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Chapter 917 The New,New Bloodline

Jörmungandr and Thor were annoyed by the sound of that, but they couldnt retort at all.

“Candace, you can get going now.” Lady Sphinx ordered.

“Yes Mam.” Mistress Candace nodded slightly and exited the void realm, bringing out Nimo with her.

Eee Eee…

The moment Nimo saw Felix in the VR Pod, he went to him and started to scratch the glass lid with a saddened look.

“Sir Felix, Nimo has been missing you.” Mistress Candace informed, “He spends most of his time sleeping next to your VR Pod.”

Upon hearing so, Felix wanted nothing more but ditch the meeting and check on him, but he didnt want to be disrespectful before Fenrir in his first meeting.

“What did I just tell you” Fenrir said calmly, “Dont be formal around me.

If you want to leave, just go for it.”

This was all Felix needed to hear.

“Be right back.”

He swiftly logged out and exited the VR Pod, making Nimo jump on his embrace with an excited expression.

“Easy there, I am not going anymore.” Felix chuckled in amusement as he rubbed his fur.

Eee Eee!

Nimo ignored him and kept wagging his tail akin to an excited puppy.

“Candace, why didnt he grow bigger Wasnt he eating properly in the past two years and a half” Felix inquired after seeing that Nimos size hadnt changed at all.

After such a long period, Felix had expected Nimo to reach at least the size of an elephant.

“He did grow, Sir Felix.” Mistress Candace shared, “In fact, he got so big, he wasnt fit to stay in the room anymore.

To stay near you, he reduced his size somehow.”

“Is that so” Felix raised his eyebrows in surprise.

He didnt expect that Nimo had already learned how to control his size.

‘Maybe, he had unlocked other abilities or techniques related to void Felix pondered,I need to spend some time with him later on and discover everything.

For now, Felix logged back in to the meeting, knowing that he couldnt leave them waiting for long.

This time, he brought Nimo with him.

In a short while, Fenrir and Noah excused themselves from the gathering after establishing all final points for the mission.

This was going to be a large operation that would send shockwaves throughout the entire universe if it succeeded.

Felix had no intentions of missing it as he planned to watch the operation through the 24/7 stream of the ice world.

As a popular tourist location, there were always cameras pointed at the ice world.

“So, have you made your mind about your next element” Asna inquired, “You cant delay it any further.”

“I know.” Felix nodded, “I have decided to just bait the bullet and go with water element.”

Now that ice was gone, and other solid form elements were out of the picture, Felix could only go for the second-best option.

The Great Kraken Bloodline.

“Plus, I dont mind inheriting some tentacles as a mutation.” Felix joked while giving Asna a lewd glance.

“Pervert bastard.” Embarrassed, Asna kicked him in the foot.

“It will be fu…”

“Shut up already!” Asna swiftly turned to Lady Sphinx and asked with a beseeching tone, “Is there any hope for the gemstone egg”

Felix stopped teasing Asna after being reminded of the gemstone egg.

“What about the gemstone egg” He asked in intrigue.

“We had a theory that it might be possible to extract the universal gifts from it and give them to you.” Jörmungandr shared.

“Huh Is that even possible” Felix was stunned.


They all turned to Lady Sphinx with hopeful eyes…She had two years and a half to research the gemstone egg.

If someone was capable of accomplishing such an impossible achievement, it got to be Lady Sphinx.

Alas, Lady Sphinx had to disappoint them by shaking her head.

“Told you guys.” Thor sighed.

Since Felix wasnt really give enough time to be hopeful, he didnt feel anything at her failure to make it happen.

“I guess I am still the tentecl…”

“Stop jumping into assumptions.” Lady Sphinx squinted at them both in annoyance.

Before they could reply, she continued on, “I have failed to find a way to extract the gifts or harness them in Felixs favor, but I did come up with a plan that might help him secure at least the gemstone manipulation.”

“Youre kidding!”


“For real”

Everyone was left shocked at her bold statement.

“I am not in the mood for jesting.” Lady Sphinx explained her thought process calmly, “To extract the gifts is simply impossible without enough data.

I barely had time to poke around with it, so you can forget about getting the best of the egg.”

“However, the same didnt apply to the elemental manipulation.

Unlike other gifts, it can be passed down to anyone by the current inheritor.”

“What does this mean” Lady Sphinx asked while looking at them.

Since everyone here was pretty sharp, it didnt take them even a second to understand the jest of her plan.

“Your brain really is wired differently to think of this.” Thor couldnt help but complement.

“But will it work though” Jörmungandr was a bit pessimistic.

“There is high chance.” Lady Sphinx nodded.

“A high chance isnt a certainty.” He replied, still not sold on the plan.

“There is indeed risk in it.” Felix frowned, having second thoughts about the plan as well.

Who could blame him

Lady Sphinx was suggesting to make Felix integrate with the gemstone primogenitors bloodline and awaken him even though he had no manipulation anymore!!

After doing so, they would try to place his wisp of consciousness inside the gem egg.

Lady Sphinx trusted that the gemstone primogenitor would be accepted and allowed by the universe to obtain all the gifts since they were his in the first place.

After he obtained the gifts, he would be given the option to be reborn yet again!

Jörmungandr felt that there was a small chance that the gemstone primogenitor might decide to be reborn again with his gifts instead of bestowing the gemstone manipulation into him.

If he did so, Felixs fourth replacement would turn to be a bust since he would have no additional perfect manipulation or other benefits from it like Nimos or void domain.

“I just laid down another option.

Its up to you to choose.” Lady Sphinx said.

“How certain are you that the gemstone primogenitor will be willing to pass down his manipulation to me” Felix inquired.

“Well, he did pass down his gemstone manipulation for the sake of an experiment before offing himself.” Thor reasoned, “He is bound to do the same if we requested him…Especially, when our relationship is friendly.”

Hearing this had tipped the scale in favor of the gemstone manipulation in Felixs mind…He knew that it wasnt 100% certain, but it was hard to overlook the pattern.

“I am not too sure on this one, but I think that if the gemstone primogenitor refused to do it, we can make a trade with him.” Lady Sphinx interjected, “I believe that he wont lose his other gifts if he bestowed his perfect manipulation…We can make a deal to help him hatch and be reborn only if he bestowed his manipulation.”

“Isnt that a bit too ruthless” Felix didnt like the sound of that one bit.

“We are on friendly terms, but he isnt our friend.” Jörmungandr backed Lady Sphinx coldly, “If he wasnt up for a deal, then why the hell will we waste our time and resources to help him be reborn”

“Indeed, we are not a charity.” Asna added lazily.

“Dont think too deeply about it.” Thor smiled wryly, “I know the gemstone primogenitor.

His condition was more severe than anyone else.

In his eyes, there wasnt anything worth living for in this universe…So, I doubt he will even bother to stay behind after fulfilling our request.”

Now that he heard this much, Felixs choice became more apparent.

“I will go for it.” Felix decided with a serious tone.

Felix would rather trust in his instincts than pick water element because it was the safest bet.

He had nothing against water element, he just felt that it wouldnt click with him…He truly desired a solid state element to upgrade his prowess to a new level.

“You will be really a pain in the ass to your enemies if you got gem primogenitors ultimate ability.” Thors eyelids twitched, “Besides elemental domains, its the most wicked and deadly ultimate ability to face against.”

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