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Chapter 950 His Current Biggest Weakness

I also can\'t wait to master external external manipulation. Felix affirmed with an eager expression.

Ever since Felix obtained lightning manipulation, he never touched its external manipulation since it was always sealed.

The few lighting abilities he could use with external manipulation, were summoning a thunderstorm, parasitic discharge, and transmutation!

Alright, settle down. Jörmungandr\'s eyelids twitched, You still have to keep focusing on your poison manipulation.

Now that both lightning and poison manipulations were fully unlocked, Felix could learn them both simultaneously.

Of course...With my current experience, it won\'t take me long to learn the same external techniques and master external manipulation.

Since most standard techniques were more or less the same for most elements, Felix knew that he wouldn\'t struggle in lighting manipulation the same as he used to in poison manipulation.

Naturally, there were other techniques and abilities that were entirely unique to lightning, forcing Felix to invest his entire focus on them...Still, the experience of his first element would help him tremendously to overcome them.

So, to unseal gemstone manipulation as well, I need to master conversion technique of lightning, right

Yes. Lady Sphinx nodded, If you unsealed the inscription now, it would start a conflict with lightning inscriptions.

I see.

Felix understood that he was able to keep out only poison inscription from joining the conflict at the moment.

Honestly, he didn\'t really care too much about it being sealed...He had yet to even master its internal manipulation.

Is there any other technique to learn in the third stage Felix asked with a hopeful tone.

Felix had already been told by his masters that conversion technique was the only one learnable in the third stage for them.

If you want to learn more technique, your best option is either finding the Creation primogenitor and getting them directly from him, or decipher the inscription yourself. Lady Sphinx crashed his hopes again.

Sigh, forget it.

Felix didn\'t even entertain the idea of deciphering the inscriptions as he knew that the Creation primogenitor had spent more than two billion years, and he had still not finished with them.

As for finding him Even primogenitors had no idea about his whereabouts.

Whatever...Candace, did you find a good spot to increase my lightning affinity Felix inquired while standing up, giving up on his third stage of poison manipulation for now.

I found the best place for you. Mistress Candace assured.

Much appreciated. Felix smiled in satisfaction and requested her to take him there.


This is really the best place.

Felix praised with a pleased look as he eyed a mountain\'s summit that was being bombarded by hundreds of lightning bolts each second continuously!

Even through this endless barrage of god\'s wrath, the mountain\'s summit was still holding up perfectly.

The hell is it made from Felix got curious and used his bracelet to scan it...When he was given the results, his question was answered.

No wonder, it\'s made mostly out of Saflian.

Saflian was one of the few minerals that were completely immune to electricity.

It\'s immune to electricity, but it still gets heated. Felix mumured as he touched the surface of the summit...It was hot enough to cook anything in less than a second!

Without your fire resistance, your ass will be fried. Asna giggled as she watched him sit in a meditation posture while wearing just his undies.

The heat has been dealt with, but the noise and light are really too much even for me.

Felix frowned as he kept hearing thunderclaps resounding in his ears nonstop while being forced to squint his eyes at the flashing lights.

He might be immune to lightning, but it didn\'t mean that his ears and eyes were immune to the noise produced by the lighting bolts or the extreme light.

To connect with affinities particles around him, absolute concentration was required...It was clearly impossible to achieve it in this situation.

Thankfully, Felix had the perfect solution for those inconveniences.

\'Void suit, seal my ears and eyes shut.\' Felix ordered.

The living void suit emerged as a small marble and split into three pieces...Two traveled to his ears and closed them, making it impossible for even a dust particle to enter.

The last one spread out like a sleep mask on his eyes, turning his vision as dark as the night.

Felix knew that he could blind himself with his truth vision, but it required mental energy...He would rather not use anything that would make him lose out some of his concentration.

Because it was his void suit, Felix didn\'t have to worry about it being ruined by the lightning shower, knowing that it enjoyed high resistance to all elements.

\'Phew...Finally, we can start.\' Felix relaxed his posture and closed his eyes.

Then, he ignored everything else and focused on sensing the lightning particles around him...In less than a second, they appeared all around Felix akin to fireflies!

Well, that was quicker than I anticipated. Asna raised an eyebrow in surprise.

He really came a long way. Jörmungandr smiled.

All of them had anticipated that Felix wouldn\'t struggle at all with increasing his lighting affinity since he already knows what he needed to do to make it happen.

But, he was still much faster than they thought!

Thor was more than satisfied with this as it would hasten his training with Felix and help him catch up to his rival.

Felix didn\'t bother himself with anyone\'s reaction and started working on his external manipulation.

He lifted his finger and pointed it at a gathering of lightning particles.

Then, he gestured for them to split up.

The gathering of lightning particles separated from the middle and remained affixed like this.

If others were near him, they would have been stunned to see a lightning bolt being frozen midair while split in half!

The moment Felix released his control, the lightning particles joined again before disappearing into thin air.

In the same manner, the lightning bolt merged before disappearing into the ether.

This was external lightning manipulation...Felix would have complete control over any kind of lightning and electricity in his range!




Completely mindless, Felix kept splitting and merging the lightning bolts continuously.

The instant he got accustomed to it, Felix moved on to increase the numbers and the range of his control.

For external manipulation, range was everything.

At the moment, Felix\'s poison range was barely a hundred meters! It was an absolute joke and truly laughable if anyone caught wind of it.

The royal dragons had external range from two kilometers to tens of kilometers, depending on their bloodline purity and the work they put on improving their range.

Because Felix was absolutely talentless in elemental control, his range always suffered with him.

The only way to truly improve his range quickly was spending decades if not more on rich environments like this one.

Alas, Felix was always busy and on the move, he simply couldn\'t stay in one place for decades to increase his affinities.

The same was happening with his lightning affinity now.

He would learn the techniques easily, but the range wouldn\'t be great unless he invested time and effort into it.


He had merely eight months more or less to focus on his lightning affinity before being required to return to Icarius Galaxy and participate in the ceremony.

The tenants in his mind knew that his range was a considerable weakness of his, but they couldn\'t really help him out on it.

There are no shortcuts in this...It\'s all about talent and time.

Felix had none of them at the moment. Thor sighed as he eyed Felix\'s external lighting range get affixed on twenty meters.

After he gathers the materials for the divine axe, we have to make him drop everything and focus on his external range. Jörmungandr said with a stern tone, The higher he climbs, the more dangerous opponents he will meet.

All of them will have ranges reaching hundreds to thousands of kilometers.

Indeed, if he met them with his current range, he will be played like a fool. Carbuncle supported his claim while floating peacefully on the lake, smoking weed as always.

I believe that he might hit a one hundred meters or more if he invested those eight months completely on lightning affinity. Thor mentioned.

Well, let\'s hope so.

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