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Chapter 885 Misunderstanding!

Sometime later…

Felix was spotted walking on the sidewalk with Nimo…Both of them were looking around them in intrigue, appearing like two countrymen visiting a city for the first time.

Nimo was intrigued by…Well, anything new.

As for Felix He was a bit astonished that workers from different races had come together and built an entire city just for themselves.

Honestly, if it were any other race, this wouldnt have been acceptable at all.

Thankfully, the dragons treated other races the same as pets, not giving a crap about what they do outside their presence.

Naturally, as long as they didnt break any rules.

‘Lord Sharxs Store should be here.

After walking for a few minutes, Felix stood before the entrance of a thin skyscraper that was fully covered in tint glass, making it resemble a dark pencil.

Felix walked inside after having his bracelet get scanned at the entrance.

Then, he went to the receptionist and asked for the floor of Lord Sharxs Store.

“The store owns from the twentieth floor to the thirtieth.” The receptionist disclosed, “To learn about their floors and the items they are selling, please climb to the twentieth floor and ask their receptionist.”

“Thank you.” Felix nodded and scanned his bracelet on a device with her name on it, tipping her directly ten thousand coins.

The receptionist bowed her head in his direction and returned to take the next person.

However, when she took a glance at Felixs direction, she realized that he was heading towards the left most elevator.

It was the only one empty and without a queue before it.

‘Ahh, he gave me a big tip, I cant let him embarrass himself like the others. The receptionist excused herself from her desk and walked with quickened steps towards Felix.

After she caught up to him, she leaned next to his ears and whispered.

When the people standing before the queues for the other elevators saw this, they chuckled to themselves.

“Another new idiot, who got too comfortable in the city.”

“Sigh, he actually took the name freedom city a bit too literally.”

Those people knew that even though the city was built for the workers and that dragons almost never bother to step foot in it, the buildings were still designed for their sake.

The left most elevator was exclusive only for dragons use…In a sense, it was actually exclusive only for royal dragons since they were the only ones capable of taking a humanoid form.

But in reality, royal dragons or not, this elevator was almost never used ever since it was built.

Although it was being wasted and that people were forced into longer queues because of it, no one dared to complain out loud.

Why is he still going there”

“Whats going on”

The queued peoples chuckles were cut short after noticing that the receptionist was sent back to her desk with a dazed expression while Felix continued on his merry way to the elevator.

When he reached it, they were all prepared to laugh their asses off, knowing that he would be denied access by the Queen.

Alas, the moment Felix ran his bracelet on the scanner, the elevators screen turned green, and it started to open up slowly under the stunned eyes of the nosy spectators.

Felix stepped inside and pressed on the floor he wanted.

Then, he turned around and raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw that everyone was looking at him with widened eyes.


The elevators door closed a second later and started its journey to the twentieth floor.

As for the people in the first floor All of them felt their hearts skip a beat at the implication of that elevator getting used.

“A royal dragon…Thats a royal dragon!”

“A royal dragon really visited the city…”

“Dear lord, I was chuckling at him…I am really seeking death!”

Without exception, everyone believed that Felix was a royal dragon in a humanoid form.

Who could blame them Felix was wearing thick clothes and a hoodie that was hiding his face.

In addition, he had sunglasses and a soft disguise that changed his faces features, making it hard to assume his identity.

If Felix was removed from the equation, the only plausible guess was a royal dragon!

‘I need to inform the floors lords!

The receptionist opened her contact list and sent a unified message to all the floors owners in this building, warning them that a royal dragon was amidst them.

If they werent warned, they might end up offending him and get themselves killed on the spot.

In the Icarius Galaxy, neither the slaves nor the workers were protected by the SGAlliance against the dragons.

In other words, if they pissed off any dragon, he had every right to turn them into ashes.

Hell, they could even raze the entire Freedom city if they were extra pissed off.

No one would make a squeak about it.

In the twentieth floor, an old wrinkled red goblin was walking around many shelves while using a crutch.

The shelves looked proper and clean, making the items on them appear even more precious.

Although there were merely a few customers in such a big floor, the old red goblin seemed happy with their presence.

‘Two hundred customers in a half day…Hehe, business looking terrific today. the red goblin grinned widely in happiness, exposing his nonexistent teeth.

This was lord Sharx, one of the biggest shop owners in the entire city…As a red goblin, he was naturally known for his stinginess and skillful negotiation skills.

Still, his shop was always populated since he was selling almost all known items in the universe!

He had ten floors in this building and each floor had a unique selling point.

There was a floor for potions, a floor for artifacts, a floor for energy stones, and most importantly, even a floor for natural treasures.

This was just the things on display, it was believed that his warehouses were flooded with all sorts of treasures.

Ring Ring!

Abruptly, lord Sharxs expression turned solemn after seeing that the receptionist at the first floor had rung the emergency alarm meant only for dragons presence!

Lord Sharx swiftly opened his AP bracelet and saw the feedback of everything that went on the first floor.

When he saw that themysterious figure was coming to his store, he felt like soul was about to leave his body.

‘Which god decided to pay attention to my little store Lord Sharx gulped a mouthful in worry and sprinted as fast as he could towards the elevator.

The crutch he was using was merely to make him appear weak and fragile, so he could draw sympathetic points from his customers.

The moment he reached the personal elevator for the staff, his bracelet rung again.

This time, the call was from his own receptionist in the twentieth floor.

‘Treat that customer with the hoodie like your lord and savior! I will be there to accompany him right now! Lord Sharx yelled out a message to his receptionist immediately.

The receptionist was startled by her patrons message.

‘Is this man a big shot The receptionist thought as she eyed Felix, who was sitting in front of her with his head lowered.

When Felix entered the twentieth floor, he immediately asked her to take him toward her boss as he had serious matters to deal with.

Thats why she called her boss in the first place.

A short while later, Lord Sharx emerged from the personal elevator with an agitated expression.

When he saw Felix sitting calmly without a single drink in his hand, he felt like the world was collapsing on him.

‘This f*cking idiot is gonna get us killed! Lord Sharx glared at his receptionist, making her title her head in confusion.

Fortunately for her, Lord Sharx wasnt planning on leaving Felix wait for another second.

“Esteemed guest, would you like to join me in my private room” Lord Sharx wanted to kneel down as the true proper greeting before a royal dragon, but he would rather not do so in public.

In his mind, the royal dragon was hiding his identity to avoid attracting attention, and he wanted to avoid being blamed if he exposed him.

“With pleasure.” Felix replied politely.

‘Hmm His accent is off. Lord Sharx wrinkles were stretched as he thought deeply,He even responded politely…Besides the gentle white clan dragons, the others wouldnt even bother to give me a head nod.

Lord Sharx had lived in Icarius Galaxy for more than half a millennial.

He wouldnt claim himself as knowing everything about the dragons, but he was greatly knowledgeable about them nevertheless.

Based on his hunch, he could feel that something was off about Felix.

Still, he didnt dare to ask him out loud.

He took him to the private room and closed the door behind him.

The moment he did so, he fell on his knees and smashed his forehead on the ground, scaring the ** out of Felix.

“I greet the royal dragon! This loyal subject deserves capital punishment for the poor treatment his highness has received!!!” Lord Sharx shouted with a stern voice, leaving Felix utterly speechless.

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