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Chapter 889 The White Dragon Clan

Felix didnt know if Mr.

Zaztlat had already sold the rest before or this was the only parts he managed to secure.

After all, he wasnt an explorer but a mere trader.

“Master, do you have any good recipes or better methods to use those parts” Felix inquired.

He knew that the most common method of receiving benefits from the dragons organs and flesh was by eating them.

But, it was believed that method didnt really make the best use of them.

“The only recipes I own that involve dragons parts are higher than rank five.” Lady Sphinx replied.

“I see…” Felix smiled bitterly.

Felix had a feeling that she would answer like this since he had never seen or heard about a potion that involved dragons.

Not even a rank five one.

He had read a crazy number of books about them.

Well, it was to be expected…Dragons were superior beings, and it was impossible to create a potion recipe when the materials were almost nonexistent.

Even the UVR would help just a little.

“So, there is no way for me to use them properly now before then”

Felix really wished to concoct a potion with them as he knew that the minimum benefit obtained from eating the heart or other organ was a significant empowerment to ones physical strength!

Based on the forums posts, it was believed that the minimum increase was five thousand BF!

In other words, hitting half a devourers mark with a single meal!

If this was the minimum enhancement, Felix couldnt imagine how much strength he would obtain after using a proper recipe!

“Hmm, you can forget about potions for now.” Lady Sphinx suggested, “Its much better for you to simply use a cooking recipe.”

“A cooking recipe”

“Yes, I have many of them that can enhance the taste and most importantly, the benefits obtained.” Lady Sphinx disclosed.

Felix was a bit speechless as he had never expected that Lady Sphinx would be a master of cooking too.

The horrible taste of the potions she made still haunt him to this day.

Lady Sphinx ignored his skepticism and shared, “I have five cooking recipes for the heart, six for the liver, and twenty for the meat…Choose wisely which one you will use since each recipe has a specific benefit.”

“What do you mean”

“Eating Green Lavender Dragon Heart stew will help you increase your fire resistance significantly.

Though, you will lose out a bit on the strength enhancement.”

“I see.” Felix nodded his head in understanding.

He was still somewhat surprised as this was the first time he heard the cooking recipes could play a considerable role in the benefits obtained from the ingredients.

“Its all about the right ingredients and cooking sequence.” Lady Sphinx clarified, “If they dont match, you will actually make it worse than just eating the meat with a simple recipe.”

“This is a whole new domain that is mostly explored by the primogenitors and other superior beings.” Thor said.

It made sense that not everyone was knowledgeable about those kinds of cooking recipes.

After all, it wasnt a common experience to eat exotic ingredients that were even rarer to get than natural treasures.

Without further ado, Lady Sphinx handed Felix all the recipes related to the ingredients in his possession.

Felix read them carefully for the next minutes.

When he was done, he couldnt help but marvel at ingredients involved and how meticulous the cooking steps needed to be.

For example, the Green Lavender Dragon Heart stew needed ten gradedA natural treasures…Each was playing an important role in the recipe, making it possible to bring out the most of the dragons heart.

‘I have ingredients for only four recipes. Felix smiled,Still, I am quite satisfied with them.

Although Felix had emptied the entire Freedom City of natural treasures, he was still missing significant ones for some recipes.

Vrrrr Vrrr

Abruptly, Felixs AP bracelet started vibrating.

He glanced at the screen and noticed that it was Selphie calling him.

He picked up the call.

“I hope I am not bothering you.” Selphie said, “I just called to check on you and see if you need any assistance in the Freedom City.”

“So thoughtful.” Felix smiled in appreciation, “Thank you, but I have already finished with my business here.

I will be arriving at the white clan in the next hour.”

“Good, safe journey!” Selphie hung up with a clear excited expression.

“Look at her, getting all happy and chirpy on meeting you in the real world.” Asna snorted in irritation.

Felix acted deaf to Asnas spiteful comments and entered the UVR, hoping to spend the next hour honing his cooking skills.

The recipes were too strict in their preparation and required immense control over the ingredients.

If it was possible to practice the full recipe in the UVR, he wouldnt have been this worried.

Unfortunately, the SGAlliance had banned cooking and eating any sort of meat related to intelligent life forms.

The people were free to cook anything in the UVR and go absolutely insane in it…Just not with intelligent life forms body parts.

Although it was just UVR and everything was virtual, the ten rulers couldnt stomach the notion of having their race members being eaten by others in the UVR.

If it wasnt banned, there would be no shortage of freaky bastards, who would eat humans flesh, vampires, witches, sages, heavenly turtles, and mostly dragons.

If the dragons organs and meat werent highly beneficial to his growth, Felix wouldnt even glance at it.

All in all, Felix had to take on the recipe in the real-world straightaway…He wanted to avoid screwing up something since the ingredients were finite.

If it wasnt for this, this sort of advanced cooking wouldnt be hogged only by primogenitors and other superior beings.

One hour later…

Felix finally embarked on the journey towards the white clans territory…Since Mistress Candace was taking him through the void realm, he reached it in less than five seconds.

Instead of going straight towards Selphies given location, Felix exited the void realm a few kilometers above the white clan territory.

“A real dragon city.” Felix couldnt help but stare at the city below him in admiration and fascination.

It was built on a silver mountainous circular chain that was spread for hundreds of kilometers.

The ends of the mountainous chain were connected with each other, making it resemble mens wedding ring.

There were countless uniquely designed buildings on those mountains.

Half of them were on the outside while the other half was carved inside the mountain, making it seem like the buildings were rock sculptures.

All of them were painted milky white, creating a breathtaking contrast between the black color of the mountains and the buildings.

As for their sizes Felix knew that the buildings were merely the surface front as the real living place was inside the mountain!

In other words, each mountain could be considered as a single house for a dragon!

Yet, none of this was as overwhelming as the inner city within the silver ring.

Everything was built in mind for dragons presence, making each building to be a hundred times bigger than normal.

Since the dragons couldnt run efficiently without workers and slaves, there were many districts prepared just for them.

At the very center of the city, a sole towering white mountain stood proudly…It was surrounded by hundreds of gigantic status of dragons in varied positions.

Unlike other mountains, there was no other construction on it besides four wide open caves that were carved to resemble gates.

‘The White Clan Palace. Felix thought inwardly as he eyed the white mountain.

Felix knew that only the clan head, the elders, officials, and the heirs were allowed to enter and leave the white clan palace as they pleased.

As for other white dragons Their living spaces were on the mountainous chain.

Although every white clan member was considered to have the royal bloodline, not all of them get treated in the same manner.

It was the same as the cousins, aunts, uncles, and other family kin of a human royal family.

Felix knew that there were some white clan members that spend their entire lives without glancing even once within the clans palace.

‘You are probably the first human to be invited to a clans palace. Asna chuckled.

‘Not probably. Felix said with a certain tone,Most defintely.

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