hours, huh Asna gave Thor an annoyed glare.

He will wake up soon, trust me. Thor coughed.

Alas, Asna wasn\'t planning to fall for it again.

Candace, pull Felix into the void realm to disconnect him. Asna ordered.

On it.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Candace opened a void rift behind Felix and pulled him inside.

She wanted to do this hours ago, but she didn\'t want to get blamed by Felix for ruining his trance.

As expected, it worked like a charm.

The instant Felix lost connection with the lightning particles, he was forcefully ejected from his trance and returned to the real world.

\'Why am I here...\'

Just as Felix wanted to voice his displeasure, Asna cursed him in anger, \'You f*cking idiot, you are about to miss the ceremony if you don\'t move right now!\'

\'Oh no...\'

Felix felt his blood run cold at the thought of missing the ceremony.

Forget about the ancestral scales, he would pay a heavy price for ditching the white clan at the most crucial moment.

It was written clearly on the contract!

Without further ado, Felix returned to his spaceship and unlocked his inbox.

When he saw the hundreds of missing messages and calls from the clan head, officials, and his teammates, he couldn\'t help but gulp a mouthful in fear.

Candace, how much time do we have

We are already late by a few hours. Candace answered.

F*ck my life!

Felix swiftly sent a message to Anastasia, informing her that he was on the road, and he might be a late by a few minutes.

Not waiting for her reply, knowing that she would cuss him out, Felix quickly beamed his spaceship and entered Candace\'s aircraft.

\'Go, go, go!\'

Candace took off towards Icarius Galaxy at her fastest speed, wanting to prove her worth even more before Felix and the tenants.

Candace had no issues with being their maid, but it didn\'t mean that she wanted to stay as the maid forever.

Bit by bit, she hoped to increase her status in their tight cycle and turn into a valuable asset.


The day of the ceremony...In the courtroom of the white clan palace.

The atmosphere was stifled and gloomy as everyone had displeased expressions.

We have to get going soon. Clan head Kyrsun eyed his daughter and asked, Did you reach out to him

No... Anastasia shook her head, He must be still traveling through the void realm.

Well, we can\'t wait any longer for him.

The other clans must have already arrived at the sacred grounds. Clan head Kyrsun stood up and ordered, Get prepared, we will be departing in five minutes.

This is truly unacceptable. One of the officials gritted his teeth in anger, We will be seen as a laughingstock if we arrived at the sacred grounds while missing a team member.

Everyone else felt the same, which justified their frustration at Felix.

No, we will be seen as a laughingstock if we lost this cycle as well. Anastasia defended Felix, He might arrive late, but it won\'t matter much if he helped us win the ceremony.

Honestly, this was the only reason everyone was being too quiet about Felix\'s tardiness.

If he didn\'t have the strength to back him up, he would have been replaced in the blink of an eye and punished for his misbehavior.

\'Hehe, hopefully that arrogant retard won\'t make it.\' Forgo was the only one pleased by Felix\'s absence and hoped that he wouldn\'t make it.

In his mind, if Felix got replaced, he would be given the second in command position again.

This meant more bloodline treasures for him...As for winning the ceremony He wouldn\'t care less about it.



After a few hours of travel, the white clan had finally arrived at the sacred grounds, appearing as glorious and elegant as ever.

All the white dragons in the galaxy had to return to the capital planet and spectate the ceremony live to support their clan.

This applied to the rest of the clans and red dragons!

You guys finally made it...Did something happen to delay your trip, or you were simply seeking a good entrance. Clan head Azesdirth smiled faintly as he conversed with clan head Kyrsun.

The dragonslayer is running a bit late. clan head Kyrsun sighed while taking a seat next to the three clan heads.

Hmm That\'s a bit unexpected. Red clan head Bymid raised an eyebrow in surprise.

Well, it doesn\'t matter, he said that he will be arriving shortly. Clan head Kyrsun tried to shut down the subject, not wanting to discuss it.

A human will remain a human...Unreliable. Black clan head Ygos shared with an indifferent expression, not bothering to even glance at his peers.

To put your team\'s results on such an unreliable human is truly a bold move I will never consider. Clan head Azesdirth chuckled mockingly.

Clan head Kyrsun ignored his remark and kept eying the attendance of this cycle...There were dragons as far as his eyes could see.

The royal dragons were not mixing with each other as they were seated in four different segments around a supermassive white altar that was connected with the sky.

As for the red dragons They were either sitting on the ground or flying in the sky around the seating segments.

Currently, the clan heads were seated on four throne chairs above everyone else...However, there was still a bigger and more magnificent chair right above their heads.

The red dragons weren\'t allowed to fly past this chair because of a simple reason.

It belonged to the one and only, The Elder Dragon.

Most dragons here were more anticipated of seeing the elder dragon in his flesh than the teams duking it out.

Who could blame them

The elder dragon never make an appearence unless it was in this ceremony or in a challenge for his spot as the number one strongest player in the alliance.

At the top of the altar, there was a humongous ring that was erected vertically...The dimensional pocket gate would manifest in the center of the ring and remain open for seven days before closing for half a century again.

It had always been like this for every cycle.

There is still half an hour before the dimensional pocket to open...Stay tuned to watch the greatest ceremony to ever be hosted. A broadcaster spoke passionately as he commentated on the live stream of the ceremony to trillions of viewers.

As it was expected, Felix\'s participation in the ceremony had drawn his entire fan base to watch him, and almost anyone interested in watching dragons receive a beat down.

So far, Felix hadn\'t disappointed them in that department.

However, his absence didn\'t go unnoticed since all the teams had their members standing at the bottom of the altar.

Everyone was there but him.

This had risen some concerns from his fan base as they thought that Felix might have gotten replaced.

[I didn\'t pay one thousand coins to not see my idol.

They better be not have taken him out.]

[They wouldn\'t dare...Our Lord is unreplaceable!]

[Tsk, he must be trying to make an entrance...Humans\' love for attention knows no bounds.]

The chat streams around the universe were all discussing Felix\'s absence...Even the dragons at the sacred grounds began wondering about it.

Why hasn\'t dragonslayer arrived with you Princess Chozzus asked princess Anastasia in intrigue.

Prince Domino and prince Arentis perked their ears from the other side of the altar, wanting to know her response.

He had some urgent matters to do. Anastasia replied calmly, He will be here in a few minutes.

\'Urgent matters That retard better not miss the entry.\' Arentis frowned with a peeved look.

He knew that without Felix, their plan would be thrown into the dumpster, and they would be forced to compete against the black clan team on their own.

Unbeknownst to him, even prince Domino had gotten slightly pissed off at Felix.

You better not ditch our fight twice.

Otherwise, I will hunt you down to the end of the universe. He mumured with a frigid tone.

Whoosh!! Whoosh!!

Abruptly, everyone\'s attention was diverted from white clan team to the sky after hearing loud noises of the wind.

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When they focused too deeply, they spotted a colossal silhouette being hidden above the clouds...It was so big, it cast a shadow on the entire sacred grounds!

Roar Roar Roar...

One by one, the dragons started to breathe fire and roar in reverence, resembling worshipers seeing their god for the first time.

When the colossal silhouette emerged from the clouds, even the heirs and clan heads emitted the loudest dragon roar they could muster.

The live viewers were left absolutely god smacked by the magnificent sight of a colossal pitch-black dragon receiving the most respectful and formal greeting in the dragons\' culture!

The biggest dragon Felix ever met was seventy meters in height...This one was at least a few hundred kilometers big, making everyone appear as small as ants.

Each time he flapped his wings, the wind generated was enough to force the dragons to hold for their dear lives.

His penetrative eyes made it impossible for anyone to dare look at him directly...Even the clan heads avoided his eyes, knowing that they would be forced to bow down to his authoritative pressure on their own!

As for his royal purplish gem It was ten times bigger than the biggest dragon in the sacred grounds.

He was simply a different breed that would make anyone lower their heads in subservience...He was feared and respected by even the top ten rulers.

This was the Elder Dragon, The True Big Boss of The SGAlliance!

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