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Chapter 916 Waking Up

One year and five months later…

Felixs eyelids finally started to show some movement inside the VR Pod…He opened them slowly, feeling like they were glued shut.

The moment they were open, Felix looked around him with a muddled expression while yawning widely.

After a few seconds looking here and there, his disarrayed memories were affixed and resurfaced in his mind, reminding him about his current situation.

“Good morning, sunshine.” Asna welcomed with a pleasant delighted tone.

“Morning to you too.” Felix massaged his eyelids as he asked, “How long was I sleeping for”

“Two years and five months.” Lady Sphinx informed calmly.

“I slept an extra five months” Felix frowned, not liking the sound of that one bit.

Who could blame him The test was in seven months, and he had yet to even replace his bloodline…Felix couldnt risk entering the test without being in his greatest form.

“I really need to hasten my plan.” Not wasting a single second, Felix opened the VR Pod and jumped out.


The instant his feet touched the ground, a loud booming noise resounded throughout the room!

Surprised, Felix glanced underneath him and couldnt help but gasp audibly after seeing that his feet had left two dents!

Cracks surrounded those feet shaped dents.

“The ground is tough enough to support even dragons weight.” Thor grinned, “For you to impact it this hard, it only means that your strength is edging closer to them.”

Felix nodded absentmindedly while tightening his fists, feeling untapped monstrous power within them.

It wasnt clear to him why, but he had the feeling that he was capable of wrestling even with dragons!

“You must have crossed past the sixth mark and done already half of it.” Lady Sphinx deducted.

“If thats right, doesnt mean that he must have increased his physical strength by an insane twenty thousand bloodline force” Mistress Candaces eyes widened in shock.

Before the coma, Felixs devourers system was at half the fourth mark.

Since each complete mark rewarded Felix with a fixed ten thousand bloodline force, he would have naturally obtained that unimaginable increase if Lady Sphinxs deduction was correct.

“Sheesh, no wonder the Devourers have the guts to decline the alliance invitation to join them.” Felix said.

The Devourers were one of the few races to prefer remaining independent after being discovered by the ever expanding SGAlliance.

If it were any other race, it would be a no-brainer to join the alliance since they had gotten exposed to the vultures, who wouldnt hesitate to invade them.

But in the case of the Devourers

They were capable of reaching the same strength as dragons, making them one of the top dogs in the universe.

Felix couldnt imagine how strong he would get if he went through his whole inventory of natural treasures.

“After the replacement enhancement, it will get even better.” Felix smirked faintly while putting some clothes on.

“So, how did it go with elder Fenrir” Felix inquired, “Did you guys bury the hatchet”

“Well…Old snake, you do the honor.” Thor passed the baton, not wanting to be the bearer of bad news.

“Spineless alcoholic.” Jörmungandr cursed him in annoyance.

“Whats going on guys” Felix had a bad feeling suddenly.

“Its best to join us.” Jörmungandr said.

“Alright.” Felix replied with a serious expression and dived back inside the VR Pod.

He wanted to take a shower and comfort Nimo before meeting them, but now Everything was scrapped.

After Felix met with the tenants in Lady Sphinxs house, the first thing he did was give Asna a quick hug and a kiss, not caring about her embarrassed protests.

For him, it was a quick nap, but for her She had to go through two years and a half without talking to him.

This had never happened ever since they met.

“Hit me, whats with the long faces” Felix said after sitting next to the pouting Asna.

Jörmungandr went and updated him on the whole development that he missed during his coma.

He told him that there was no perfect ice manipulation since they had a plan to free Fenrir without weakening him.

He also informed him about the current master/student relation Fenrir had with Noah and that fact he was the one going to be saving him from the ice world.

“Everything I heard is good news.” Felix eyed them speechlessly, “Hearing your tone, I thought that you failed to awaken Fenrir or something.”

Sure, it stung a little that he wouldnt be using ice element when he quite liked it, but that was it.

He could easily pick another element and go on with his life.

In fact, the new element might even be better suited for him than ice since first impressions shouldnt always be taken as face value.

As for Noah becoming Fenrirs student Shit, he couldnt be more happy about it.

He understood that Noah was one of the most reliable people he had in his life and if he had joined him much earlier in his journey, his path would have been much easier with his help.

In the same coin, Noah would have been able to develop faster…But, even if he wanted to do it, he had no control over his masters choices.

It wasnt like he could force Lady Sphinx to help Noah the same way she helped him.

Fortunately, Fenrir had seen his good side and gave him an opportunity to get better.

“Its good that you feel that way.” Jörmungandr smiled in gratification.

“So, where are they now” Felix asked for Fenrir and Noah.

“I have called them over, they will be here soon.” Lady Sphinx replied.

“Alright.” Felix nodded, “We need to start rescue mission as fast as possible, so I can join it too.”

“I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I doubt thats possible.” Mistress Candace shared, “Unless, you are willing to miss the test, its impossible for me to take you to the ice world and return you here in a mere half a year.”

“The distance…Crap, I didnt consider it.”

He was so used to having no more than two months travels with Mistress Candace, he completely forgot that the ice world was literally on the other side of the universe.

“Idiot, dont forget that you need to start your replacement process as soon as possible.” Asna gave him a hand chop in the head, “How can you integrate while inside the void realm”

“I know…Unless the test was delayed or the rescue mission, Its impossible for me to make it to both.” Felix sighed in frustration.

There was simply no way Felix would request Fenrir to wait for him until he gets his sh*t done here, so he could come and spectate the rescue live.

“You wont even be needed there.” Lady Sphinx said, “Just leave it to the kid, I believe that he will get it done.”

“Damn right he will.”

Suddenly, Fenrir entered through the open door with his trademark expressionless face.

Noah was following behind him with the same expression, making them seem like a father and a son duo.

“Good morning to you too.” Jörmungandrs eyelids twitched at Fenrirs impoliteness.

“I am honored to meet you elder, I have heard nothing but great things about you.” Felix bowed his head respectfully immediately.

“No need to be formal with me, child.” Fenrir said calmly, “As long as you are with me, release your inner wildness.”

“I will try…” Felix was a bit weirded out by his request, but he was used to weirdness from primogenitors by now.

“Noah.” Felix turned to Noah and smiled in delight, “I am glad that you have found a new path.”

Silent as always, Noah nodded in appreciation, knowing that none of this would have been possible without Felix.

“Time is out of essence, so should we make a move now” Thor asked.

If it wasnt for Mistress Candace being required to care for Felix and Nimo during his coma, they would have already freed Fenrir a long while ago.

“I apologize for not offering much of assistance.” Felix scratched his head, not getting used to being a mere spectator.

“You have already done enough.” Fenrir cracked a tiny smile, “Just keeping those old fogies alive is already an achievement of its own.”

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