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Chapter 880 The Angel And The Devil Lll

“What brings you here, Selphie” Queen Alfreda smiled kindly like she was talking to her little sister, not displaying her overbearing authority one bit.

She could only act this informal due to them being all alone in the chamber…Elves take traditions and formality even stricter than humans royal families.

“I would like to volunteer as the Forlond ambassador in the upcoming Heirs Ceremony in Icarius Galaxy.” Selphie wished.

“Hmm What got you this interested in representing our realm” Queen Alfreda raised an eyebrow in surprise.

She knew that Selphie was interested in nothing than understanding the runes.

“After I returned from the ancestors event, I realized that Im missing countless interesting experiences in my life.” Selphie smiled as Felixs face surfaced in her mind, “I would rather not regret not living my life to the fullest when the times come for my coronation.”

“I am glad you realized this sooner.” Queen Alfreda smiled with a pleased expression.

“So, am I allowed to go” Selphies cute ears perked up in happiness.

“I dont mind sending you as the head of our delegation, but isnt the ceremony still a few years ahead” Queen Alfreda frowned, “I dont think it will be proper to be this early.”

“I know, but I intend to stay with Anastasia.” Selphie replied, “Its been a long time since we have met in the real world, and I think its improper that I havent visited her even once when she has visited me numerous times.”

“I see, you have truly matured.” Queen Alfreda was gratified to hear her reasoning.


“I can tell that you are eager, but still, give me a few days to prepare for your send-off.” Queen Alfreda smiled, “As the heir to the nine realms, we cant just put you in a spaceship and send you on your merry way.”

As mentioned, the elves take their traditions and formality too seriously.

In other words, the entire universe was going to hear about this.

Usually, Selphie would have resisted hard against such irritating formalities, but at this moment, she was just happy that she was given permission to leave in the first place.

“Thank you big sis, I promise I wont bring shame to the realms while I am away.” Selphie waved her hand and sprinted outside the throne chamber, returning to her room to pack up her stuff.

“She is a bit too excited.

What happened exactly in the ancestral gathering” Queen Alfreda was still somewhat skeptical.

Curious, she opened the stream replay for the event and started watching the first game that Selphie participated in. 

Not planning to waste time, she kept speeding up anything unrelated to Selphie.

Soon, she reached her battle with Felix and watched them going at each other hard.

“As expected of those emotionless barbarians.” Queen Alfredas expression turned cold as she watched Felix beating her little sister to plump.

Still, she refrained from commenting any further and continued watching until the end of the fight.

When she saw how Selphie treated Felixs wounds, she didnt think much of it.

After all, most elves couldnt resist seeing a wounded life form before them without trying to heal them.

Queen Alfreda was like that in her youth too…

“Hmm, whats going on here” Black lines started to appeared on Queen Alfredas forehead as she started to witness a drastic change in Selphies interest in Felix.

Now, Selphies eyes were almost always on him…The way she was looking at him had changed too.

Queen Alfreda knew that look as she had experienced it when she was young and could never forget the harm it caused her.

“I must be mistaken.” Queen Alfreda shook her head, “Fate isnt cruel enough to repeat the same misery I went through for my little sister too.”

“Right” Queen Alfreda mumured while zooming on Selphies gleaming eyes that reflected Felixs stunning face.

“Guardians, go with Selphie as her bodyguards and keep a close an eye on her.” Queen Alfredas command echoed in the silent empty throne chamber.

“Your will is our command.”…”Your will is our command.”…”Your will is our command.”

Yet, three replies resounded harmoniously, coming out of nowhere.

If someone tracked each voice individually, he would notice that they actually came from a fish, a bird, and a tree!

There were hundreds of birds, trees, and fish in the throne chamber…God knows if all of them were guardians hidden in this manner or just a few disguised within nature.

“If she met that boy, inform me immediately.” Queen Alfreda ordered coldly one last time before closing the stream.

Oblivious to any of this, Selphie had left the packing to her servants and returned to her dinner date with Felix and Asna, finally realizing that what she did wasnt proper at all.

“I am so so so sorry!” Selphie bowed her head apologetically towards Felix and Asna the moment she appeared before them.

“Its alright, we have taken a quick bite while you were away.” Asna smiled kindly while wiping the side of her lips with a napkin.

“Yes, what she said.” Felixs eyelids twitched at her shameless dignified act.

Just a few seconds ago, she was shoving chicken wings and legs down her throat with him, creating a mess on the table.

If it wasnt for that second of delay when the body get constructed, they would have been caught red-handed with greasy fingers and sauce on their lips.

Felix didnt really care since he sees Selphie as a mere friend…But, Asna would have committed a suicide if her goddess appearence was ruined before Selphie.

“Phew, I thought you will think badly of me.” Selphie sighed in relief.

“That wont happen…So, did Lady Yggdrasil approve” Felix with a faint confident smirk while giving Asna a side glance.

“My mother agreed right away.” Selphie nodded with nose and eyes crinkled in happiness.

“See…huh” Felix confident grin was stiffened the moment his brain registered what Selphie had said.

“She agreed, Of course she did.” Asna smiled kindly while eying Felixs crotch with a hidden glint, “I am happy for you.”

“Wait, wait, how about the Queen The officials”

Felix started to sweat while crossing his legs together at the thought of his jewels being targeted by that sadistic Queen.

“It was a bit tricky to deal with big sister, but I am lucky the dragon heirs ceremony will be occurring soon.” Selphie giggled as she boasted, “I have convinced her to let me get sent as our realm ambassador to spectate the ceremony.”

“Smart…Isnt she sosmart my dear Felix to think of that”

“She is…”

Felix didnt dare to look at Asna, knowing that he was going to suffer the consequences of his confidence after the dinner ends.

“I will be leaving in a few days.

My journey will take fifteen days at best due to being near the wormhole connecting with their capital planet.” Selphie asked with a worried tone, “How about you”

She knew that if he wasnt nearby any of those four major connecting wormholes, he would take months or even years.

“You dont have to worry about me.” Felix smiled, “I will be traveling through the void realm.”

“Ah, I forgot…” Selphie eyed him enviously, “How convenient.”

“When you arrive at the capital Zhuham, send me the meeting location.” Felix requested.

He didnt care any more about pissing off Asna.

He knew that she had already reached her boiling point and nothing would defuse her.

“Will do.” Selphie assured.

“Now that we got that out of the way, what do you want to eat” Felix asked while displaying the menu.

“I will eat anything you order for me.” Selphie blushed a little.

“You heard her Felix.” Asna stood up elegantly and expressed, “I am feeling bloated, so I will be leaving you for now.”

Felix was surprised by her desire to leave…He knew that she must have been upset, but he didnt think that it would allude to this.

Knowing that he couldnt remain alone with Selphie while she was upset, Felix decided to cut the dinner short and leave with her.

However, just as he wanted to stand up, Asna placed her hand on his shoulder and forced him to remain in his seat.

Then, Asna placed her other hand on Felix chin and leaned closer to his face.

Under the stunned looks of Selphie, Felix, and the spectators, Asna kissed him softly in the lips.

She didnt leave it at that…No sir, she pried his lips wide open with her tongue and intertwined it with his tongue for a split second.

pᴀɴda nᴏvel That was more than enough to send a paralyzing electrical shock through Felixs entire system, making him blank out instantly.

Then, Asna pulled away from him and gave a bewitching smile while their lips were still connected with a thin line of saliva.

“Please stay and entertain yourfriend.” Asna winked at them both before disintegrating into light particles.

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