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Chapter 949 lt\'s Finally My Time to Shine

The moment Felix was teleported back next to everyone, Forgo snapped at him, You bastard! Why didn\'t you use your void domain!

Does it even matter Felix sneered, If I used it, you die, if I didn\'t, you still die.


Forgo wanted to retort that if he knew about Felix\'s decision to not use void domain, he would have found a way to block his dagger...Or at least make it difficult for Felix to kill him as easily.

But, he wasn\'t that retarded to use such a lame excuse.

Enough Forgo, it\'s your loss.

I don\'t care whether you accept it or not. Clan head Kyrsun eyed him sternly, Just stop creating trouble anymore with the dragonslayer and focus on training for the ceremony.


Forgo didn\'t dare to speak back against clan head Kyrsun, knowing that he could get replaced in an instant if he disrespected him.

The worst part No other clan would hire his services in their teams if they knew that he got kicked out because of his disrespect to a clan head.

Now that we get this settled, let\'s get back to the main subject.

This cycle, we actually have a good shot to win the ceremony...So, let\'s give it our best and put our clan\'s name back in the map again.

Everyone glanced at Felix and Forgo, knowing that he was talking about them.

As for Anastasia She was great too, but her fort wasn\'t really fights...She was specialized in healing and overview of the battlefield.

Felix, I believe that you already have a somewhat complete understanding of the ceremony, right Clan head Kyrsun inquired.

Yes. Felix nodded before adding, But, I do have some unanswered questions.

Do tell.

I was wondering about the damages caused to the dimensional pocket...Is there some sort of limits or banned abilities Felix asked.

Felix knew that the ancestral dimensional pocket was treated as sacred grounds by the dragons.

If so, he was truly confused about how could battles be occurred in it.

After all, dragons were quite destructive in their battles, and he doubted if natural treasures and bloodline treasures could survive their nukes.

Nothing is banned, you are allowed to go all out. Clan head Kyrsun answered, When the the dimensional pocket gets closed, its entire environment undergone a reconstruction and a rebirth process for half a century until it gets unlocked again.

That\'s quite mystical. Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise, May I ask how is that possible

My apologizes, but we can\'t disclose that. Clan head Kyrsun shook his head.

Fair enough.

Felix got even more curious after being denied the answer...He knew that if it was something simple and common, he would have been told in a heartbeat.

\'Do you know, master\' Felix asked Lady Sphinx.

\'No, but I can guess that time must run much faster inside when the pocket closes.\' Lady Sphinx replied, \'Since the dimensional pocket get closed for more than fifty years, if it was multiplied by ten or a hundred, it wouldn\'t be impossible for the environment to regrew again.\'

\'Naturally, this is only possible if the other laws were beneficial to the growth of the environment.\'

\'I see.\'

Felix had to agree that this was the best possible guess in this scenario.

Time destroys everything and heals everything.

Although you are allowed to go all out, it is still expected of you to avoid causing unwarranted damages to the environment. One of the officials disclosed with a stern tone.

I understand. Felix nodded calmly.

He knew that the officials must think that he wouldn\'t care too much about their sacred grounds due to being an outsider.

The other dragons were probably going to keep themselves in check because of their respect to their ancestral even if they were allowed to throw nukes everywhere.

Do you have any other questions

Do the natural treasures get split as well around the team based on that formula Felix wondered.

No, we don\'t care too much about natural treasures.

Everything you find is yours. Anastasia answered, knowing that Felix loved natural treasures more than anything.

She couldn\'t forget the day he cleared out her treasury from them.

Felix was indeed happy by her response as he refused to share his natural treasures with anyone...Especially, when he knew that there were even S graded natural treasures inside the dimensional pocket.

I guess that\'s all I have. Felix nodded in appreciation, Thanks for clearing out my doubts.

Honestly, Felix had many more questions about the ceremony...But, he knew that everything else was available in the network.

Very well. Clan head Kyrsun shared, As I said, today is just for introduction.

However, you are expected to be here tomorrow for real teamwork training.

Excuse me, but I won\'t be available for the upcoming months. Felix disclosed in a straightforward manner, I will be in a closed training with my masters.

Of course...Of course, we can manage without you.

The moment everyone heard that the term masters get brought up, everyone\'s initial reaction had been forcefully changed.

They assumed that Felix wasn\'t taking the team seriously to even suggest such a thing, but they couldn\'t say anything anymore to the fact that he would be training by his masters.

All of them knew that Felix\'s masters were primogenitors!

How could they disapprove of his decision without making it seem like they believe that their training was more important than primogenitors\' training

Even clan head Kyrsun wasn\'t that bold and arrogant.


After getting permission, Felix logged out and returned to his training ground in his spaceship.

He mediated for a few minutes to clear his mind, then he restarted his poison conversion technique exercise.

From this moment onward, Felix intended to spend merely three hours of sleep and three hours for food, showers, interactions...etc

The rest of his time would be his fuel to perfect this technique and finally master the third stage of replacement!

Let\'s begin the grind.


Four months later...

Felix could be seen sitting in a meditation position while having a thick cloud of green poison revolving around him.



The poison cloud got sucked in his body with the neutral energy and got converted instantly into peak graded elemental energy!

\'Not enough, again...\'

Felix emptied a portion of his tank by expelling another cloud of poison before starting the exercise again.

He kept doing this over and over nonstop for the next twelve hours, boring the hell out of anyone watching him.

That\'s why the tenants in his mind were currently playing poker to pass time.

Though they were still discussing him.

How long will he take It\'s been four months already. Asna asked in annoyance, not too pleased with Felix\'s schedule as he didn\'t spend as much time as she wanted with her.

Soon. Jörmungandr replied, Real soon.

You said the same two months ago...

This time I am sure. Jörmungandr assured, He only needs to cover the last 1% of his pores and he will...


Before Jörmungandr could finish his sentence, Felix\'s body abruptly released a deafening shockwave that spread throughout the entire training ground!!

When the tenants focused on him, they were stunned to see his purplish inscriptions illuminating brilliantly.

Felix seemed out of it as he had his eyes rolled at the back of his head.

What\'s going on! Asna asked worriedly.

It\'s finally happening.

He did it.

Haha! He must be the first non primogenitor to receive approval of the sacred inscriptions.

Jörmungandr, Thor, Lady Sphinx, Fenrir, and Carbuncle all showed faint nostalgic smiles.

All of them had gone through the same situation when they first mastered their conversion technique.

When will it en..

Asna was forced to hold the rest of her sentence after spotting the lights growing dimmer.

Before long, the lights went off and the inscriptions turned invisible again.


The moment Felix\'s face smashed on the floor, the shock woke him up out of his daze.

Am I that tired to fall asleep like this Felix mumured with a muddled look, having absolutely no clue what had just happened.

You didn\'t fall asleep, that was just the sacred poison inscriptions finally recognizing you as their owner. Jörmungandr clarified with a proud smile.

Come again... Felix widened his eyes, I really did it

Congratulation idiot, you have finally mastered the conversion technique. Asna chuckled at his disbelieving expression.

Even with Asna\'s confirmation, Felix was still in state of doubt and incredulity.

Who could blame him He had been doing the same exercise for a long, long time, hoping to place the last piece of the puzzle.

The past four months were one of the most brutal ones he had gone through...It wasn\'t easy to repeat the same crap continuously for eighteen hours a day just to get rewarded with tiny improvements.

He was close to giving up on the exercise many times, but stopped himself at the last moments, knowing that he was bound to do this again whether he liked it or not.

Try to order your lightning inscriptions to appear now. Lady Sphinx said.

Can I do it in the UVR first Felix replied with a worried tone, knowing that the seal would break if he did so.

When the seal breaks, hell would break loose as the two inscriptions refuse to coexist in one skin.

Just do it.

Upon hearing her confident tone, Felix stopped being b*tch and did as he was told.

A split second later, the lighting gray inscriptions appeared on top of his purplish inscriptions.

Then, chaos arose as the two inscriptions started turning hotter and hotter until Felix felt his skin getting burnt off.

F*ck! Stop, Stop! Felix cried out in pain reflexively.

Then, there was no then...The purplish inscription stopped fighting back and this in turn made the gray inscription to calm down too.

If there was no one to retaliate, there would be no fight in the first place...That\'s why mastering one was enough to stop two!

Just like that, both of Felix\'s inscriptions were finally coexisting simultaneously, allowing Felix to use them both to their full potential!

It\'s finally my turn to shine. Thor smirked.

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