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Chapter 933 The Start of The Test!

The names of the abilities weren\'t really written since there was no way a device could know them.

However, they were numbered based on the duration their genes got linked with Felix\'s DNA.

It was like calculating their lifespan...Naturally, size manipulation was first on the list and Carbuncle\'s peak ability was last on the list.

Felix looked at the middle and picked the number associated with gemstone arsenal.

Although he unlocked two active abilities at 30% and 60%, the timing wasn\'t exact...Felix knew that gemstone arsenal was the first active ability to be unlocked after he reached 30%.

Now that he had picked it, the genome needled was going to target the genome sequence for this ability alone and extract it solely.

Here we go. Felix took a deep breath and pierced his right arm vein.

Then, he pressed a button on the genome needle and watched it do its magic while wincing slightly due to a painful tingling sensation all over his body.

Thankfully, the process didn\'t last for more than three seconds.

\'I will never get used to this sensation of weakness washing over me.\' Felix knitted his eyebrows while picking the imprinter.

By removing genome sequences for abilities, naturally, he would also lose the enhancements that came with it.

Without delay, Felix placed the imprinter on another vein and pumped the blood back into his bloodstream.

The moment he was done, Felix closed his eyes shut and prepared himself mentally for the incoming hellish agony!

Unlike the extraction, this process resembled integration greatly since he would be breaking down his DNA yet again for the genome sequence of the void domain to get linked!

It was going to take fifteen minutes just like the etching process for other bloodliners.


What a strange cultivation system.

Carbuncle commentated as he eyed Felix trying his best to hold down his screams after his body got assaulted by horrific waves of pain.

You should spend a few hours checking his memories to get a better picture of everything. Jörmungandr advised.

Too bothersome...

Suit yourself. Jörmungandr\'s eyelids twitched at his laziness.


Fifteen minutes later...

\'F*ck me...I am never doing this right after my integration...Never.\'

Felix could be lying on his stomach while breathing heavily like he had sprinted a marathon.

At least, you succeeded. Asna comforted with a faint smile, You have now four ultimate abilities.

Worth it... Felix stopped b*tching immediately after sensing that his gemstone arsenal was replaced by void domain.

This truly opens many possibilities in your future. Thor added, You can create a pool of abilities and replace the ones you don\'t like from your new bloodline.

In other sense, Felix could now save up the best abilities instead of allowing them to get replaced automatically.

This would help him create the perfect combination of abilities whenever he entered a new replacement stage!

I will start working on it. Felix approved, It\'s much better than accepting unlocking common abilities.

With every bloodline, Felix always unlock one ability or two that were completely useless.

From the day he used the bloodline until the day he replaced it, he rarely used them once or twice.

Although most of those abilities were passives, Felix knew that he could replace them with much better passives.

Elemental immunities were just one example!

Just don\'t overdo it. Lady Sphinx warned, It never ends well if your bloodline was too mixed up with genetics from tens of different sources.

I understand, I will be moderate. Felix nodded with a serious expression.

For now, he intended to keep his arsenal the same.


The next morning...

Felix could be seen sitting on his bed next to Nimo, who was taking a nap.

Felix was rubbing Nimo\'s tummy with one hand and was holding the gemstone egg with the other.

It really looks pretty dead. Felix mumured as he kept turning the egg around, examining it thoroughly.

That\'s what we wanted. Lady Sphinx turned to Carbuncle and asked, Are you ready

Let\'s get it over with. Carbuncle waved his tiny furry hand lazily.

You may begin.

The moment he received permission, Carbuncle\'s wisp of consciousness had broken into a gray fog before disappearing completely.

Felix kept his hand on the egg, knowing that Carbuncle needed direct contact for his wisp of consciousness to transfer.

After a short while, Felix looked at the unchanged brilliant egg and asked with a hint of worry in his tone, Why is there no reaction

Reaction or not, it doesn\'t matter. Thor confirmed, We can sense that Carbuncle\'s consciousness has successfully taken hold of the egg.

Is that so. Felix relaxed his shoulders, So, I can let go of the egg now

You can, but it\'s better if you kept holding it. Lady Sphinx clarified, We won\'t be able to sense him or contact him otherwise.

I understand.

It\'s best if you kept the egg placed on your back. Jörmungandr suggested, We don\'t know how long Carbuncle will take before reaching out to us, and it\'s best if it didn\'t hinder your life.

None of them knew exactly what\'s going on inside the egg at the moment.

All they knew was that Carbuncle had to be the first to reach out to them since they couldn\'t contact him unless he got out of the egg like Nimo did.

Will feeding the egg hasten the process Asna wondered.

I am not too sure, but we won\'t lose anything by trying. Lady Sphinx replied.

Upon hearing so, Felix brought out most of the gem energy stones in his possession and waited until Asna purified them.

After she was done, she started to feed the gemstone egg the energy...This time, there was a reaction as the egg started illuminating brightly.

Asna kept on feeding it until the purified stock had run out.

Is it just me or the absorption speed has been increased by at least four times than before Thor shared.

I spotted the difference too. Asna nodded, The egg had taken the intuitive to suck the energy out Felix\'s body instead of waiting for me to push it.

It must be Carbuncle. Lady Sphinx smiled, This confirms that he is consciously active within the egg.

It looks like he isn\'t capable of communicating with us then. Fenrir added his own input calmly.

Let\'s keep feeding him on daily basis. Thor nodded, It will defintely help the egg grow faster, giving Carbuncle more control over it.

It looks as if it\'s going to take a while then. Felix beamed the egg back to his spatial card, knowing that it was quite useless to keep contact with it at the moment.

I will go out to restock. Felix rubbed patted Nimo in the head, Wake up sleepy head, we have errands to run.

Eee Eee!

The moment the outside was brought out, Nimo became as energetic as an ox.

Felix chuckled and sat on his back.

Then, they entered a void rift and continued their journey until they were nearby a new dragon city, that was under the rulership of the white clan.

The entire capital plant has merely a hundred cities spread out on its spacious landscape...Most of those cities were under the rulership of the four royal families.

The rest were cities built by the workers and slaves like the Freedom City.

Felix intended to buy all the stocks related to gemstone element from all the cities in the capital planet!

He knew that those eggs had vicious appetite, and if he wanted to avoid getting irritated by running out of energy every couple of days, it was better to get enough stock to last for months.

So, Felix spent the entire day jumping from a city to another, running thorough all of their stores as fast as he could.

Because he was buying only gemstone related energy stones, materials, and natural treasures, he wasn\'t given the same amount of attention as last time.

With his new appearence, no one realized his identity at all, making his shopping spree end as peacefully as it started.

After he returned to his room, Felix kept feeding the egg with one hand and using the other to research his opponents in the upcoming test.

Although he was confident in his strength, he would rather not grow complacent and end up exposing more than he needed.


Two months later, the day of the test...

Haven\'t your clan already finished the qualifiers and picked your team members What\'s the point of this contest Prince Arentis yawned lazily while addressing Anastasia.

You will understand soon. Anastasia replied calmly.

Well, I am glad they did...I was bored waiting for the ceremony to start. Princess Chozzus backed Anastasia with a faint smile.

What do you think, Mr.

Prodigy Prince Arentis said sarcastically while sparing a side glance at Prince Domino, who was sitting at the far side.

... Prince Domino didn\'t even bother to glance at him.

He merely kept his eyes affixed on an island far beneath them...This was the battleground for the contest that was about to start soon.

Everyone believed that it was contest for the last slot in the white clan\'s team, having no clue that it was a mere test of Felix\'s capablities.

Only Prince Domino knew about it and came here specifically to assess Felix\'s strength!

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